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Seasoned bloggers may have discovered that not all posting times are equal. Have you found the optimal time to publish a post -- when your readers are awake and ready to read, comment, and share?

If your favorite time to write turns out not to be the best time to publish, why not schedule your post to publish for when your readers are awake? If you're really on a roll, schedule multiple posts -- they'll self-publish for the date and time that you specify in the Post Settings. If you've never scheduled a post before, check out our guide below to learn the ropes.
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Scheduling never once worked for me with the new Blogger pages. It always ends up published immediately for whatever reason.
I find for my casual postings that the schedule is not needed though I did give it a try.
Most of my readers use something like Google reader, so posting times really never make a difference as far as I can tell.
Yeaaaah this has never worked for me. It's never publisher our posts in the morning when we schedule them the night before 
how about being able to push scheduled posts to g+?

oh, and how about fixing the blog list limitation / lock?
no one reads my blog, so what does it matter,..
Posting ANYTHING on the weekend is a bad idea. I find the morning is best for me, Monday through Friday!
Can we get the option to have blogger automatically post blog updates to either a G+ Profile or Page?
Yes we can post automatically g+ to blogger ...
The Opera browser do not allow pictures to publish in blogger editor.
I use post scheduling a lot - both personally and for all the school kids' blogs I manage. Of course it is essential to get the time zone right (especially for us in NZ), but for some reason about 50% of the blogs will not schedule in the new Blogger editor. They just post immediately even when they have been scheduled. It is 50% of the Blogs, not the posts ie if you can get a Blog working well, then it never seems to have a hiccup. Other Blogs just refuse to schedule. Wish we knew why...
Yep! But, Isaac you'll agree that when you'll post every thing at once, the reader will no longer waiting for next post. I found schedules very helpful to me.
Oh yeah of course. But I never post more than once a day anyways.
Yeah! In this case, this will be little useless for you.
Australia says yeh-but-no.
Um, i post at crazy times - antipodean that I am.
My readers will have to cope...
'Yeah - but - no' is a local expression. It means - good idea, but I'm prob not gonna bother.
This feature is great.. but it's in dire need of a upgrade +Blogger ! Make it easier for a new-to-blogger writer to understand how to do this:

1. Give better visual cues, for Pete's sake don't call the button "Publish" when it's being scheduled into the future. Make the interface more obvious about whether a post is going to be published into the future. There should never be any confusion or accidental "posted now" situations because the interface is lacking.

2. When choosing a date, show us on the calendar when something else has been scheduled on that day (perhaps by bolding a date).. something is better than what's there now (nothing).

3. Posting to G+ is useless unless that too can be scheduled with the blog. Removed "posting to G+" until it's possible to use full feature set.
+Legacy Legacy, do I sense some subtext (tm) there? ;)

I've used scheduling once or twice, but that was only to avoid posting multiple times in a single day. For a personal blog, I don't think it's necessary to always publish at the same time, and I've certainly never noticed any correlation between user interaction and publishing time (except that most of my comments come in after the post has fermented for a bit!)
I have found that posting early on a Monday gets better results throughout the rest of the week.
KC Bob
Suggest that Blogger make it easier to specify the time. Use a calendar for dates so maybe a clock could work for time?
Once you schedule you must save and then publish to get posted.
I have no idea when to schedule the post for optimum readership. I schedule to post every third day at midnight. As regularly as possible. It is a goal.
Not sure what you mean. You can set your time zone to any time zone you wish.
doesn't matter for blogs views are always low :/
I read through all of the comments up until now and it seems to me that there is two recurring themes. The first was technical problems which are inevitable in any programming structure involving users. The second problem was a bit more subtle. +Legacy Legacy +Isaiah Walker +Ran Solano +Em coker +Sam Routledge +Robert Torres +Erik Tenkar all had comments that I think really show the necessity for a better feature to allow people to discover other's blogs. The next blog link is pretty much dead; I think I only used it a few times just to see what it did. I think that either through Google+ or some new feature there needs to be new a way to let users discover content on blogger. I have found Google+ to be a great way of linking myself to other like-minded people but there is really no way to do that successfully for blogger at the moment.
I've never tried to schedule a blog posting before but it's interesting to hear what others have to say about the process
Weird +caroline russelle It should say the timezone it's set to below the date. Mines solid NZ time. Are you still using the old blogger view?
Can we please have a gadget which shows map locations of the results from the search box gadget on blogger. Thanks
Uso há tempos e com regularidade esta função do . Nas minhas férias programo algumas postagens abordando alguns assuntos de interesse do leitor.
This is a really great idea that I've never thought about - I always want to write my posts at around this time at night, when most normal people are probably in the bed asleep! I need to start using this!

PURPOSE:to gain few fitness tips from new friends and followers!

ADD ME! Thanks!
I never thought about that before. I usually just post when I'm inspired and then shamelessly promote it on Facebook Twitter and Google+ the rest of the day. But maybe when I have more regular followers this could come in handy!
Elton S
Yip, I agree with Jason Bowling, hope to start getting more traffic soon, so we can focus on writing and not Promoting so much.
Right now my blog is like a new store. My focus right now is to get people in the door while still focusing on meeting their needs. However, once the name is out there enough that foot traffic is pretty consistent I can further my efforts in customer service. In blog speak - I am putting effort into my posts, but putting equal effort into getting traffic through my blog. Once I have a decent following and I can spend less time in promotion just to get people to the blog I can put more effort into my project to put more quality posts up. ( )
I love your page. Hopefully I'll get my page together oneday. Gotta figure out how to Blg correctly first.
how do you post a new post in a page you've created?
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