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Not really lace me with some game
My god I love you! I'm in the middle of email automaton with facebook because I haven't been able to log in for 2 years. Blogger/google doesn't care what online name I have! On facebook I was Occupied Newbie and still get notifications. Just can't log in. I love you guys.
How's that Android app looking, +Blogger​? Maybe https for 3rd party domains?
hello? i bought a blog from someone and after a while the person requested that i make him an admin is it right for me to do so or not?
If someone hooked up with somebody they met on it ok to use Blogger to make a Blog about breaking up with them or should they just ghost?
Asking for a friend.
Top du top Blogger...Garbage Story est lu 
¿En serio?
Nunca, nunca, nunca he obtenido una respuesta ni usando el #ghelp ni citando a @blogger directamente ni aquí en G+ ni en Twitter
Hola la vida no es sencilla siempre hay una persona jode tu camino
Make a community for easy communication between bloggers and developers. Like forum.
e ai pessoal, ajudem - me perceber o quen esta acontecendo. tenho lancado algumas cenas no meu blog, mas quando pesquiso a respeito dessas producoes na google nao aparecem, significa isto, para poder aparecer algum deve ter o meu url/http.
o que devo fazer para nao forcar as minha publicacoes e duma forma simples estajam na google e sejam visualizadas por qualquer um, nao interessando o url/http?
By now you know what the future is a great deal with the subject matter experts
just realize, if that link (helpsocial) was association with twitter...,
[sorry for bad english]
Can anyone here write a grammatically correct, rational sentence??😒😯
How can see the benefit or how do l use blogger to benefit.
#g help how is it helpful
#gHelp Please Help me ou, this is very urgent....
I mistakenly click and change my self from author instead of admin on my blogger and i am the only admin, Please how do i gain the right of admin to my blogger back because i really need to update past event and make changes to my blog very quily, Note: I can sign in but am can edit.
Here in Oakland need Girls that want to smoke and get HI i have my own room motel 6 enbarcadero 

I quiet new on blogger ,I don't know how to published my blog in proper way so it could be visible to everyone

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Hi everyone. I am looking for guest bloggers to post on my new blog site which will lunch during the new year. If you are a blogger and looking for a place to guest blog please let me know. 
We Tarra W. to enjoy this site🎇🎊
My blogger app in iPhone keeps crashing. Please help
Im starting a blog but Im a bit confused. What is the difference between a page and a post?
am looking for guest blog to post on my blog.....relationships related topic
Estas instruções para fazer novo blogger ou decorar está muito complicado. Estou muito desiludida :( 
Cuando quiero abrir Google se me va de la pantalla,por favor,ayudenme
how do i find other fashion bloggers on this?

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