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Two weeks ago, we started a thread encouraging bloggers old and new to connect and learn from each other. Any bloggers have a successful virtual meet-up? Share your story in the comments! We look forward to hearing what tips, tricks, and advice you picked up.
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I've tried blogging over and over again. I post a few posts - nobody reads - motivation gone. It's hard stuff.
Ive just started blogging, its slow going but keep at it ive only had 103 readers in four days those who wait rake the biggest rewards! Good luck
I know what you mean Darrell. It is indeed hard to get a blog noticed these days because there are so many. I honestly believe it just depends on the subject matter in which you write about. I also think you have to take in a great deal of commitment to replying to other blogs and advertising your own. Everything takes time. .
+Darrell Kingma, a lot of people like to blog just for the sake of blogging. I do so. I blog about the work I do on my car. People find it through Google because they want to know how to change the brakes on their Volvo, for instance. I blog about costumes I've made for fancy dress parties. People find the post because they want to make a costume...

Neither of these blogs have been updated recently (the car one will be shortly) but you can find them both here if you're interested: - Costume - Car
I've blogged for about 6 years - I write about educational technology at and have met lots of the people who've commented on my blog over the years through conferences / events I've attended - and they've known me through my blog. I've recently started up a team blog at the university where I work and in two months we've had over 100 educational institutions visit our blog at and it's been brilliant. We regularly get contacted by people within and outside the university just because of our blog!
It's all about the subject matter you write about and whether or not you would want to read it yourself. It also takes quite a bit of time and commitment to get things off the ground. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it sure as hell was advertised!

Bam! Advertisement! - for your local rants,opinions, and gibberish!
Blogger and Sites are two different entities. Any way to mix the two?
I started a sports blog catering to my favorite teams maybe a month and a half ago. I try to watch the page views for motivation. I know it will take time but if I miss a couple of days I feel like my subject matter is old news then. Have about 25 post; Ad sense still a no-go.

Blog -
I'm not too worried about how many readers I have; I just try to use my gift and share my stories and beliefs. I do share my posts on Facebook using the gadgets so my friends can connect via the link. Plus I'll send a message to a friend who might appreciate a post. I still think Blogspot is a good way to express oneself and check out what others are saying. One tip I have is to be a little diverse in the postings. If someone doesn't like your take on politics, consider also posting about food or hiking. Even a hobby. I post about my belief in God, but I also post recipes and creative writing.
I've learned a lot from other bloggers; and participated in a few chats as far as virtual meetups. I wish blogging was a more social medium. Articles rarely get as many comments as videos do. Microblogging on a social network can get you more response than a personal blog, nowadays. People have short attention spans or prefer more visual messages. But these things are constantly changing, so there's not necessarily any time wasted in documenting your life, or 'blogging down' anything. To get past the attention barrier I try to mix in as many pictures and videos as I can in my posts, whenever possible, or when I have time. My blog is called Tubeblogger after all, so you'd expect some videos and stuff. =D
One interesting thing that I've found is that my blog has taught me more than it has taught anyone else. Putting my thoughts into words, and organizing them in a meaningful way, has cemented those thoughts in my mind.
+Stephen Duerr I can't remember if I've left a comment on your blog or not yet, but it looks pretty sweet. Doesn't look to me like you need much help or guidance. You're in my Google Reader list of movie blogs!
I've recently found some some structure / direction to my blog. I am using my personal experiences and studies with a very broad topic that I am interested in (communication). I feel that if I keep doing what I am doing, my readership will go up over time. I think having direction and an idea of your blog (i.e., developing your "niche") is key to having a blog that connects well with others.

And by the way, your "niche" doesn't have to be new or unique, but rather the way you present it is what is new and unique. By carving your "niche" in a topic that is already blogged commonly about, you will have lots of resources, network connections, and basically other bloggers to follow / learn from.
+Russell Betney You have. I just wanted to see what some other people thought, especially those who follow Blogger on here.

Hoping to add a few guest reviews in the nearish future.

Oh, and thanks again for subscribing. I don't have too many of those currently. LOL
My biggest problem is that i have accounts at different sites, not blogs though. I can't change account settings.My facebook account doesn't coincide with blogger and my email. I can't put my blog site on here because it is connected to my hotmail. nozledge by the way...none of these sites are compatible. my blog is political societal which i know is hard to tackle without "experts" and many helpers but i have been doing it for a long time. I used to get plenty of readers but they soon dropped off. then i went to get facebook local readers and nothing happened. i think my account is screwy.
Amen to that, +Jenson Taylor. I'm on Blogger because of my long history with it (2,600+ entries since 2004), but it's beginning to feel clunky compared to the much easier posting methods of newer services like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and, of course, Google+. Won't even release the Blogger client on Android because of geographic restrictions (I'm in the Philippines.)

Sorry to hijack the thread, guys, but I don't know of any other feedback mechanism. The developers don't seem to be paying attention to the Google Groups (example: the perennial error); and Google+ won't allow members to open up discussion threads.
Quero a mexer e deixar meu blog mais visto,como faco,estou sem ideias!
I haven't blogged on Blogger in a long while. Would like to start again !!!!
Hey Blogger! Is there anyway to categorize posts, and assign an icon to each category? Can we get that if not?
Hi , if there's any flint, michigan residents on here in the 48503-4 area code can you check out my blogger page Brandy Love's Puppies please and thank you ..... : ) have a blessed day .
mi mail es : Perdón si este no es el lugar.. y aquí soy nueva también. besos y gracias!!
Creo que tengo que aprender ingles muy pronto.. cuánta gente aquí !! Muchos besos a todos desde la Patagonia Argentina .Porfi: si alguien puede contestar a mi pregunta que deje mas arriba....
Si vous ne pouvez m'apprendre l'espagnol je vais vous aider avec l'anglais
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+Blogger I have always wanted to blog, and I just started to put one together, I did have a question though about the loading icon in dynamic view. Can it be changed or does every blog with dynamic view have to use the default loading icon of the Blogger image with gears turning?

Loading icon screen shot:
I think one thing that would be interesting to try, using Blogger as a base, is to try and start circles with blogs with similar topics that we could share among each other. So, sports blogs, gaming blogs, politics blogs, etc. It would help us find common writers, sort of like those old Web Rings from the mid to late 90s.
Hello G+ and Blogger masters and masterette's I have been looking for and finding some great BLOGS and socially_connected with some great PEOPLE in the process. I just started a new board on Pinterest to showcase the talents of the ones with the best ideas, content and social_vision. If you would like to be seen by more eyes, and see some viral blogging here are some ways we can connect.,,,,
<a href=""><img src="" width="169" height="28" alt="Follow Me on Pinterest" /></a>
hi,Pieter, I am join your blog...Welcome
I'm constantly reading, searching for like-minded bloggers. When I find them, I talk to them! Quite a few a now good friends, and we talk often about writing, life and whatever! G+ hang-outs are great for meeting new people:)
Social Media Day is coming. Increase virtual meetups and promote them
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