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Blogger . hung out with 3 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>David Hobby, Patrick Smith, and Alain-Christian Seraphin
Building a Successful Photo Blog
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Doh! Not supported on my iPad. I need to get my girlfriend off the PC!
Just finished watching on air. Nice talk, guys.
Bah, I missed it. Upload it somewhere?
Not done watching the hangout but there is a LOT of great knowledge to glean from this. Not just for photo bloggers but all bloggers alike.

That thing where +David Hobby didn't premiere a blog until there was three months of content. I've done that. It really works. When you come to a new site you want to see a lot of content. If you see a lot of content it means it's safe to bookmark. Great job.
The tips shared in this hangout were really helpful. It would apply even to people who blog about things other than photography—like me! It's nice to see and hear people talking about their blogging experience, rather than reading dull words all the time. ;)

Thanks guys!
Thanks this was really interesting and informative as a previous comment made its nice to hear rather than read about blogging techniques.
+Steven Lewis try to browse Google for blogs with niche you want to read..Ex. Fashion Blogger, Gadget Blogger, Photograph Blogger just like one they've shared here..
+Patrick Smith I'd checked out your blog and it is amazing how you captured the every moment in so very clear and dramatic angle... :))