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It's exciting to see new bloggers and mentors starting to link up! We hope you'll continue to reach out and help each other.

Today, we want to hear about a topic that might sound familiar to experienced and new bloggers alike -- sometimes (okay, almost always) we fail at our first few attempts before finding the right track. Did you have any blog ideas that were complete busts? Blogs you eagerly started, developed a posting plan for, and then... just never updated? Why did you think it was such a good idea, and why didn't it work out?
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To start things off, here's my failed blog about gnocchi from when I first moved to San Francisco. As it turns out, photos of gnocchi in low lighting just doesn't look very appetizing, so this blog didn't get very far:
My original idea for a blog was to make a place where people could ask me for help on computer related issues. I had made a bunch of good posts on how to remove viruses and make modifications to improve performance. The problem was that there was no way for people to discover my blog and due to the fact that there is such a crowd of other websites like that on the web I got very little traffic. It wasn't until recently that my blogging really took off. The trick is to find a unique niche and stay there. People will find you if they are interested. I have had posts that get over 500 hits a day and being interested in what you are writing is the key to making other people interested.
I just started a new project and am having trouble getting it off the ground. I average between 20-50 views a day, have no subscribers and only a couple of comments. I maintain fairly regular posts but just can't seem to get the interest. Any tips? My blog is
Hey Jason hook up with me we can share techniques, I have been using Blogger since 2007 and finally learned it in 2010 lol! It is a lot more user friendly now.
+Jason Bowling Don't be too hard on yourself. 20-50 views per day is a lot, considering how recently you started your blog. You might even see it go down at some point, but it's all about sticking to a topic that you know and slowly building a following and community of people who are interested in the same thing. Don't be discouraged!
Get out in some fourms and other sites that promote social sharing with your same interests.
Yeah, I'd say 20-50 views per day is really good! My blog could use an infusion of viewers but I know my blog is not as tightly focused as some. Too many interests, I suppose. I don't always understand all the data info and how to interpret it. Like, page views...can they be when the blog author views a post before publishing? It appears that's the case. I also don't live entirely in the ethernet world of the digitati! Life's pretty full but keeping a blog is a way for me to journal. Even if I only get one post up a week, which has been the case since Spring started, it seems.
My gaming one always gets severely neglected. I think now I've given up on it, and if I have anything gamery to post I just bite the bullet and stick it in my main blog. Means my regular art stuff becomes interrupted with something completely different, but I think it's better not to fragment everything.
Thanks +Cynthia Fox-Giddens for your encouraging words. I started my blog ( just about a month ago. I'm a catholic pastor in the Netherlands, and in my blog I try to find new ways to express faith in order to bring church and holy Scripture nearer to people living in 2012. I know that these things need time to find their way to people who are interested. So I don´t give up!
I guess I should include my blog address for ease of checking it out and providing constructive (or other) criticism... My life is complex and I can be a bit scattered if not eccentric. Perhaps, I've just not grown up, yet? ;-D
Wiel, definitely a worthwhile and strongly focused subject matter! Definitely, don't ever give up!
Thanks +Joe Nobiling for your kind words. By the way, your blog has the same template as mine!
These posts of mine are almost a perfect example of my scatter brain-ness! I've had my blog up since it was an assignment in a Masters class in Instructional Design and Technology. This past winter I resurrected it, so to speak, and changed it's focus to my journey in life which includes; art, music, and subjects I find interesting that influence my life and thinking.
Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help with an issue? I have a small airsoft blog and when I was trying to post multiple pictures horizontally, they would only format vertically, even when I would set their location to right and left. Is there any way to remedy this or to create some kind of slide show for multiple images?
I can help with that +Manny Martinez but you'll need to know a little about HTML tables. (just for a refresher)

In blogger I upload the photos and give them all captions (this automatically puts them in tables) then switch to HTML view, then cut and paste the td for each picture into the same tr as the first. The same can be done with all the captions (in the caption tr) then all the excess code can simply be deleted and TA-DA, pretty horizontal rows.

For example:
I'm having the same issue as a few of the other posters here. It is difficult to get people to start checking it out. I have had a few days with big hits but that is about it. I'm sure part of my problem is that there isn't a theme to my blog. I complain about a lot of things and I needed a way to get some stress out after I was laid off so I decided maybe others would like to read about it and perhaps join in. My traffic depends on what you are looking at. If I look at the stats on blogger I get between 15 and 30 hits a day. If I look at Google Analytics I get less than 10 a day. I have heard that the Analytics is more accurate so I tend to believe that more.

I have tried getting it out there in several ways including having my cousin tweet it out to his followers (he has a successful blog with over 1500 followers on the blog and 1200 on Twitter). His is something that is a little easier to be successful at since it is about a college basketball team but mine is all over the place.

