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Did you catch our Hangout on Air this week? Thanks to +David Hobby  +Patrick Smith and everyone who sent in questions, we had a great discussion about blogging, photography, and how to build a following for your blog (photo or otherwise). For those of you who couldn’t join us, here are just a few quick highlights from the Hangout: 

1. Blog about a niche topic. If there’s one very specific topic you’re passionate about, that should be the focus of your blog. Having a narrow focus will help to distinguish you from other bloggers and to attract viewers who are interested in that specific topic.
2. Consistency is key. If possible, avoid publishing a bunch of posts at once and then disappearing for a few weeks. That might leave readers wondering if blog is still active. David suggests keeping an ideas list ( so you always have some topics to fall back on when inspiration is low.  
3. Preload your blog with content before publicizing. If you’re creating a new blog, have a nice chunk of content published before you start publicizing it. You only get one chance at a first impression.

If you get a chance to watch the video and found something else inspiring or interesting from David and Patrick’s discussion, please post it via comments.
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Photos for Bloggers.

It would be a good idea if a photo bank can be created for use by bloggers by all bloggers by sharing the photos they click in a bank.
Your recommendation about consistency is key. I'm amazed at the number of people who have a blog with a single post in it and who somehow think that blog will drive traffic to their web page.

Every day isn't the key - posting on a regular basis is. That could be once a week, or...
Watched the whole thing...Blogging for me is catharsis and I do it once a week. Finding your real niche is a struggle for there are tons of bloggers who may already have your topic. Making it spectacular and influencing readers to subscribe is dual-hard long process.
Thanks for sharing.
+Blogger why is not possible to link the google page to the website if using dynamic view? O.o
Hi, I want to "send feedback" on your post
but the option is disabled. What worries me is the statement "We recommend that anyone currently using the old interface switch to the new one, as all accounts will be permanently upgraded very soon" --- If that is so, I will have to move all my blogs to WordPress (that I don't like because the backend is nowhere as good as Blogger's) because Dynamic Views just don't cut it for me. They take away so much of the personal feel of blogs and they all look the same. I'm also highly frustrated that you are forcing people to switch, by taking away widgets and letting others go buggy (such as Tags) on the "old" Blogger. I would be very impressed if a human being from Google got back to me about this issue.
Thank you!
PS: Also, have a look at how people are reacting to Dynamic View on YouTube, where commenting has not been censored (at least not until now). 
Hi +Inci Atrek thank you so much for answering. That's' great news! I will definitively be trying it out, then! Kind regards :)
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