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Blogger hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Gregory Fair and Malte Ubl
Hangout on Air: Mentions on Blogger
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Good to know Blogger and G+ will stay as their own separate thing. Love using both services.
Hey +Blogger, when are you going to have the option to share the comments from Blogger to G+? The comments in G+ is one of the best features imo in G+, and it will be so great if you could have the discussion about the post both on Blogger and on G+?
i wouldnt want anyone have a direct link to my profile,if it was mentioned in a Blogg,..
saben como subir un codigo QR a mi perfil de Blogger... gracias
Tú Cao
I want report 1 website have adult content. Help me !
Gima cara pasang poto profileku diblog..?
oy teman teman aq boleh knln kn sma kln smua
Hi everyone, Thanks to the great blogger team support, our blog has now become the only blogger blog with highest Alexa Rank. It just hit 5K! I am extremely pleased to inform you all. Thank you everyone for your long lasting motivation and feedback. :)
does anybody know how to make an adsense account through blogger?
Id love if anyone would check out my blog! :)
i am just a starter of blogger and there is so much to learn. Would somebody help me?
Yeah, I hear ya, I need help too. Calling all helpers!
i'm fine..? how are you..???
In my opinion Foreign Minister Sh. Salman Khursheed is not a true Indian but a true Muslim because it was he, who invited Pak Cricket Team here and when there was tension on Indian Border recently, he was in Bhutan. Now he is backing the mindless statement of Sh. Shinde because it is against RSS. If I correctly remembera few years ago Sh. Rahul Gandhi has also told Wikilies that most of problems of India are due to Hindu Terrorism
+Ashok Gupta  gupta  sir one pointe of vew is ur right but 
dont se  Foreign Minister Sh. Salman Khursheed is not a indian
we muslims  alwes belemd for nathing
not only salman  khursheed  but every bcci  team wellcomed pak what u sey.  y dont' u sey them pakistani
dont' belive that  hindus only the indians
we muslims or EQUAL indians right . 
je demande qu a elargir ma curiosite est vous etes le bienvenu
pls send the details hangouts
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