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Check out our latest Google+ integration:

Mention a Google+ user or page directly from your blog post. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!
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Zach W.
Is the +Blogger team working on integrating the comments system with G+ so that someone logged into their Google account/G+ can comment on blog posts? Think of the FB comments under certain articles, as an example. Seems like it'd be a natural move.
Just to clarify: at the point of publishing a post on Blogger, any Google+ profiles and pages mentioned in that post will not be receiving notification on their Google+ accounts, but notification is only sent to those who are mentioned, when the post is shared on Google+, because the Google+ post is shared directly with them?
+Zach Wilks I think it highly likely that they are working on a comment system that can be homed across their products, as an extension of G+ pages/communities (YouTube, Blogger, to 3rd party sites) - with their command of search, data storage it'd be insane for them not to. Most encouraging, to me, is that with DLF, unlike Facebook or other systems, I'm pretty confident that they could create an infrastructure I could backup and make portable if I felt the need.
+Zach Wilks, you can already comment using your Google+ account on Blogger blogs. The problem with implementing Google+ comment system is because you can't comment without having a Google+ account, like the Facebook Box commenting system.
Zach W.
Oh, you can +Icaro Morse? Was completely unaware of that, and while the registration/possessing an account detail is a problem, I don't necessarily see it as a huge issue. Not just because I have a G+ account either, but because it's rare that I feel inclined to comment on blogs at all.
+Zach Wilks I don't usually comment on blogs but if I want to comment and I have to create an account, they lost me as a commenter. And I bet some people will be left out of the conversation and will eventually leave (rare case, maybe).
Zach W.
I know exactly what you mean there too +Icaro Morse. That's generally the reason I don't comment on stuff. Enough accounts as-is.
That's super cool and getting better.
I have a question. What the point to use Blogger? Social networks is more featured than weB LOG. And after Google has turned off Ads in RSS Feeds you can't even make some profit from your mini-site on Blogger platform. So the only value is people and all of them is in Google+.
Or i missing something?
ps: So maybe just add more formatting options to Google+? And don't need a whole service to do almost the same?
pps: All this styles and thirst to be unique will be good in some kind of merged Google Drive + Google Sites with modern templates and ability to use your own domain name.
With all the Google+ features being pushed to blogger, I might reconsider using it Instead of wordpress for my non-commercial blog. Nice improvement !
+Dmitry Zuenko Social Networks are closed and blogs are open. If you want everybody to see and follow and comment, you want a blog. The problem is that blogs are not getting the same traffic that they got once because people are using more and more social networks.
+Icaro Morse You can see easily because of public posts. You can follow easily because Google+ is much more popular and it's part of the most popular an ecosystem in the Internet. I still wait for comment system to different services even in Google-sites but i guess Googlers thinks comments it's not a discussions. Because comment system hasn't hierarchy levels and too light formatting options.
+David Kutcher Cool. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know that.
But still i like more a possibility to host the website on my Google Drive just through shared *.html file. Because for beginners and students writing the code is so much better than use some easy to use UI.
ps: I didn't mean to say something bad about Blogger. They're great!
I just don't understand the trend of this service.
Maybe need to improve the Google+ profiles to level as Youtube channels is now. You can do almost entire website into the video hosting platform.
ps: Maybe Blogger kind page with great design and with ability to redirect from custom domain as Google+ Profile page?
Esto es una verdadera GRAN novedad 
I want to hide "Posted by". i go to layout, edit blog posts, then unchecked posted by, but still shows, help!
+Nika Jiadze 

Seems like a bug in Blogger, I think they are aware of it and are trying to fix it.

In the mean time, try this:
Go to Template>Customise>Advanced>Add CSS: type this in:
.post-author {display: none}

If you need help , let me know.
in cerc sa invat si eu ceva despre blogger
We need serious improvements in terms of post editing, i.e. photo gallery and ability to adjust width and height of a photo, It would also be nice if you could improve your iOS apps. Thank you.
I couldn't get it to work today...what could i be doing wrong?
me neither, I must be too stupid to use goog blog
The tagged individual gets a notification in Google+ that they were mentioned in a Blogger blog post that was then posted here in Google+

TEST: Try linking yourself in a post at your blog [type +(no space) your name] - and then post that blog's link in your Profile - and see if you get a notification.

I just created that blog post ( and then I posted the link to it on my Profile (

Waiting for my notification ... ... ...
No, I didn't get any notification. Is there a setting I'm missing?
I didn't get a note either.

The new feature worked fine in Blogger [typed +(no space)my name] and blogger threw up a window offering suggestions (lust like it does here) and the Google+ link rendered properly, and the blog posted successfully - and the Google+ link in my blog links correctly to my Profile here in Google+ ... but no notification ...

Perhaps it only works if one posts in someone else's link. ?
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Sounds great! My blog is called Eccentrically Normal and I am new to blogging...I am so confused on how to access my comments within 48 hours I have almost 60 comments and I cannot view them...I have tried everything, please help me!
I really dont know much about bloggin, am also new nd tryin 2 understand it beta
I love this suggestion, it's another way to engage and support people. All my computer skills are self taught... and there is a learning curve for me...  I have BDDTPP... (Brain Damage Due to Peroxide Poisoning,) and when I began blogging I didn't even know what blogging was.  My husband's deployment to the Middle East with the United States Army for two years, and then his transfer of service to the State Department for the last three fueled my need to blog.  I thought to myself when I started, "it is so much cheaper than therapy sort of a personal journal out loud."  I love it!  I have gained friends all around the world, people who are really important to me, and I am important to them... Who'd a thought!  Don't have a huge audience, but it has grown, and I never needed a huge audience.  "Communication, whether written, spoken, signed, or presented the art forms is the essence of the human existence."  Debra LeCompte
If I made a new blog with a google account not a google+ account what will hapen?
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