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We've released a new set of Dynamic Views gadgets: Popular Posts, Blog Stats, Text, Picture, Video Bar, Poll, Newsreel, and Logo. We're still working on the HTML/Javascript gadget, but that should be ready shortly. Give these new gadgets a try on your Dynamic Views blogs, and tell us what you think!
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Great, thanks! Can you add customization of share buttons on the Dynamic posts? There only FB, Twitter and G+ now. But we also have VK In Russia. 
all of them work very nice but must have an option to custom the width, for example. 
Thank you! Would love to have a "most recent" widget. For the search widget, is it possible to get search statistics? thanks!
The thing that annoys me most about dynamic views is that a reader can change between them themselves. Bizarre. Like having a website that readers change totally if they want. I want to design my layout ad for it to stay that way. I also want my twitter feed showing in a sidebar.
These new gadgets improve things (at long last) but I won't be changing over. Not yet.
Thanks for the feedback +Alan Kerlin. The rationale was to enable the reader to decide how they want to consume a blog.
Basics, More Gadgets and Add your own. Where's Dynamic View?
+Blogger Can I put in a request? I keep getting the message to add mobile Adsense code from my account to my Blogger template, but I can't find instructions for doing so. 
I think it would be nice if they WORKED! Ever since I linked my Blogger account to my G+ profile, blogger crashes non stop! Everytime I try to edit something, CRASH! Every *&^( time.  I tried the Google+ Followers widget and it doesn't have a button to subscribe of follow, or however it would be labeled.. ((and it's probably unrelated, but my adsense is down 50% this past week or two)) So, I'm not having a fun time, recently.
We need google+ comments for our blogs (like facebook comments)
i am new here how to do promote blogs ....can u please tell me
google search engine (helps if u regularly update your blog with quality and unique contents), then I share my blog posts links to social networks with friends etc
Hello...if you don't get any answers from the many great social media
bloggers out there, please feel free to write me back. I'll try to point
you in the right direction. In the meantime, take care.

All the best,
Ronald (Ron) Raymond
hello, have just began to post my journal/blog, how can I make it public?
can someone tell me how my readers can read my blog in another language in another part of the world, for example in Spain in Spanish? thanks much
KC Bob
I'd love to see the sidebar added to Dynamic Views like it is on

Also, there seems to be a max number of gadgets in Dynamic Views as the gadgets do not scroll with the rest of the screen.
wow that google official blog theme is awesome
Need more help for my blog i need more traffic to increase this please some one help me ??
add people to your circles, like you add friends on other sites.
Great! News gadjets are very nice! It's very practice! Thanks Blogger!
new holiday traditions is up.I have to say having a blog going on 9/10 days is difficult when your not sure if anyone will read it.I am doing all I can to read fellow bloggers,post,share & comment.If anyone has any other suggestions.
I will follow every one in this blog
Its really very very confused i am getting my point how to increase page rank... 
Is there a video, to show ppl how to do the buttons, for those who are having problems figuring it out; especially as I think many ppl do not understand english well enough. 
would love to have twitter or Facebook also integrated!!
thank u but make the things for the develooper easy
The HTML/Javascript gadget could be a game-changer for some of us. When you say that it will be ready "shortly," is that in dog years? Or geologic time? Maybe by the next Presidential election? Just wondering why all the bright programmers at Google need so much time with this - or is there some other hold-up?
gadget recent commensnya rusak,tolong perbaiki dong..
Lets hope that html widget will be introduced soon.....(2013)
I am looking forward to see the new HTML/
Javascript gadget soon.
I'm having trouble with it- the gadget bar seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it pops up, but more often than not, all it shows is the subscribe button and nothing else.

p.s. what everyone else is saying about HTML... I hope your definition of 'soon' stays within 'one year from posting' :p
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