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Two New Gadgets To Make Your Blog Better With Google+
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Today, we are introducing two new gadgets for Blogger users to make it even easier to have your friends and readers share your content to Google+ and follow your content. We're introducing a +1 gadget as well as the Google+ badge. Add the +1 and Google+ brand badge gadgets to your blog today to grow and engage your audience.
Imagine being able to share your blog with like-minded people across the web. Today we've made doing that easier with the introduction of two Google+ gadgets, the +1 button and Google+ Badge. Unli...
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Proposition of next big things:
- crossposting to and from g+ page and g+ profile would be nice
- ability to send ping to twitter and facebook from ACP as an option while creating post
- more friendly code editor for ones who want to build their own customized theme
Added to our Blog

I think more customization of Google+ Badge Gadgets (like width and height) is required. It will be very helpful to bloggers.
imagine kissing my ass because internet explorer was whispering sweet nothings in my ear promising to not break down in the middle of a session like my downloaded and updated version of CHROME that took like three shits on me today because it wouldn't handle my processing.
Awesome. I really like the fact that it works with dynamic views as well. I didn't think it would, but I'm glad it is!
What is new about the + button? It's been there since I started my blog in December.
The badge is too wide for the sidebar on my blog. How can I decrease the width?
iam just wondering?????????how it is possible?????????????
Glad you finally made me an iPhone app. I'm going to pretend you did that just because of me asking you to that one time.
Just hope it's better than tumblr with whom I have been cheating on Blogger with...
Chan Li
Oh great, with Google search engine, +1, Google+ & blogger features improvement like this,
Now I can replace my self-hosted SEO-friendly-Wordpress-CMS with blogger.
Stupid question. Where is the layout tab? All I see is the Design tab.
it is good news. But i'm wait for seo friendly new blogger templates.
it is good news. But i'm waiting for seo friendly new blogger templates.
This is great insight for #bloggers
nice gadget. by the way, the "Play NEW" of the tool bar is really an eyesore V_V
I like the badget Im on google plus, add to circles, but I need access to the HTML to customize size, I use columns in my blog and it is bleeding into content, so not able to use it.
Done, thanks, great work, next up, when I add a Youtube Video to my channel can I also please have a select to add it to my Blogger and into my GPlus stream, thanks
It is very good! I was waiting for it for very long time.
Not sure I am in right place .... can't seem to find either "Blogger Support" or "Blogger Help Group" ... received error on my blogspot today with number #bx-74br4. Ask what I was trying to do at the time of error .... trying to post new post and then tried to look at stats. It will not let me into either. If this isn't the right place, can you let me know where to find the above listed support sites. Please contact me at Sue
Is there any plan to add support for the poll and donate gadgets into dynamic view?
Are dynamic views like a public beta right now? I mean I've set all of my blogs on it, should I change them back to the classics?
I think the addition of the +1 feature is pretty great, but I've got to say, I preferred the old layout on the blog list screen. I can't seem to find analytics any more T_T
The badge is too wide & I cant change the width. Would like to see a +1 share of +1s in blog and +1s in G+
How can i change color of comments dates ?
Thanks !
Pretty awesome gadgets you must try this, Its easy to circle someone from your blog itself most faster... take a look
I am having similar issues -- I add these gadgets and nothing shows up, but a blank space. Help?
Hellow Margaret Antkowski- i saw you site it is very nice one again add the code you did something wrong ... It is as ...

<!-- Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render -->
<g:plusone annotation="inline"></g:plusone>

<!-- Place this render call where appropriate -->
<script type="text/javascript">
(function() {
var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true;
po.src = '';
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);
Hi Michelle K ... you can use the similar script as i have written above...
Had the Google+ on my blogs. What happened. Gone now.
I am seeing a lot of the gadgets no longer work for regular blog themes and are now only for the new dynamic view themes. I find this very annoying as I like the customization of the older themes using my own photos. The new themes hide too much.
used and look nice..but dont have much circle..
PERHAPS instead of new gadgets you actually get basic settings right as WORD VERIFICATION in the new layout KEEPS defaulting to ON despite people turning it off and saving settings !! FIX the issues first before new gadgets !!
sometime the badges like disppear from my blog.however we can manage how to put the badge and how it would look like on our blog. if some one click add to circle u will automatically added to thier circle.
How can I add a facebook gadget? When will it be available? I'm referring to the facebook like box. How to make this kind of gadget appear on the dynamic views?
The button is very ugly for the +badge. Please fix it. Not being able to adjust the width is rubbish. Why have you not made the background transparent? The blogger button you already have has brand value, the B on the orange background, why not make the +badge fit with that theme?. The current version looks like you asked your kid to do it as a homework assignment.
You can fix the problem of the button not fitting in your side bar by editting the template in html. This is the bit of code that sets the size of the badge

<g:plus expr:href='&quot;; + data:profileId' expr:theme='data:theme' height='131' rel='author' width='100'/>

I've changed the width from 200 to 100 it alters the look of the button slightly. It wont go smaller than 100 but I guess that should be fine for most people. You can see it on my blog it's on the right side under the followers widget.
am i missing something or we cant link our Google+ page profile with our blog if using Dynamic view?

if i link in "Link website" i receive an error also using the google+ badge in the blog.. +Blogger ideas?
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