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I like to use the elimination technique.

I wouldn't choose the guy in the middle at all. He is a fake and a fraud. He is a disgrace and far from the true and living God. That is no Jesus Christ but Ceaser Bongia. Some say he is the son, others say the nephew of Pope Alexander VI. Either way he is an illegitimate child born of incest. There are also stories of him being a pedafile. Whether the theories are correct or not, it is a fact that he is a fake. As a child, his lie was impressed upon me by the women in my life, however my father taught be thinker and to "re"search everything. He taught me that everything wasn't what it is cracked up to be. As the Gods taught me, we don't take anything on face value. Once I learned that the so called Jesus Christ was a black man, it was a wrap for this fib to have any influence on my life!  It was then time to find out who Jesus really was and if he did exist, what did he look like. 

Marcus Garvey came later in life, though he was the man. He was strong, relentless and a great orator. I always knew about Marcus Garvey, however I didn't get in depth with his life until I got older and began studying Rastafarism. I have a great respect for Mr. Garvey and I can say he indirectly gave birth to the person has most influenced me out of all three.

El Hajj Malik Shabazz, affectionally known as Malcolm X relates to me more then any of the three and because of this he influences my life most today. I wasn't Redd, however I related to his life like most NYC city kids do. Growing up in Brooklyn in the 80's, most people my age touched the street at some time or another and encountered many life changing experiences that forced us to use our minds to survive. Fortunately, unlike Redd, I didn't have to be incarcerated to find myself, yet I understand the journey. His growth and development was real and spoke to me because I remember how difficult the transition was to go from savage to God. Once he came home (like me from college), he began teaching like there was a battery pack in his back, powered by his life changing truth. I remember holding class on my corner daily after coming home from summer classes in Brooklyn College. He was unapologetic, with a double edged sword and was prepared to fight any opposition with his mind. He also made the Islam cool as many took to Islam in his day. The street could relate because he was of the street and the collegial and think tanks had to respect his knowledge. I love his fight, his passion, his journey and his willingness to die for what he knew was right. 
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F.U.B.U. - Forget the Clothing Line, Appreciate the Concept!

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Definitely makes me think about taking that step.  It's difficult sending my children to a school where I know the system is designed to fail.

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IDK if this was brave or stupid, however he could have easily been killed to make  a point that was made prior to the creation of the video.
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We support you Ms. Lady, let's do it!

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Laying some imagery on you!

Black people killed by police in 2015

Freddie Gray, 35
Walter Scott, 50
Bernard Moore, 62
Lavall Hall, 25
Jonathan Ryan Paul, 42
Jamie Croom, 31
Terry Garnett Jr., 37
Monique Jenee Deckard, 43
Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., 19
Tyrone Ryerson Lawrence, 45
Naeschylus Vinzant, 37
Andrew Anthony Williams, 48
Dewayne Deshawn Ward Jr., 29
Ledarius Williams, 23
Yvette Henderson,38
Edward Donnell Bright, Sr., 56
Thomas Allen Jr., 34
Charley Leundeu Keunang, “Africa”, 43
Fednel Rhinvil, 25
Shaquille C. Barrow,20
Kendre Omari Alston,16
Brandon Jones, 18
Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood ,47
Cornelius J. Parker, 28
Ian Sherrod, 40
Jermonte Fletcher, 33
Darin Hutchins, 26
Glenn C. Lewis, 37
Calvon A. Reid, 39
Tiano Meton ,25
Demaris Turner, 29
Isaac Holmes, 19
A’Donte Washington,16
Terry Price, 41
Stanley Lamar Grant, 38
Askari Roberts,35
Dewayne Carr,42
Terrance Moxley, 29
Theodore Johnson, 64
Cedrick Lamont Bishop,30
Anthony Hill, 27
Terence D. Walke, 21
Janisha Fonville, 20
Phillip Watkins, 23
Anthony Bess, 49
Desmond Luster, Sr., 45
James Howard Allen,74
Natasha McKenna, 37
Herbert Hill,26
Markell Atkins, 36
Kavonda Earl Payton, 39
Rodney Walker,23
Donte Sowell, 27
Mario A. Jordan,34
Artago Damon Howard, 36
Andre Larone Murphy Sr., 42
Marcus Ryan Golden,24
Brian Pickett,26
Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed ,41
Ronald Sneed, 31
Leslie Sapp III, 47
Matthew Ajibade,22

