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Blogger lets you share your thoughts, grow your readership, and engage with your audience. But we want to make Blogger even better by letting you tap into the growing Google+ community. Today, we’re adding a new “Google+” tab in the Blogger dashboard, so you now have a central place to start growing your blog with Google+. This means you can now:

Connect your blog to a Google+ profile or page
Connecting your blog to your Google+ identity will help drive more traffic and community engagement.

Notify followers when you publish, and let them recommend your content
It’s easy to let followers know when you have new blog content, and they can +1 or reshare your content to their friends.

Build enduring connections with your audience
Adding the Google+ gadget to your blog makes it easy for people to add your profile or page to their circles, so you can connect with them long after they’ve left your blog.  

To get started, click the “Google+” tab in the Blogger dashboard and then the “Upgrade” button. If you’ve already upgraded to Google+, we’ll help you associate your blog with your profile or page. If you have questions, you can learn more in our Help Center.
Blogger lets you share your thoughts, grow your readership, and engage with your audience. But we want to make Blogger even better by letting you tap into the growing Google+ community. Today, we're a...
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This is bull. You don't allow us to post directly from our WordPress blogs but you do allow it from Blogger. You do know the EU is going to be all over you for this. 
Great!! I already start Using it!! 
I like it so far. Do need to know how to put in my blogger header? Please, explain if you can. ThankzZz. Baby Stagg
+David Fuchs I'm sure that's up to Wordpress to add the feature, not Google. Ask for the feature from them, I'm sure they can use the available API's (if i'm not mistaken).
It would be nice to have the option to connect Blogger to both a profile and a page at the same time
I had a blog with many links to my web site and was told I was being penalized by Google under Penguin rules for doing that so I deleted the blog.  Some good people over at SEOmoz made this recommendation but I think they were full of it.
It's wanting to automatically connect to my personal profile and not my G+ brand page. Anyone know how to get a blog connected to a brand page???
With blogger, you should just leave well enough alone.  The new interface sucks.  The old blogger worked just fine.  
+Patrick Rafferty I actually like better the new UI. It's way cleaner and better organized. Changing stuff that we are used to is obviously something hard, but if Google wants to push the boundaries of their products they need to make bold changes to accomodate innovation.
The Blogger mobile app needs G+ integration.
The Blogger dashboard makes it look like you can set up to autopost, but all it really seems to do is add a manual share button. Close, but not really what I'm looking for.

And, if you're going to bother to integrate Plus and Blogger, why can I still only log into blogger with my /u/0 account?
+Santiago L. Valdarrama: unfortunately, the new Blogger interface is incompatible with at least one of my Chrome plugins. Unless I open Blogger in FireFox or IE, the admin pages load blank. At least with the old interface, I didn't have to open a different browser session just to manage my Blogger pages.
Santiago, the new interface has more errors, the tagging feature requires more steps, in the old blogger you could type in the first couple letters of a tag, hit enter and it would be added, now if you hit enter after typing in the first couple letters, it creates a new 2 letter tag, then you have to choose from a list of every tag that contains those two letters.  In the HTML mode the old blogger would start a new line just by hitting the enter button now you have to manually type in the <br /> tag just to start a new line.  Occasional changes and improvements are good, but they didn't bother to look at what was good about the old version and include any of it in the new.   And I hope I'm not eventually going to be forced to integrate it with my Google + account, because of the issues I blog about, I don't like to advertise my name on it.
+Thomas Jones Yeah, that's unfortunate. I don't think Google can do much about it. Seems like the plugin you are using needs to fix that, but I agree it's an inconvenience you'll have to deal with for the time being. Sorry about that.
+Patrick Rafferty Unfortunately no system is perfect. Blogger didn't get a face-lift but a very deep overhaul that I welcomed and consider positive. Of course there are multiple issues with the new interface, but overall it feels way better and it's certainly the right step.

Google has to work on fixing all the issues, but I hope they will eventually. This is basically a trade, were you are giving up some working features to get a much more improved blogging experience. Ideal? Nope, but again, the right step.
My Q : despite Of all these criticisms , DO you have any positive point about Google?
On the plus side of things (no pun intended) Chrome's ability to login to different browser sessions, each with their own plugins, means that ability to use the admin UI is a matter of clicking the upper-left corner of my Chrome session. Still: would be nice if I could login with other than /u/0.
I know that .. But as far as I know .. I think right now you are using the same Google "Google + " to write all this on front lines .. 
Redi Redstar if your question was towards me, yes there are lots of positive things about google.  I do like Google +, docs, reader, Adsense, talk, voice, gmail, and think that Google provides some fantastic services.  I even get a kick out of some of the easter eggs.  

I just think that the new interface to blogger is premature and buggy.  Sorry.  And I would like to keep my blogger profile separate from my G+ profile.  
+Patrick Rafferty I don't think you'll ever be forced to sign your posts with your Google+ profile if you don't want to. It will be a flagrant violation of privacy and it will kill any blog platform.

Google is not transitioning to that. However, is making it easier to do it in case you want to.
yes .. well as Patrick Rafferty said " Unfortunately no system is perfect.. so that,s true. then why should  I ignore alot for just one ?
by the way Blogger got better ..  I came back to blogger because it got better .. some how it can now compare many others .. it was a policy of Google .. that,s why the were sitting silently and letting twitter and facebook Rush on to Internet users..

