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Upcoming Hangout on Air:
Connecting your blog to a custom domain
June 20, 8PM PST

Have you been considering getting a custom domain for your Blogger blog? If so, you might find our next Hangout on Air to be useful.

+Chuck Croll aka Nitecruzr, a Top Contributor from the Blogger Product Forum, and Blogger community manager +Lisa Ding, will be leading a tutorial on Connecting your blog to a custom domain. After a short demo, they'll be answering questions left by users via comments. 

We're delivering this Hangout at an time that's friendly to some of our non-US audiences. We hope that some of you who have yet to join us in Hangouts on Air will be able to do so this time!
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"We're delivering this Hangout at an time that's friendly to some of our non-US audiences. We hope that some of you who have yet to join us in Hangouts on Air will be able to do so this time!"

8pm PST = 4:03 AM in Berlin!   zzzzzzz
+Lynne Hand We usually have HOAs during business hours in Mountain View (10am PST), so hopefully you can attend one of those :)
+Lisa Ding Oh I hope that this same topic will be repeated at a friendlier time for us Europeans! :-)
Also the instructions for domains not hosted by the GoDaddy etc would be welcome; For instance the country specific domains like .FI.
Ian Cox
It would be far more useful if Blogger cured the bX-hzwrm3 bug that's stopping me putting new posts on my blog. Facebook added custom domains some time ago, and they're a doddle to use. No on air Tutorial required. Just set it up and go.
I missed this 'Hangout on Air ' regarding 'Connecting your blog to a custom domain'. Is there a presentation somewhere I can see
I'll be there +Lisa Ding.  I was literally just looking into this to document my work and adventures in London for the Olympics coming up shortly.  I am mostly interested in how to and in what order to get everything up and running properly, including how to turn on Google Apps for my new domain and blog.
+Gapps Oy We probably won't repeat this particular tutorial, but keep an eye out for other tutorials that will be at a Europe-friendly time. Also, you can watch the recorded YouTube video of the whole Hangout at your leisure afterwards.

+Anthony Cotton You haven't missed it :) This is actually happening in about about 14 hours.
+David Rosenthal Great to hear you'll be tuning in. We'll try cover some information about Google Apps in our tutorial. Thanks for letting us know!
+Lisa Ding Thank you! Where can we see the tutorial later?
Unfortunately I'll be sleeping at that time, could you change the time of the hangouts a little for people out side the USA, for example in France it will be 5AM !
+Soufiane Lamchaouri This isn't our usual time. We usually have Hangouts on Air at 10AM PST, which is around 6PM (depending on daylight savings) in France. Hope you'll join us for the next one.
+Sean Walker — Well of course. You can do anything when you're hosting it yourself. Nobody would argue that. Takes a lot of work though. — lol, no. Compared to Blogger is a scam. They charge you up the ASS for what you get for free from blogger and other hosting platforms like tumblr. And some of the things the charge for are cheaper on livejournal. Their prices are extremely unreasonable and even after you pay for everything what you get still doesn't stack up to Blogger. has some publishing features that Blogger doesn't but overall Blogger is better.
+David Rosenthal, thanks for checking out the Hangout. +Chuck Croll and I discussed Blogger and Google Apps briefly, but just wanted to check and see if you had any other questions about the topic.
Thanks +Lisa Ding!  Seemed pretty simple, I just need to decide on a domain name and get started.  If you are looking for future ideas for hangouts, how about an info session on the best ways/apps to use to blog from the various tablets out there in the world (Android and Ipad primarily).
Blogger is my favioriote thing EVER! but can u make it more simpler
+Lisa Ding Can you provide a link to the YouTube recording of this hangout? I would love to watch it - but was not able to make it for the live session. Thank you.
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