A big thank you to +Alain-Christian Seraphin for teaching us how to create printer-friendly blog posts on our most recent Blogger Hangouts On Air! For those of you who didn’t get to watch live, the video is linked below (a bonus if you watch the whole thing: look out for something funny that happens to +Lisa Ding near the end). Here’s a summary of what we covered in the Hangout:

1) Printer-friendly pages and why they’re useful. Printer-friendly posts allow your readers to print a copy of your post without any of the distractions that exist on a normal blog view. 

2) Printer-friendly pages are not exclusive to Blogger. Any website can be made printer-friendly.

3) Using CSS to create printer-friendly posts allows for flexibility. See below for the snippet of CSS code Alain-Christian used in the demo. Because it’s CSS, you can customize the code to remove or keep certain aspects of your blog. You can also use code like this on non-Blogger sites.

4) For beginners, use the CSS editor in the Templates section of Blogger. You can either edit the code in your template directly via the dashboard or download and edit outside of Blogger. We demonstrate how to edit via the dashboard.

Make sure you check out Alain-Christian’s blog post (below) about this topic. If you still have questions, feel free to leave comments.


Code Snippet
@media print {
#header, #sidebar-wrapper, #nrelate_related_placeholder, .e-comment-form, .jumplink, .page-navigator {
#main-wrapper {

Alain-Christian’s Blog Post
More detailed information on Printer-Friendly Pages
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