I guess you could call it a current events theme if you had to. Anyway, if someone has a suggestion feel free to pass it along. And if you would like to check out my rambling here you go:
I'm curious +Derek McAllister , Since you're just ranting about stuff that bugs you, why do you need a large audience? I put all my ranting in a private blog that no one has the password to so I understand the need for a place to dump emotionally... I just don't understand why you need more traffic?
+Shannon B. - I would like more traffic because I would love to have some discussion about things that tick me off. It is a way to relieve stress and doing so with others makes it even better.
I'm reading these comments and quite a few seem to be about getting your blog off the ground. I'm having the same problem.
I agree with +Derek McAllister when he says that a well themed blog should be easier to get more traffic.
Which is a terrible thing for me ( because I don't have any direction for my blog. It's just me having fun and trying to entertain anyone you decides to give it a chance.

Have any of the more experienced bloggers got any tips or stories of how they went from random, accidental users to subscribed/regular viewers?
Can you please give answer to this question that haven't answered by Google? Does Google Adsense allow a publisher to use an Adsense code as back-up ad for other advertising network?

Rephrased: Can a publisher use an Adsense ad unit as back-up ad for his/her other ad network without violating Google Adsense Terms & Conditions?
"Ad behaviour

AdSense code may not be altered, nor may the standard behaviour, targeting or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. This includes but is not limited to the following: clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME."
I have undergone almost all the experiences of above bloggers. My blog now gets 300 to 900 page views a day and secret seems to be continuous writing and good variety of subjects. Initially I started writing about a community called Meghs of India but later I resorted to writing for my pleasure. And it continues even today. I wrote in English but most of my blogs are in Hindi. English blogs brought more hits on the posts and page views in general.
I moved my blog over from WordPress late last year, but it never seems to get the views that it got on WordPress & Google doesn't show my posts that I post to blogger as soon as they are posted, but yet it shows posts on my WordPress blog as soon as they are posted.
Here is my blog
I post about some technical stuffs and reviews ranging from anti-capitalism to religious beliefs. Its still evolving. I have linked it up with Google Adsense, but I dont have enough traffic at the moment to earn a decent income.
I have installed Statcounter scripts to track visitors. It gives me more insight in to traffic than the stats available in blogger itself.
My one request to Blogger is to redesign the comment box in blogger like in facebook social plugin. Most of the users are lazy to fill out the personal data before commenting. This would be a great boost to bloggers, coz comments matters most to the bloggers.
I like everything about my Google Blog except the Comments feature. Why is it so cumbersome and difficult for readers to leave a comment? Leaving comments on other blogs is so much easier and there is usually an option for readers to receive emails when additional comments are made on a blog they have commented on. Why can't Google Blogger make it easier for commenters to simply leave a comment?
My last blog grew in my book, Murder in Italy. My new travel blog is Ways To Escape I'm just starting to promote it. I always let my blogs develop for a while before I work on getting hits. I switch things around, play around with the pages, until I understand exactly what the blog is about. When I feel inspired, I know readers will be too.
+Jason Bowling don't obsess over feedback and stats; write your blog for yourself. Stick with it and traffic will come!
Yup...It happened with me...2 times. My first blog was about one entrance was big failure for many was very narrow niche...second...even adsense failed to provide relevant ads on my blog....third i had nothing much write....

my second blog is/was tech blog. I update it but not too often. So I am not sure if I am going to take it seriously.

Currently I write at about education, learning and mathematics. These are my core subjects. I am an engineering student. And I realize that it is always good to write about those things that you actually know.

Further my initial failures have taught me some things. I made progress in failure even. First blog could never get any link and pagerank. My second blog managed to get a link or two.
Just to add a bit...I guess the biggest problem I faced was lack of new ideas.
We started as we loved the idea of Google Friend Connect so much back in 2008 and continued it with Gwave, then Google Buzz in 2010. Just when we thought that whole project was going to die with the huge Buzz bashing in 2011 G+ saved what was a dying blog.

