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Embedding Forms on Your Blog
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To follow along with David's demo (including code snippets you can cut+paste), see these two posts on his blog:
So cool, didnt know one could do those things !
+Sebastian Hösl I just tested it, and it's working for me. Is anyone else having trouble viewing the live Hangout?
it works viewing it here, didn't try on youtube
Nice hack! Taking the form tags and putting them directly into blogger. Pretty handy. Love it.
It would be better if we could just insert forms into Blogger using shortcodes with the forms key... like in Wordpress.
thanks for the embed results answer! I'll look into the embed options you discussed
Will Blogger support shortcodes any soon?
I have a question about sharing information.
Every day I make a number of traffical posts on three different platforms: 1) My Facebook-page 2) My Google+ page and 3) on my blogger blog.
- As the information is basically the same (except for the RTF-facilities of the platforms) it would be very handy, if I could share the information on the 3 different platforms in one action!
- I have not found out to share [+1] with my Google+ Page..
+Karsten Krabbe I agree that sharing from Blogger to your Google+ page would be an awesome feature. You're not alone in requesting this -- I will send a +1 for this feature request to the Blogger team on your behalf :)
Tumblr has a ( Submit A Post ) thing which is very cool. It's something I always thought Blogger should have. And now I guess you could make something like that ? +Lisa Ding +David Kutcher
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Very helpful to have this series. Thank you.
Keeping things simple is always good.
Will we have Blogger hangouts every Tuesday?
+Adame Doe We hope to have these Hangouts on Air regularly, but probably not every Tuesday. Once we have another one planned, we will let you know on this page.
yes, "many tks" for my hard work...
Can I use Google Docs to create an order form for my blog? Nothing that would have a "checkout", just simply a sheet that a person could fill out to place an initial order for multiple items?
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