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Search on Dynamic Views just got better! Now you'll have the option to quickly search all the posts on your blog based on relevance or chronology. Here's a quick video on how you can use this new feature.
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no adsense on search results, no support for opera
Thanks, search finally seems to be working as it should. :)
I like dynamic views but it is lacking so many things that the default blog templates lack. So I find if i want to monetize with Amazon or other Google products..along with a lot of other tweaks...dynamic views is just not ready yet. It's a shame.
+Bruce Polderman I can't remember all the details but when i tried to put the code for Amazon affiliates on a separate page within my blog it didn't work...come to think of it that was the problem: In dynamic view you can't add 'pages' and that for me is a big problem.
+Nigel Naughton You can add pages, However, stuff like JavaScript is stripped out due to the page being loaded via DOM instead of being done in the traditional way...

Dynamic views is very problematic because of how it requires the sending of templates so that stuff can be loaded via JS. This means that if/when html editing is enabled at all, the difficulty of customising one's blog would still be very high. (I've tried replicating it on my blog using a classic template, so I know of this)

I'd personally prefer an easier way of discovering other Blogger blog posts over an Ajax-ified set template. The navbar has been neglected for too long, +Bruce Polderman .
+Blogger What the heck is going on with my blog? None of my labels work when you click on them. Everything is directing me to my home page.
I have stayed away from the Dynamic Views templates because of the lack of support for the common gadgets that I use on my blog ( ).
But the more I read about all these other problems, the more comfortable I am with staying put with my old design! 
+Alan Kerlin what gadgets do you use that are not available for Dynamic Views? Also, what other problems are you referring to?
+Bruce Polderman Is there a fix coming for the Labels issue?

Also, are there any plans for support for polls within Dynamic Views?
I would like to be able to add the twitter news feed gadget that I have on my blog. I added it by using an HTML custom widget. I also have this flag counter on my blog that I added using custom HTML widget. This custom HTML widget option doesn't seem to be available on dynamic views. I'm sure there are other bloggers that haven't switched to dynamic views because they are not ready to give up their custom widgets on the side bar.
Thanks for the heads-up +Sophia Burns. You're absolutely right about Labels not working. It appears that we inadvertently broke them in the recent release. My apologies. The team is working to restore them now. Thanks again.
Twitter updates, Flickr and a few of the custom HTML widgets. Any chance that the could be reinstated?
Is it "The Thick Of It" Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) at the G8 watching soccer with the Prez? at the table left...
+Bruce Polderman Twitter feed, recent popular posts, view counter. I also like the Live Traffic Feed from Feedjit, but realise this is a third party gadget.
With regard to other gadgets I'd like to see - what about one that shows your G+ feed.
And while I have you responding to enquiries (thanks!) why did you remove the ability to share articles to Twitter and Facebook from Blogger? I know you want G+ to grow but to remove those Share functions was a retrograde step that causes a lot more work for us bloggers. We now have to use syndication services like Networked Blogs, but the posting from that is unreliable with respect to timing - sometimes immediate, sometimes ages. FB and TW will be around for ages, so why try to deny it? Please put the functionality back in there.
+Sasa Vignjevic Yup, we rolled out a fix last night. Apologies again. Thanks for calling the issue to our attention.
Hi +Alan Kerlin Thanks for the list of gadgets. Re: removing share to Twitter and Facebook... We haven't removed them. They're available by default in Dynamic Views, and as an option in traditional templates under Layout -> Blog Posts -> Show Share Buttons.
KC Bob
+Bruce Polderman - The search gadget simply does not work this way on my blog ( It does not show the drop down that way and does not search any post that is not within cache. Color me confused. :)
Yes +Bruce Polderman that is sharing from the Blog, but I'm talking about sharing from the dashboard when you make a post. The options were there but were replaced by the G+ Share only.
What are your thoughts on the gadgets please? And thanks for the reply.
+Alan Kerlin We have not removed any sharing options, so it's not clear to me what you're referring to. Did you inadvertently turn the sharebox off? If you have a G+ profile, the share link appears under each post in the post list. The G+ sharebox setting is located at settings > posts and comments > Share to G+

