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Be Aware That Allergies Affect Behavior Adversely: According to Annals of Allergy, 1993, allergies can cause learning impairment. The researchers found that the allergic child was significantly less knowledgeable than controls and that, children with allergies were less successful in school in every way. Allergies affect the brain as well as the nose eyes and lungs. A child with allergies may be unable to sit still and concentrate because of allergies, not ADHD.

The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)-Why Bother?
The DSM says all medical problems or drug side effects should be ruled out before a psychiatric diagnosis is made. If the people coming to my office with psych labels are any example, this is almost NEVER happening. Most have been given a psych diagnosis by another doctor with NO physical exam, NO lab tests, No allergy testing and NO EKG, using only the DSM for guidance.
This means that all psych diagnoses are subjective. If the doctor takes the time to find the real medical/physical underlying cause, as I do at The Block Center, they will find that there are few, if any, actual psychiatric disorders.

Doesn't everyone deserve a full medical evaluation so the real problem can be treated instead of just covering symptoms with psych drugs that a come with a host of potential serious and life-threatening side effects which include paranoia, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations, agitation, confusion, hostility, personality disorder, antisocial behaviors, impaired judgment, depersonalization, migraines, heart failure, stroke and even heart attack.

I have never seen a child who actually has ADHD. In my medical practice, I have seen thousands of children who have been labeled ADHD and thousands of children who have been prescribed psychiatric drugs for ADHD, but when they came to my office and had a thorough history taken, a complete physical exam, lab work, allergy testing, heavy metal testing and educational testing, none of them had ADHD. There was always some medical, physical or educational reason for the symptoms. If your child was labeled ADHD without these tests, then it is possible that your child was misdiagnosed as well.

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I was interviewed and featured in this article:

Parents are sometimes told, "If your child had diabetes, you would give them insulin. Giving a child Ritalin for ADHD is the same thing." Let me clear this up right now. ADHD is not like diabetes and Ritalin is not like insulin. Diabetes is a real medical condition that can be objectively diagnosed. ADHD is an invented label with no objective, valid means of identification. Insulin is a natural hormone produced by the body and it is essential for life. Ritalin is a chemically derived amphetamine-like drug that is not necessary for life. Diabetes is an insulin deficiency. Attention and behavioral problems are not a Ritalin deficiency.

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Would you like to get in contact with us? We have an easy contact form in place on our website for just that need.

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Did you know more than 40% of depressed patients were not helped taking 2 trials of antidepressants. Get a free chapter of my book at the link below.

Why do we "trust" medicine and the FDA when these crazy things have occurred:

1800’s-Alcohol & morphine for teething
1950’s-shark cartilage for cancer
1900’s-mercury for syphilis-side effects: tooth loss, ulcerations, neurological damage, death
Through the years-Blood letting to cure and prevent illness
1913- Radioactive drinking water
1970’s-Ecstasy for psychiatric problems
1898-Heroin for coughs, colds, pain-manufactured by Bayer
16th century-sex with a virgin cures STD’s
Late 1800-early 1900’s-cigarettes for asthma
1903-Coca-cola containing cocaine was a “health’ drink
Between 1650-1850-Dog Poop for sore throat
Early 1900’s-Tapeworm is effective way to lose weight
1950-1960’s-LSD for mental illness

What will be on this list in 20 years? I would suggest:
1. Amphetamines for kids who can't sit still
2. Antidepressants that cause suicide for people who are depressed
3. Antibiotics for ear infections that cause more ear infections.
4.Vaccine's full of heavy metals given to children causing soaring autism rate

What else should be on this list? #autism   #adhd   #bigpharma   #ritalin   #antidepressants   #depression   #antibiotics   #naturaltreatmentfordepression  

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It might surprise you to know that the sooner you take an antibiotic for an ear infection, the longer the infection will last and the more likely there will be a reoccurrence. Antibiotics can actually interfere with the body’s own immune system reaction.

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Clinical trials of Paxil, Zoloft and Effexor found their effectiveness to be no better than a placebo. Sixty-nine percent of those taking Prozac indicated they continued to have depressed feelings. Fifty-nine percent of children studies responded just as well to a “sugar pill.” During the first four years Prozac was on the market 350 people taking it committed suicide.
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