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Hey guys, guess what is now available on Smashwords? Oh, only Bits of Bliss - Volume 1!

What is it, you say? Bits of Bliss is 9 pieces of erotic fiction for under a dollar, ranging from modern times in familiar settings, to long ago and far away, with several stopoffs at strange and unfamiliar lands along the way - and every one exploring hot sex and its connection to our essential humanity and understanding of the world, each other, and ourselves.

That's right. Hot sex.

"Heartscaping" - F/F fic involving, of all things, plants. No, not garden vegetables!
"Homecoming" - M/? fic; home is where the heart is. Especially when you have a sentient house.
"Hunting Hound" - F/M fic; because this princess needs something more than the usual prince. Mild trigger warnings for (consensual) sexual violence.
"The Spy Who..." - F/M fic; a message comes in that needs to be revealed through a chemical reaction by the queen and her head spy, by unconventional means.
"Everything But" - F/M; Marriage can be truly transformative. Sometimes literally.
"Fruit of Knowledge, Seed of Truth" - F/M/?; a Snow White tale like you've never read it before.
"Her Master's Voice" - M/F; what's the dynamic when he's in charge, and she's a werewolf that could rip him apart?
"Summer Nights" - M/F; the man lurking through the summer parties at the lakehouses is not what he seems, and she's not the usual type either. Of course they gravitate to one another behind the boathouse. Mild trigger warnings for (consensual) sexual violence.
"Spaced" - ?/F; Lost in space, losing heat. how else to feel alive?

Go, read, enjoy 9 sexy stories for $.99!

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Oh! Yes. I like to have a rough (hurr hurr hurr) idea of what's in store for this kind of thing, so I figure other people would as well!
+Bliss Morgan +1000` for that. There are a bunch of writers of erotica here, & not one of them uses story codes, or even does more than hint as to what to expect.
So, considering how much free stuff there is out there which does have story codes, why would I spend money on stuff that might turn out to be totally not to my taste?
I tried to both inform and entice. I'm glad that people find the codes useful!
Huzzah, thanks +Vinnie Tesla! I'm seeing you this weekend, right? I'm doing a reading from this. CT requested. :D
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