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So far, we've had a lot of fun doing tutorials for you via Hangouts. Now that we've done a couple of them, we want to ask you about what topics you'd like us to cover in upcoming ones.

What's a blogging topic you'd like to learn more about? It can be about anything -- writing, designing, and promoting your blog, just to name a few -- and we'll try to break it down for you in a step-by-step tutorial.

If you haven't tuned into one of our Hangout tutorials before, you can find both Blogging for your business and Embedding forms on your blog on our YouTube channel linked below.
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Design. I have blog envy. I look at other people's and want their cool gadgets and links and how did  they do THAT? I have fiddled with the dynamic views, but i write, so my posts are mostly words, not images and it doesn't seem to work for me.
SEO, and maybe how to actually get Trackbacks to work.
Importing my blog from Posterous! I need this. :)
I'll be watching this topic for future tutorial ideas on my site as well. Ask away!
Starting a blog and designing it outside of the custom templates.
For people like me who don't have a lot of time to research best practices, perhaps you could assemble a top-ten check-off list of blog site "must do" settings, techniques, best practices, etc. that are easy to implement and which every blog site should incorporate.

Also, you might want to design and distribute a survey, the purpose of which is to gather data which will enable you to create a taxonomy of bloggers/sites plus determine rough percentages for each leaf node. Understanding your customer demographics might help you engage them more precisely and effectively.
How best to use google + and blogger in tandem. How to monetize and what to expect in terms of income and in what time frame I. E. how long would it take and what would one need to do to get to say an income of $500, $ 1000, $ 5000 etc. per month

How to get your blog to show up on search engines to help bring in traffic from ppl searching for topics that are related to your blog & what +Anne-Maree Gray said about design
Idea of modern social network is bigger than just a blogs. So i think would be good for both services to merge them into Google+.
ps: Word 'Blog' comes from weB LOGs. So need improve tool for search our posts in Google+ (more options). And will be great to have the same feature with our comments and +1's here. Add flexibility of embed content in posts like in Blogger (scripts, plugins of slides or photo albums, watch maps and media content right directly from the posts and etc). And thats will make popular social service which is better than Blogger and Google+ now.
Customize template to have good gadgets and professional website look. 
Love blogger! Really keen to move from a normal template to a dynamic view though but would love to keep some of the features I have added like Google Translate, Twitter Feed etc? Is this possible? 
I'd really like to know how I can customize the CSS of a standard blogger template to make it more personalized
^ I would too, Hassan Ali. Personalization is key to having a unique website. 
Those of you asking for SEO. Could you be more specific? I mean, there are plenty of sources out there explaining SEO basics. What about it are you not able to implement with you blogs? Blogger is pretty open to development.
+Alain-Christian Seraphin Thank you for respond! :)
I mean to disable dynamic views. I want people read content of my blog like I created it originally. I even changed pictures in my blog to go together with my template. My posts look dumb in blind-wite background of dynamic views.
The well known blogs that have alot of followers show up well in search engines, I'm not sure about smaller blogs... I can't remember if I've ever stumbled upon a newer blog that's kind of just starting or has good content but no following from any search engine unless you're specifically searching for blogs. I could be wrong, I have just started exploring the making of blogs & how to make then successful & all if that.
Since Blogger doesn't automatically to trackbacks, what's the procedure (and etiquette) for doing them?
KC Bob
How about talking about the future of Dynamic Views?
I am particular interested in how to customise your blog for mobile. And how to make site you get the right mobile interface layout.
+Johan Claeys Have you tried using the standard Mobile Templates for Blogger? Just interested in what you are trying to customise?
+Ojel HtcLampung I don't think they can help you here... There is some procedure how you can try to persuade Blogger that your blog is good and they will loose much more if they not have it on Blogger. We tried to do it for several months: So now we are using WordPress for all our blogs but one and happy to be independent. Selfhosting is not too expensive. If you have questions about WordPress etc send me a message.
+Andy Page I am trying to combine Google Sites mobile template with mobile interface of blogger for a streamless experience on mobile. But I have issues to do a correct redirect when I access Google 'sites' with a mobile or non mobile device. I think I need to integrate javascript code somewhere to detect mobile access ... so I can do a correct redirect. As from there i would connect to my blog. I work with Google Sites as a workaround because I have issues when I map my domainname with my Google blog. The mobile template is apearing but with smaller navigation buttons. When I access dirctly with mobile template appears correctly on mobile with large navigation buttons. So perhaps at Google they could organise a hangout about that? ;-) I don't expect support for these issues ... via this G+ page. 
Please, please can you fix the reading list manager??? I really want to unsubscribe from some blogs but I am unable to and get error message after error message while these blogs clog up my stream. 
Will you be updating dynamic views to include Disqus or offering a workaround of some sort?

I am loving the look and feel of dynamic views, but with the inability to add a real sidebar on the "front" page and the absence of Disqus compatibility are killing it for me. I am able to live without one, but both is too much. In a world of wordpress plugins for everything you can imagine, something basic and essential like Disqus compatibility should be a given. I was ecstatic to see the changes you have implemented so far, I just hope they continue in the same fashion. Hopefully starting with the comment section.. ;)
+Erica Crawford Are you adding labels to your posts?  I have a very "small" blog, but it does show up in searches because of the labels I have used for each post.  Some labels are personal (my kids names) but I intentionally also add ones that use phrases that someone would use in a search engine.
How i change or hide the name of author of a post from a dynamic view template from Blogger?
Dear Blogger team, I can no longer post to Blogger from Live Writer. Getting a server 403 error if any photos are included in the blog post. Can you please rectify it? Thanks 
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