Thoughts on gadgets is thank you for the list.
Yes +Bruce Polderman I have the sharebox turned on in the back end and I share posts to my G+ using it. And the sharing options are enabled for posts via the front end.
I am talking about the backend sharing option that was there under each post - BEFORE Google rolled out the G+ changes in Blogger. They allowed sharing of a post from the back end to Facebook and Twitter. I posted concern about this via a similar G+ blog post at the time it happened but it wasn't acknowledged.
So what I am saying is that I think it would be decent of Google to add the other platforms to the sharebox in the back end. It would acknowledge that many blog owners need to share their content across multiple platforms. And I doubt it would have any adverse effect on G+ uptake, which seems to be growing quite nicely now. Particularly due to Hangouts. And BTW the new G+ iphone app is gorgeous.
"I am talking about the backend sharing option that was there under each post - BEFORE Google rolled out the G+ changes in Blogger." Still not following what you are saying that we have removed +Alan Kerlin.

"So what I am saying is that I think it would be decent of Google to add the other platforms to the sharebox in the back end." is a feature request for the Google+ team, right?
Sorry +Bruce Polderman but I don't understand what is hard to understand? Before Google+ was released, the Share option underneath each post in the Blogger Dashboard allowed us to easily post the articles to Twitter and Facebook. Then G+ was brought in, about the same time that Google brought in the new Blogger Dashboard design. The old Share option (it may have had a different name - I can't recall) was dropped, replaced by the current one that only allows you to post articles to G+.
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I have just started a blog for my husband. Does this place take the place of my original blog? I am very confused and don't know if my start up block is actually showing up on the internet. Can you tell I am new at this.
Nice improvement! Lisa, why are you whispering???
I love the new Dynamic Views, but having just changed my format to magazine style, I realize the article is truncated on the front page. There's no "read more here..." link, either. So will the average web surfer click the bookmark to read further or will they scan and presume end of blog post without going further? Unsure how this will play out... Would love an added "read more here" link if whole article is not displayed.
KC Bob
Dynamic Views on my blog were flaky (didn't display menubar or graphics) this morning on IE and Firefox. Anything I should be concerned about?
+Bob Edwards are you still noticing these issues? If so, can you please post it on Blogger's forum (, so we can troubleshoot and see if other users are experiencing the same problems. 
KC Bob
Thanks for asking +Lisa Ding. My blog ( seems to be working okay today in Firefox and IE but a reader reports that in Chrome "a screwy picture of a my blog background comes up on half of the page, and the print is 'stacked' on top of each other." Have not been able to reproduce myself though - I use Chrome all of the time. Thankfully she can read via Google Reader.
I agree with +Alan Kerlin about Dynamic Views. They may look cool but there are too many things I want to add to my blog that I can't, (or at least I can add (to layout) but which simply don't show). These include a survey - I want it in the blog, not in a hidden side bar - and Survey Monkey/Widgetbox don't work). Also Feedjit, Amazon affiliate etc - so it looks like I have to revert to the old simple look.
# I am posting here +Bruce Polderman  because none of my queries posted on Blogger help get answered .....
KC Bob
So true Rob Woodburn. I was told this summer that Dynamic Views would be improved in the fall. I am still waiting.
It's now (2013) partly not working. After typing a search word, the 'preview' or 'dropdown' doesn't show up.. After pressing enter however, all results do show up.
I am experiencing the same issue as in the comment above. The drop-down results are not displaying.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing the problem, +Thomas Fiffer. Thanks for notifying. I also notify +Lisa Ding and +Blogger as well, they might help us out.. BTW, I'm experiencing the problem mentioned above in Chrome, as well as in Firefox and IE.

It might be linked to an older video card, as I'm using the ancient Unichrome IGP, but if Thomas uses a new one it's not an issue..
I have a brand new MacBook Air, so the video card should be new.
It seems to be solved now. :-) Thank you +Blogger.. !! Edit: or it could have been a memory problem. I'm (only) on 1.5GB RAM and changed the Virtual Memory swap file (XP) back into automatic after my GEforce 6800 video card broke down..
I'm still not seeing the drop-down yet.
Wait.. in the meantime, I also changed my virtual memory swap file (Windows XP) to automatic where it was previously on a specific size.

You could try looking into the Virtual Memory settings on you system, +Thomas Fiffer.. Let us know.. 
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