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+Black Rainbow do you use a domain name and is it important and what is the best way to buy a domain name
Hello, a few years ago I created a blog which I forgot the account details to.. Would it be possible to delete that blog? It's been inactive for a few years. Is there an email in which I could write to for help? 
which authority do i contact regarding this issue? please help me!!!!! this involves my future! i had created a blog in 2008 but i had forgotten my password and email address. HOWEVER i am able to proof that i am the owner of the blog as i have dumbly uploaded my full name and birth date and pictures of the blog! PLEASE HELP ME! 
plz actualiser vous inforations et mettez le blog a jour
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Me llamo Luis Armijos, soy de Ecuador. Busco pastó Tifton 85, de preferencia certificado. Dejame un mensaje.

De antemano mil gracias.
Thanh Tâm - Trà Gia truyền đặc Trị đau bụng Kinh
the blog that I;ll start writing will be wonderful because of its contents which  are from true dream vision (dreams are direct internet of Allah to mankind)and it link the knowledge man and women have identified nowadays to that of Doomsday ,mankind is proud with the progress made today but still comparatively we should be modest in our enthusiasm , sky are made of of material as stone or stars the seven sky are created also the paradise and  hell since long time but the two lights  hinder mankind to see them ,w2L1 white visibility proof linhar light1 and high con density brown semi visibility proof lihar light1(b2L1), Allah runs the control of our life cycle up until the death by these lights they;re mentioned in Quran go to Surat the Star verses 13---19
my blogs attaich with google ... plz help

Wishing all my love once in the blog a peaceful Monday
Most especially Rakhee vasquez
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Tita B
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