But now Google Came back with a " Booom ".. it seems like G+ is now on top .. because now face book is nothing else then just an advertising social media.. where when you login more then own profile you see a hell of advertisements 
I'm not trying to make it sound like they destroyed blogger or anything like that, I do like a few of the new features, especially when uploading pictures, and stuff like that.  But I did like the simplicity of the old interface.  The new requires more work.
Thank you for making it easier to publish directly to a Google+ Page.
how can people read my blog more better that it was befor?
If anyone chooses to do this, please be aware that your blogs will start displaying your Google+ name as the author. This may not be an issue for people who have the same name in G+ and Blogger. But some people use a different name for their blogs since Blogger does not have the same strict name requirements as G+. If you connect Blogger with G+, you will lose that ability to have a different name on your blog.
+Blogger  But please, please, add real automatic share from my blog to Google+. Or call it a tie in of m< blog into Google+.
It's horrible from underway to share the posts manually from your blog. I can't believe it, it's still not possible. I'm sad and angry about this at the same time.
Great. Now please update your app with more functionality and make it tablet compatible
Agree - if you schedule a post you can't share on Google+
+Ryo Cook  as +Mark Cresswell said, posts can't automatically be shared to Google+ when using the schedule feature. You'd have to do this manually for scheduled posts. But it is possible to share when publishing immediately.

I've just linked my blog to my +Blogger Buster profile rather than my personal one under the Google+ section, which for me is a great bonus =) Thanks for enabling this +Blogger 
Unfortunately, my blogger account and google+ accounts are two separate accounts, and as far as I know, I can't merge them...
+Mark Cresswell +Amanda Kennedy No, that's not what I call automatic. A requester popping up, that often don't even work, is not automatic. it's another annoying step.
Furthermore, and even more important, there is no way with the mobile Blogger-client to share a post even in this manual manner. I have to go to the web-interface of my blog, click share and then send it. A step that takes much longer on mobile and is a real pain.
+Wandering Shutterbug I'm confused, I just connected my blogger site to my Google+ brand page (switched it from my personal Google+ account to my brand). Does the account you use in Blogger have admin privs on your brand page?
+Ryo Cook I don't think there is yet an official Google+ API which we can use to develop automatic posting to stream, though pretty confident there will be soon. 

There is an unofficial api which could support this, though I've only taken a glance.

Since so many people would like to automatically publish to their Google+ stream, it seems like this will become possible soon.
+Amanda Kennedy I know. But is a Google service. They could integrate it much tighter. And since they even allowing the "Flipboard" app to post stuff to Google+, they could easily do this for Blogger, too.

I really hope you're right. For now, I can't tell my friends to circle me on Google+ to track my stuff, because essential things are missing. They have to go to Facebook or Twitter to get everything. And it's too much for most, to visit different places for an overview.
Sadly I can't set up my blog how I would like to, using the information from this Page for my Blogger profile when connected with Google+. It's more of a case of wanting to keep my personal profile and the blog separated rather than trying to protect my identity, which would be trivial to find out. I can imagine some people would be much more concerned about keeping their identity private though.
So it's basically the exact same feature as before, only now it has a dedicated tab in the sidebar... 
I noticed something annoying about this already: the "Share" box pops up every time you update a post... I don't think that's a good idea, that would create a lot of duplicate posts with the same article. Will have to turn it of if this doesn't get fixed.
Our K-12 School uses Google Apps for Edu. Google+ Profiles are not allowed for K-12 schools. So how do I create a blog (managed by a Google Apps Edu account) and link a Google+ Page to it?
When I attempt to do that, I am presented with "Upgrade to Google+" and cannot continue from there!
It's quite frustrating that K-12 Schools are not allowed to create G+ pages...even just one G+ profile per K-12 school would help.
but i still cant use "Link website" option from my page if usin dynamic view in my blog..
I use a pseudonym on my blog and don't to show my name in my blogger profile. Any I can do?
This is a nice feature, but will be much more useful to me if/when you can link pages rather then profiles.
its a marketing policy, nobody moves without any profit. i learn more about this from techtarget with technological marketing and advertisement.
+Inci Atrek  Oooh, thanks for the link! I'm also posting on a group blog, so I'll have to check with their admin as well, but I may just do that! 
follow and subscribe please ^_^ thank you guys.
I can´t add no Google+ buttons or badges to mi blog. I tried directly from blogger widgets and copy/pasting htmls codes. Nothing appears. What could it be? How can I fix it?
hi to everyone on blogger
It's interesting for me whether it is possible already to connect Blogger to Google+ PAGE, not personal profile?

Another question about connection between Blogger & Google+ PAGE (not profile) - I'd like to assign concrete email insite my company as the author of next posts. If this email is not a concrete person, but a company email, it does not have its own Google+ profile (the company has Google PAGE inside my Google+ profile, but the company does not have a profile). What in such case?
I wish that more bloggers would link their Blogger profile with G+. I believe this would benefit both Blogger users and G+ users.
This is a pretty cool. But you know what I really wanna see? G+ style galleries in blogger. G+'s photo galleries are beautifully set up and I feel that bloggers arrangements of photos is severely lacking. Think about it!
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