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Attention Blogger mobile users!

We just released an update to our iOS app. The update includes native support for iPhone 5, and iPad models 1/2/3. It also contains the addition of Google Analytics for application usage statistics, updated save post options to "Save as draft", "Publish" or "Cancel", and some minor bug fixes including an issue with Japanese keyboards.

Happy blogging!
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Well, Blogger for iPad is much better than on Android tablets...
Fix the "Apply to Blog" button! '-'
Does it finally offer wysiwig editing of posts?
Hey +Blogger glad to hear you're supporting iOS. Now, how 'bout a functional android app?
I have Blogger on my Android (htc) and my iPod touch.
+Stefan Hoefer there is a blogger app for android. I find it double posts, doesn't let you place photos anywhere but grouped at the end and is basically a pain to use. I use the standard desktop blogger page on my android tablet instead. Unfortunately  the full web page is just too big to use effectively on my android phone. The crappy blogger app is one of the main reasons I'm considering switching to Squarespace.
What about us nokia users, because you only bring new apps for iphones?
Doesn't even show me my scheduled posts in the future. Still lots to be done...
Ah right, Blogger on Android has some errors also sometimes..
Still lightyears behind Wordpress then yawn
Tablet android blogger client please! Side bar + content for the main view and content plus side bar for the post view.
you can download it on ipad i have it search blogger app free
then thre will be free download button click download the same goes for android and tablet
Can Rau
please provide a comment control panel and comment notification on android
and i think a youtube integration for inserting videos in posts like picasa would be a great thing
Why the heck do you have editing mode on html mode?... Why can't we switch that?...
I am having problems posting REPLIES/comments from my iphone 4. When I click submit, it says it is loading and nothing happens.
no se como se ase un blog alguien me puede enseñar
Won't let me sign in. Just keeps saying "No blog found!"
Do you have an app for the Nook (by Barnes and Nobles)? If not, please make one! There are a lot of Nook users out there! :)
Do you have an app for the Nook (by Barnes and Nobles)? There is a Wordpress app, and I would be overjoyed to see a Blogger app. =)
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