We still wish GFC could have somehow been re-developed to become a G+ app. Any word on if GFC will get a new life on Blogger?
The best way to keep an interest in your blog is to blog about your lifetime passion, interest and don't worry about what anybody else is doing. At worst you'll have an online journal of your passions. If you need readers and followers for motivation, it's time to blog outside the commenting on blogs and websites with similar subjects. Some of these allow you to link to your blog which others will see and click to and help your search rankings, especially if the blog's author follows up with a link to your blog in an update or sequel post. Don't be afraid to experiment with template changes or tweaks if, after a while, your content seems to need a new or fresher display. Often just doing this gives you a boost in interest, both yours and your readers.
Probably the biggest reason my early attempts at blogging never stuck is I tried to remain a bit too dogmatic on a single topic. Blogs are a lot less restrictive than a weekly column or something like that, and varying what you write about is always helpful. So, once I settled on trying to keep another blog going, I realized that I could be a bit more relaxed on what I talked about, so long as I was saying something interesting about something.
The other thing that helps? Pretending like I don't have access to the Blogger stat pages and only checking irregularly.
I think each of us has a different way of doing things. The common thread that binds us is the fact that we are bloggers... or maybe even wannabe bloggers. Lets instead share tips on how we can improve the hit rate. For example... if a group of like-minded bloggers got together and commented/promoted each other... magic would happen for everyone. I write positive, motivating blogs... if there is anyone out there who does something similar... it would be good to link up and try this out. Connect and lets see what happens.
I have just restarted my blog, but I have never had tons of Success. I am Focusing my blog on the topic of Motivation for life change, seeing as I was a contestant on the Biggest Loser- Any tips for a Motivation Blogger who is new to daily blogging?
Angela Gagon, here is a tip:
1. Don't speak in capslock.
2. Your blogpage is filled with ads. It is a rather bad first impression.
Is there a blogger forum I can go to for help? I want to create a series of narrative/fiction blogs. So they would seem to be from different prospectives/writers but they cover the same issue (events in a fictional town)
No Puedo crear mi blogger??!!!! help
I LOVE blogging, and have my blog since 2009. I have slowly been gaining viewers to it, and followers. I get compliments with things I share, how it helps them, and etc. I do not have a website because I like my Blog, and it does what I need it to for this time. LATE last night I changed my sign in email on my blogger to a new gmail account. Got the verification, accepted it, and it all went smooth. I closed the other gmail account being used...wasn't going to use it, and why keep it. I have different blog pages all directed to my blog....using the same sign in email of course. I have 2 .com domains directed to my main blog, and another page I have set for my blog too. WHAM!! Got to check on my blog this morning....says it has been deleted. Trying to find someone directly to help is not very easy at all. I have found that I can have my blog reactivated upon showing reason, issues pertaining to the deletion, and it all sounds good. Soooo....I am nervous, trying to accomplish getting this activated again with my blog as it is my business name, and I have had it since 2009 as mentioned. Such a simple thing to have happen, and what an issue it is to find someone to talk to, to direct this issue to, and to have this problem fixed as quickly as possible too.

Sorry, I do not know where to turn to, and I really need to have my blog back. I am trying very hard to keep a schedule of postings with my blog, and I am frightful for my followers who rely on my for learning some things that this will scare them away. How does a person fix something like this that was a simple misunderstanding of???
I started my first blog in grad school which only lasted about a year...until grad school was done! The second blog I started was supposed to be about life in a new city - there were too many things going wrong and I couldn't keep it up. My most recent blog is more focused, I talk about things that I am interested in and it's more focused, being about healthy eating/exercise and everyday tidbits about what I do when it comes to those things - failures, successes, etc. The others didn't have enough focus, but I believe does. Have a look yourself! :)
I started a new blog on Gift baskets and more but find myself getting writer's block most of the time is there a talent in writing a blog any tips would be great thanks.(
We (I , +Navneet Pandey and +Rahul Roy ) started a new blog called Broomble on Social Media ,Technology and Blogging related stuff but it failed due to the lack of commitment and seriousness.
I was wondering if anyone had advice for my blog. IT is a tech blog called Local Tech Repair (
It is not doing bad per say though it just not really taken off like I have liked it to. I had a hard time starting it up and gave up on it for a few years then started it back up. i have around 100+ articles, and little under 1k Unique visitors a month, and a low bounce rate of ~30%. All that is fine though I am not able to keep visitors (93% new) or really get the nitch i want.

so any advice on where to market my blog or ideas to get visitors coming back?
+Joe Nobiling Nobiling -- don't know if someone answered, but you can turn off the counter from recognizing your own clicks. On the stats panel, under the pageviews count, click "Don't track your own pageviews"
+Athira M. K. Real life experiences are the best blogging tool one can find... i do the same on mine...
hope i finished okay how do i find my blog again how to i add picture back ground. legally blind 49 still learning lots yet. Have fun Reply again soon.
It is good to blog , Such a good idea. I love it!
I am excited to see the improvements with Blogger and all Google products. I have a blog in use, i just wish i had more time to get in depth with it
I started a blog recently to sell the non-fiction books that were piling up in my house, after reading them. I even linked to it from another more popular blog of mine. But it's not been getting any page views at all. Of course, no inquiries/sales. Perhaps I should have published it in my other blog? No idea. I still think that I can make it a success only if the big G takes notice of it and sends some wannabe visitors on my way!
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