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Upcoming Hangout on Air:
Building a Successful Photography Blog, with +David Hobby  

Time: Tuesday, July 17 -- 11am PST

Tune in next Tuesday for our Hangout on Air with +David Hobby from Strobist (, and learn about his journey to becoming a successful photo blogger and the great community he's built along the way.

If you're interested in hanging out with David during this HOA, leave us a comment with a question you'd like to ask him. If we pick your question, you'll receive an invite at 11 a.m. next Tuesday to join our Hangout. See you there!
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I would love to learn more. How does one know when replacing camera what will work for what one wants to do? I have looked for 6 months and do not want to spend hundreds, but I want clarity and quality. My 6 year old camera was dropped and no longer is viable.
Alas it was dropped in June so getting desperate for shooting.
It would be frikking awesome if you annouced this with an event, that way it's easier to know when does it start.
I am interested to learn blogging I am newbie in blog please guide me.
I would love to know whether David ever had to redesign his blog; and if he had to, when did he realise that he has to redesign the blog?
Mine is more of a Blogger suggestion. It would be good if photos on the mobile version of a blog would show in a lightbox rather than taking the user to a picasa page.
Photo blogging is one of my hobbies and I have several photo oriented blogs. I also have a couple of more technical blogs and get a lot of questions on the general topic of photo blogging - it seems to be gaining in popularity. Should a photo blog put images up prominently? Some look like the back pages in magazines - the pages where the cheap ads are. Is that effective? My blog:
David I have two questions: 1) Do you think it's possible to have a successful photo blog which covers a wide gamut of topics (i.e. reviews of photography gear, books, and software, photography tutorials, BTS tech specs on photo shoots, etc.) or do you think the key to your success is that you have honed in on a more specific targeted topic (strobe lighting and related information)? 2) When and how did you start getting advertising sponsors from relevant and reputable merchants that your readers would view as adding value to your site, not as impositions? Janine (From the Denver Flash Bus Tour)
Hi Blogger. I have a problem. I already edited my profile, but I'm still a no@reply blogger. What should I do?
Ian Cox
Why has Google made a pig's ear of the new Blogger interface? I tried using it for two months and it's awful, full of bugs, unattractice and difficult to use. I've gone back to the old Blogger interface. Is Google trying to force bloggers to use Google+?
@ Ian Cox 
Yeah, Google are in a bit of trouble now with privacy issues. As a whole, Google are getting into some financial problems apparently!
True or False: the reason that there are so many photo blog and photo podcasts is that its really, really hard to earn a living from being a photographer?

Explain your answer.
Im a beginner in photography, I try to the best to capture good scenes. I usually upload my photographs in my blog [] . let me know 
What are the best practices in photography so that I can implement them while shooting.
What post processing did you do for the Area-51 version of David Hobby?
Am I too late to try to jump onboard? How can I get an invite? Thx
blogger who hangout in the Air of Neurones
no entieno por q  son a si pero mi directora toda las veces me reta y me lleva a la direccion  que ago  tengo 14  responda para q no me hagan  retar
Hai i ve publish my informations nd i dont want the info will be come in google scearch,i want to found my name in google search bt not want to share my personal info so to obmit it pls help me
Hi every body,i ve publish my information blogs and i want it come in google search in the first pages.Is there any help how to make my blogs appear the in the first pages ?
To address the above comment, I think you can have a blog that covers several topics successfully, just be sure each of the topics gets equal attention.

<a href="">Southern Illinois Photographers</a>
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