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Blogger now has threaded commenting! Also, be on the lookout -- we'll be holding a Hangout tomorrow at 3pm PST with +Patrick Coleman, the Blogger engineer who developed this feature.
You may have noticed that we've rolled out a number of improvements to Blogger recently. The folks over at Technorati referred to it as a “rampage”. Call it what you like, we're definitely hav...
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NO... we were just griping about this yesterday... and today!
Hmm. Is it time to rethink my Disqus integration...?
But are you still restricted to Google/OpenID logins? Not sure I want to give up my Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, and OpenID integration I'm getting from Disqus just yet.
And I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy either... just curious, because it would be cool to be able to switch. Similar commenting should be integrated at Google Sites too.
This is a nice addition. On another note, I was just wondering why Lightbox View for Blogger Images is disabled for blogs with Dynamic Views enabled?
About time Blogger implemented threaded comments. Other comment platforms have had that ability for quite a long time.
+Jim Pearson I've heard that threaded comments can actually increase commenting on a blog. Hope that'll be the case for you :)
I hope the same is coming to google+ comments.
+Lisa Ding , my blogs don't have this feature yet. Is Blogger gradually implementing this feature to all users?
+Aparecido Rosario If you're not seeing a "reply" option under your posts, then you likely do not have feed = full, or comment form style = embedded. Make sure your settings are consistent with the screen captures in the post:
It'd be good if we could login with Facebook and/or Twitter accounts other than Googel/OpenID accounts, and it'd be better if name/url option was separated from anonymous option.
Cool..Where were you all these years +Blogger ???? When other services went right pass you, you were doing absolutely nothing and now you are trying to lure back the lost folks..I love the new design!
+Muthu Kannan is here, that is cool. Love the new tools so far. Please add RSS button and option for adding sidebar widgets. Thanks.
+Blogger Any chance you'll bring back comments on pages? They were disable around October/November last year. I have over 200 comments sitting in my dashboard but they don't appear under the posts (on pages)
I love the threaded comments feature! Thank you!
+Bruce Polderman That was a bit of exaggeration from my end...but Blogger was slow to push updates for a long..long time! Thanks for the new UI and changes on a regular basis since last 6 months.
I have to pit in CAPTCHA every time I podt a comment? Even if I post it with my G+ profile? Google! Switch it off!
Please fix your android app!!!
+Ryan Moore Hi Ryan, we're actively developing both the Android and iOS mobile apps. Stay tuned for more updates on that front.
Joya V.
Facebook is considering blogger spam???? Why???? Fix is needed! My site contains no spam, not even in comments.
Does this only work on dynamic views? I am trying to test it out but I am using the older/normal blog template. Thanks in advance. is visible for dynamic views and mobile form??
WOW... it's so cool ... I love Blogger team .. thank you guys .. :)
+Blogger What happened with line spacing in comments? It's almost zero! Comments are impossible to read now! It sould be at least the same height as the letters. But now a capital letter almost touches the upper row. I don't know whether this is so globally, but look how weird comments look in my blog in Russian language: Please fix it as soon as possible until I lose all my audience!
When people types multiple lines as a comment,
line spacing is very less.
how many are facing this?
+Bruce Polderman As you could have seen, there's no repply function in both of my blogs. 'Dorgas' uses a template designer model and 'Crazyseawolf' uses a classic model.
But repply function shows up in a test blog I have. Isn't it funny? I think Murphy Laws apply to this situation :-)
+Roman Kuznetsov Are you saying it doesn't yet work in my language? That's weird, because I CAN SEE THREADS in the mobile version (which is also in Czech Language).
For some reason, I can only get threaded comments to work in Firefox and not in Chrome, Safari or I.E.
I restricted my Blogger comments to those allowed to post on my Blog, and use Disqus comment plugin for comments...
I set up my Blog as required and the reply link appeared. I tried to leave a comment (both as a reply and a new comment) and the comment would not appear. Issue appeared to be the embedded comments. I wonder if it's a Chrome issue.
+Bruce Polderman I've just found what is wrong. We must click on "Revert Widget Templates" at the bottom of our html box. Repply option appeared!
I reverted the Widget ... and it seems to have fixed my problem. Makes me happy as I've been waiting for threaded comments for a while.
for blog with custom template, find this

<b:include data='post' name='comments'/>

and replace with

<b:include data='post' name='threaded_comments'/>

Do It At Your Own Risk, always backup your template first
Will +Google+ ever introduce a similar system? This would make replies to comments easier to follow and read. +Mentions work for the time being, but don't make it easy to other readers to follow the conversation especially when replies to a comment are three or four comments apart due to the sometimes very high comment rate.
@Marco Giannini - Backup your template and then do the following: Go to Template - Edit HTML-Proceed-"Revert widget templates to default" This worked for me. Good Luck.
I hoped for an cross-commenting feature for posts shared to Google+
Most of the conversation now happens in G+.
+Ryo Cook You're quite right, however integrating Blogger and Google+ is a multi-step process. In this post we stated "...bloggers who switch will automatically get access to the Google+ integrations we’ll be rolling out in the future." We're actively working on these integrations. Stay tuned.
I've got a very old template that looks like this:

<!-- BEGIN new comments -->
<a href="<$BlogItemCommentCreate$>"
(<$BlogItemCommentCount$>) Join the Discussion</a>
<!-- END new comments -->

Can update, or do I need to upgrade to the new blogger?

+Bruce Polderman Great to hear. I switched immediately from Day 1. That's why I love Blogger! Thanks.