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Blogger hung out with 1 person.David Kutcher
Blogging for Your Business
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Additionally, I would like to congratulate David for doing this as Wordpress is plugin heavy and Blogger has worked nicely for many clients needing a budget-priced website CMS.
I'm mostly impressed with Luma On Park. How did you get that layout into a blogger code format? Is there a tutorial for that layout setup?
I have those bookmarked, but Thank you!
Click on the play icon to play it from YouTube :)
+Joseph Hollak You can view it by clicking on the graphic above. It'll take you to a YouTube recording of the Hangout.
Hi Lisa -- my Adsense Ads are not showing up on my blogs. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there a Google Adsense Team member that can assist me? Thanks!
Good to see Blogger is inviting David Kutcher for this kind of stuff.... I've missed the hangout....will go through the recording.

And yes, BLOGGER should come out with a tutorial (with tips from David Kutcher) to create a professional looking WEBSITE from scratch on a blogger platform. Would help many of us who are not professional on this domain, but help us a lot giving a new dimension to our knowhow on blogger....
How do I keep missing these things? I got a new webcam JUST for Google+! Is there a way to subscribe to alerts or something? This is getting out of hand. I've missed ALL of them.

Could you start announcing on twitter when a hangout is imminent or something? PLEASE!
I agree -- I keep missing the Hangouts! I will try to catch the next one.
This was a very good way to get started with a simple blog or a business related blog. Thanks.
Did everyone tune in for yesterday's Hangout? ;)
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