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Next Hangout on Air: Printer-Friendly Blogger Posts

Have you ever wanted to create printer-friendly versions of your blog posts to share? Well, you can do so quite easily, and +Alain-Christian Seraphin will show you how during our next Hangout on Air on Tuesday, July 3 at 11am PST.

If you know other bloggers who might be interested in this tutorial (especially food bloggers), please pass this on. As usual, we will be taking questions before and during the presentation via comments, so don't be shy. Hope to see you all on Tuesday!
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So with the new events feature is there an easy way to add the hangout.
Nice! Love me some dynamic stylesheets!
I'm very curious about this.  I've never done a hangout and I've always wondered about the best way to allow my readers to print recipes.
+Nate Schmolze After trying #googleplusevents  I'd rather wait for them to iron out the kinks before giving it another chance. But that's just my opinion. +Blogger might decide to use it for our HOA. I definitely see them using it in the future. If it worked and was more intuitive it'd be a great way to corral show notes, pictographs, etc. It'd be nice to have everything self-contained to one events page.

+David Kutcher They're a revelation. Makes it so much easier.

+Walter Medak Someone will always miss out. It's not just this crazy thing called work, you also have timezones to consider. So even if we changed it to where you'd be able to watch when you get home, other people around the world would miss it'd be their turn at the office. I'm lucky +Lisa Ding  is willing to do this at 2AM EST considering she's in Australia. Thanks Lisa! ^__^
How do I send a personal message to the blogger team at google? I have some errors on my blogger google+ sharing function that needs to be fixed. can someone please help me?
Wow interesting. Didn't know about this page until I came across it just now!
Now this should be something very interesting for bloggers like us. We need good versions of ourblog posts even on paper printouts :-D
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