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Upcoming Hangout on Air:
Food Blogging with Google+

Wednesday, August 8, 10am PST

Tomorrow, Blogger's Hangout on Air series will feature +Charles Koh, a community manager for Google+ Local in the Seattle area. Charles blogs at and organizes events for the local foodie scene. During the Hangout, we'll be discussing Charles' blogging journey, how he's built his community, and what he's doing with Google+ to engage with and increase his following.

If you have questions for Charles, leave a comment and we'll be sure to ask him during the Hangout.
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Thanks for this post. Blogger is surely a good way for interacting with the World :-)
+Charles Koh Sir, I don't have a Food Blog & at the moment I am not interested in starting one. Thanks for the offer :-D
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good night my friends
any body Help me I am new in blogging  plz tell how I add Menu bar in my blog I searched a lot in Google but I am not getting proper way !! the 2nd thing is if add templatet then what is the procedure plz plz guide me step by step and properly
I shall be very thankfull
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