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Blog Action Day
Thousands of bloggers. One topic. One Day. October 16, 2015
Thousands of bloggers. One topic. One Day. October 16, 2015

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This is a great follow up post from our friends at BlogUpp

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Wow. What an amazing day. Blog Action Day 2015 saw you ‪#‎raiseyourvoice‬ on a number of issues and share your thoughts with each other. Once again it is a privilege to be able to see the amazing community of bloggers come together.

You can take a look at some of the post by looking at our live stream from the day on our website and we will be sending out some highlights to our mailing list next week.
We will be asking for some feedback and ideas from you soon about what you as the Blog Action Day community would like to do next.

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Raise your Voice. Share your thoughts. Today is Blog Action Day.

The wait is over. Blog Action Day 2016 is here.

Each year, Blog Action Day brings voices from all over the world together to share stories and ideas about important themes and this year our theme is RAISE YOUR VOICE.

→ Take a look at the amazing blogs, comments and content coming in from all over the world in our live coverage on 

Why did we choose #RaiseYourVoice as our theme?

For many of our fellow bloggers, citizen journalists and writers, each post they share comes at great personal risk. 2015 has seen unprecedented attacks on those who publish their ideas online.

This Blog Action Day we celebrate those heroes who raise their voice when faced with censorship, threats, and violence. We will raise our voices to defend their right to raise theirs.

It is not to late to take part in Blog Action Day 2015. You can still take part in Blog Action Day today by:

 - Reading the posts of Blog Action Day participants and leaving a comment or sharing them on your social media accounts.
 - Find out more about the campaigns to protect bloggers, journalists and writers from our partners English Pen and Global Voices
 -  #raiseyourvoice and create a post for Blog Action Day, information on the theme and how take part is our our registration page.  

Whatever you do today, take a moment to think about those who can't raise their voice or who have been jailed or suffered violence for raising their voice in their community.

Regards Jason, Karina and Shakira, from Blog Action Day 

On October 16, share your blog posts with the Blog Action Day community. Add a link to your post, your Blog Title and a sentence about your topic in the comments below.

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We talk to our partner @BlogUpp about why they are supporting Blog Action Day 2015 and their ideas on how you can #RaiseYourVoice on Oct16

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Welcome new partner BloglistMalayasia who are encouraging Malaysian bloggers to take part in Blog Action Day 2015 

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We are one week away from this year’s Blog Action Day!  

The volunteer team behind BAD has been busy behind the scenes revamping the Blog Action Day experience.  We’ve been taking a look at how we present ourselves.  We want to make sure that Blog Action Day remains relevant, makes a meaningful contribution to important conversations, and issues we cover, and that our community feels the benefit of the amazing effort they put in each year.  

One of the things that has changed for this year is our website and brand, but what hasn't changed is our passion for bringing bloggers together.

So please join us on October 16.  Everything you need to know about how to take part in Blog Action Day 2015 can be found on our “Join Blog Action Day 2015” page. 

While you prepare your blog posts for next Friday, we suggest you gather inspiration from our Editing Partners, English PEN and Global Voices and other organizations raising their voices to speak up on behalf of journalists, bloggers, writers, photographers, and all heroes who are under attack for publishing their ideas online.   

You might want to focus on some from the past, someone you have recent heard about, or someone in your own community.  You might want to focus wider than one person, and discuss a movement, organization or moment in time that you think needs a higher profile right now. Or, you might want to take another angle completely. It’s up to you.

We want you to be loud and proud about your involvement in Blog Action Day. So when you post your Blog Action Day contributions on October 16th, or talk about your involvement in Blog Action Day, we have made some official participant badges for your site.  Please feel free to download our badges for your site, and link through to our registration page to encourage others to join you.

We look forward to your participation.  Please join us and Raise Your Voice with us on October 16. 

If you have any questions, please feel free  to leave a message below, or to reach out to us through our contact page

Best Regards, 
Blog Action Day Team 

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What are your best tips for scheduling or planning your blog posts? Let us know and we will compile them into a post, that we will share with the wider Blog Action Day community, with a credit and link back to your blog. Remember to include your blog address.
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