Black people killed by police in 2014

Kevin Davis, 44
Eric Tyrone Forbes, 28
Jerame C. Reid, 36
David Andre Scott, 28
Quentin Smith, 23
Terrence Gilbert, 25
Carlton Wayne Smith, 20
Gregory Marcus Gray, 33
Antonio Martin, 18
Tyrone Davis, 43
Xavier McDonald, 16
Brandon Tate-Brown, 26
Dennis Grisgby, 35
Michael D. Sulton, 23
Thurrell Jowers, 22
Travis Faison, 24
Calvin Peters, 49
Christopher Bernard Doss, 41
Jerry Nowlin, 39
William Mark Jones, 50
Rumain Brisbon, 34
Lincoln Price, 24
Eric Ricks, 30
Leonardo Marquette Little, 33
Tamir E. Rice, 12
Akai Gurley, 28
Myron De’Shawn May, 39
Keara Crowder, 29
Tanisha N. Anderson, 37
Darnell Dayron Stafford, 31
David Yearby, 27
Aura Rosser, 40
Carlos Davenport, 51
Cinque DJahspora, 20
Rauphael Thomas, 29
Christopher M. Anderson, 27
Charles Emmett Logan, 68
John T. Wilson, III, 22
Christopher Mason McCray, 17
Kaldrick Donald, 24
Zale Thompson, 32
Terrell Lucas, 22
Ronnie D. McNary, 44
Adam Ardett Madison, 28
Balantine Mbegbu, 65
Elisha Glass, 20
Qusean Whitten, 18
Vonderrit Myers Jr., 18
O’Shaine Evans, 26
Latandra Ellington, 36
Aljarreau Cross, 29
Iretha Lilly, 37
Lashano J. Gilbert, 31
Miguel Benton, 19
Eugene Williams, 38
Tracy A. Wade, 39
Javonta Darden, 20
Marlon S. Woodstock, 38
Oliver Jarrod Gregoire, 26
Nolan Anderson, 50
Cameron Tillman, 14
John Jolly Jr., 28
Charles Smith, 29
Michael Willis Jr., 42
Briant Paula, 26
Kashad Ashford, 23
Carrey Brown, 26
Ceasar Adams, 36
Ricky Deangelo Hinkle, 47
Elijah Jackson, 33
Darrien Nathaniel Hunt, 22
Shawn Brown, 20
Alphonse Edward Perkins, 50
Naim Owens, 22
Kendrick Brown, 35
Eugene N. Turner III, 28
Ronald Singleton, 45
Jeremy Lewis, 33
Vernicia Woodward, 26
Cortez Washington, 32
Steven Lashone Douglas, 29
Desean Pittman, 20
Roshad McIntosh, 18
Anthony Lamar Brown, 39
Arvel Douglas Williams, 30
Darius Cole-Garrit, 21
Kajieme Powell, 25
David Ellis, 29
Luther Lathron Walker, 38
Andre Maurice Jones, 37
Frederick R. Miller, 38
Michelle Cusseaux, 50
Dante Parker, 36
Corey Levert Tanner, 24
Ezell Ford, 25
Robert Baltimore, 34
Dustin Keith Glover, 27
Eddie Davis, 67
Michael Brown, Jr., 18
Michael Laray Dozer, 26
John Crawford III, 22
Daniel Row, 37
Jacorey Calhoun, 23
Anthony Callaway, 27
Patrick Small, 27
Harrison Carter, 29
Vamond Arqui Elmore, 37
Donovan Bayton, 54
Charles Leon Johnson, II, 29
Briatay McDuffie, 19
Jonathan L. Williams, 25
Eric Garner, 43
Dominique Charon Lewis, 23
Michael Reams, 47
Lawrence Campbell, 27
Kenny Clinton Walker, 23
Tyshawn Hancock, 37
Charles Goodridge, 53
Cedric Stanley, 35
Ennis Labaux, 37
Warren Robinson, 16
Christopher Jones, 30
Icarus Randolph, 26
Jacqueline Nichols, 64
Jerry Dwight Brown, 41
Nyocomus Garnett, 35
Rodney Hodge, 33
Paul Ray Kemp Jr., 40
Dennis Hicks, 29
Samuel Johnson, 45
Lavon King, 20
Antoine Dominique Hunter, 24
Samuel Shields, 49
Juan May, 45
Denzell Curnell, 19
Ismael Sadiq, 30
Devaron Ricardo Wilburn, 21
John Schneider, 24
Jason Harrison, 38
Frank Rhodes, 61
Roylee Vell Dixon, 48
Broderick Johnson, 21
David Latham, 35
Lonnie Flemming, 31
Steven Thompson, 26
Thomas Dewitt Johnson, 28
Frank McQueen, 34
Sandy Jamel McCall, 33
Quintico Goolsby, 36
Dominique Franklin, Jr., 23
George V. King, 19
James Renee White Jr., 21
Devante Kyshon Hinds, 21
Pearlie Golden, 93
Jerome Dexter Christmas, 44
Armand Martin, 50
Dontre H. Hamilton, 31
Joe Huff, 86
Emmanuel Wooten
Matthew Walker, 55
Daniel Christoph Yealu, 29
Adrian Williams, 29
Gregory Towns, 24
Jameel Kareem Ofurum Harrison, 34
Zikarious Jaquan Flint, 20
Raason Shaw, 20
DeAndre Lloyd Starks, 27
Douglas Cooper, 18
Winfield Carlton Fisher III, 32
Deosaran Maharaj, 51
Daniel Martin, 47
Emerson Clayton Jr., 21
Rebecca Lynn Oliver, 24
Treon “Tree” Johnson, 27
Gabriella Monique Nevarez, 22
Marquise Jones, 23
Kenneth Christopher Lucas, 38
Keith Atkinson, 31
Yvette Smith, 45
D’Andre Berghardt Jr., 20
Stephon Averyhart, 27
Anthony Bartley, 21
Earnest Satterwhite, Sr., 68
Anneson Joseph, 28
Alton Reaves, 31
McKenzie Cochran, 25
Cornelius Turner, 19
Eldrin Loren Smart, 31
Henry Jackson, 19
Jordan Baker, 26
Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr., 30
Paul Smith, 58
Jeffrey Ragland, 50
Kendall Alexander, 34
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Indeed. Reminds me of Nazi Germany +Natty Dread​, criminalize us to kill us.
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Hey Ms. Lady! :)
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Your a fuckin dick +Kevin Moses , all I did was ask a question moron! That's what stupid people do when they have no answer, insult.
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Love the topic!  We need more skills on the mike dedicated to spreading this message!

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Gotta hold these entertainers and people who hold these platforms accountable for every single word.

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Alone, A lone, A soul, 1 soul, 1 sol.
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My family needs help. In October 2014, I was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Hi, my name is Leanna Aliyah Webb and I am five years old.  I am writing this letter because I want to enlighten you about an obstacle I am facing.  I love my family,  my parents, my sister and especially my new little brother. However, I may not have as much time as I would like to spend with them.  You see, I am suffering from a disease called ...
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