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Nightmare Fuel
write horrible things with me

Nightmare Fuel is a writing project that I'm arranging for the month of October. Every day I'm going to post an image that is creepy, scary, atmospherically unnerving, or gory, and then writing a flash fiction or ficlet in response to it. This has sprung out of the fact that September and October have, for several years running, been my Nightmare Season - I'll have nightly nightmares for weeks on end. I'm hoping that maybe this project will flush all that out of my psyche this year.

But I'm not going into this alone it's bat country by a long shot. I've got several people interested in also writing, and quite a few interested in reading. I want to see how many other people want to get on board, writing. There's no wordcount goal, there's no penalty if you miss a day or three, but I'd love to see a lot of people participating because I love how many writers can start from the same inspirational material and go completely different places with it.

There seem to pretty much be three options for the Nightmare Fuel project:

Option 1: Writing
If you have any interest in participating, let me know and I'll add you to my Nightmare Fuel circle. You'll then see the prompt photo I post each morning. Each evening I will repost the image publicly, along with whatever I have written on it. I am going to try to write something every day; this is not a requirement, and anybody doing the writing side of the project can feel free to skip any days for whatever reasons you want.

This will run October 1 through October 31, so it might even be a good warmup for any NaNoWriMo participants to get in the habit of writing daily, if you aren't already.

Option 2: The Heavy-duty Looking-on
You can also request to be added to the Nightmare Fuel circle to see what the prompt image is, and also to be able to see what's being written by the other participants; most folks are all mutually encircling (Achieving great Venn!) and some may choose to post just to the NF circle rather than publicly.

Option 3: Be A Muse
Feel free to contribute images. I've been stockpiling some in a private circle already, but I want to have more than enough to make it through the month. If you have of your own, or have seen an image you want to contribute, please link me to the source along with artist info - I want to have artist permission everywhere possible to use their images in this way.

Even if you aren't interested in writing or providing imagery, please share this out for other people - you'd be surprised who might be interested in jumping in on this. I know that I have been, and the more, the merrier!

Since a lot of folk are still hitting this post, I'm going to edit it daily with links to the prompts for folks having trouble finding them.

Day 1 prompt:
Day 2 prompt:
Day 3 prompt:
Day 4 prompt:
Day 5 prompt:
Day 6 prompt:
Day 7 prompt:
Day 8 prompt:
Day 9 Prompt:
Day 10 Prompt:
Day 11 Prompt:
Day 12 Prompt:
Day 13 Prompt:
Day 14 Prompt:
Day 15 Prompt:
Day 16 Prompt:
Day 17 Prompt:
Day 18 Prompt:
Day 19 Prompt:
Day 20 Prompt:
Day 21 Prompt:
Day 22 Prompt:
Day 23 Prompt:
Day 24 Prompt:
Day 25 Prompt:
Day 26 Prompt:
Day 27 Prompt:
Day 28 Prompt:
Day 29 Prompt:
Day 30 Prompt:
Day 31 Prompt:

And for the sake of the reshares, here's a linkback to this original post!
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Shall I add you to the circle, Baska? :D
I'd love to be included in the circle as a voyeur, I may write something but I'm not typically a writer.
Azkedelia I already have you in the Nightmare Fuel circle! :)
+Claire Siconolfi I've added you to the circle; if anything inspires you to write, totally feel free! If not, enjoy the pretty creepy pretty creepy imagery. :)
Im in if youll have me.
Indeed! I don't know if I have the time to write, but I can certainly read and send some freaky images.
I think I'd like to give the writing side a go! I'm almost certain I wont be able to participate daily, but if i write 2-3 times a week it'd be a nice stretch.
+Juan Valencia I've put you in! As mentioned in the OP, daily participation is NOT mandatory! but I fully expect to get mocked and snarked if I miss a day
+Deb Pardee I've put you in - participate at whatever level suits you, and thank you for playing. :)
+Amy Baska Sussman Rock on. Freaky images will be great. I'm trying to get a good mix of atmospherically unsettling, nasty gory, and creepypasta visuals for this.
+Alice Glass Super! I've added you to the circle, participate whenever you're inspired. :)
+Eloísa V. I've added you and I'll check out your images shortly - thank you in advance for the permission to use them for the project!
Can't wait! I will deffinetely try to write the days I can, hopefully that will be everyday! So if you would be nice enough could you please add me to the circle????
Now I feel like a prairie schoolmarm. :D
Will you wear the round glasses and the victorian dresses?

Now I REALLY want to put on the top hat or the tiara!
I've added you to the Nightmare Fuel group, +Megan Gianniny - thanks for joining in the fun!

I don't see anybody in common for us - how'd you find the project? :)
I would suggest that if you follow someone in Bliss's Nighmare circle that you let that person know. I have a number of people circle me recently and I don't know if they are to be in this circle or the Women Only circle. 
I've added everyone here to my nightmare circle. I'm probably only going to read, but who knows, I might get inspired.
I plan to make a post to the Nightmare Fuel circle on Friday so that all the participants can see and encircle each other as they so choose.
+Bliss Morgan You can now share your nightmare circle with all the people in it and they can use it to create their own circle. You do it from the circles page, click on the circle and there is a share option.

Dear Google:

Your timing on this feature is kickass. Thanks bunches.

Bliss, Duchess of Blisstopia and Doyenne of Nightmare Fuel.
Oh. Nice! But how do we grab it from Bliss, then? O_o
She shares it, and we get it in our stream.
You've already been put in the circle. I will share it on Friday, by which point I imagine most people who are going to participate will be in it.

It will show up in your stream as a picture of a circle like on the Circles page with the message Bliss Morgan shared a circle with you. In the middle of it will be a link that says "add circle" and you click that, name the circle, and hit save.

I've seen a whole bunch of these suddenly appear in my stream. :)
Love that you can do something like that here, yay!
I'm so totally excited about all the steam this project is picking up!

I'm also wicked excited that a really amazing horror photographer okayed me using some of her work as prompt images for this. happydance
Awesome! Thanks! This makes things way easier. :,)
I believe that when Bliss is ready she will be able to share the circle in a post to us.
I give it a go - tomorrow okay?
+ted kelly I'll add you to the circle for Nightmare Fuel, if that's what you're saying? The project doesn't start until Saturday, 10/1.
Sweet! I wonder if other people will find it that way as well.
This sounds awesome. I want in the writing group!
I don't know anyone here, but as a writer, I'd like to be a part of this, please.
I stumbled upon this by sheer chance, and I'm super curious. Please add me to the writers' circle!
Hi, I would like to write with you all. English is my second language (I speak Spanish), but anyway I would like to give a shot at writing short fiction, specially scary short fiction :)
As of this morning we are now up to 43 participants in Nightmare Fuel - I wonder if we'll hit 50 by Friday? :D
Is that 43 people saying they may write? Wow. Cool. No one will notice if I don't post
That's right, Eoghann!

And if all those people share out this post... I wonder how many more cool folks we'll get. No experience necessary! No judgement unless you want to get critiqued! :D
+Bliss Morgan I found it via search, myself. I was looking for other writers. Thanks for the add.
Edited the original post to add a linkback for all future reshares, since for some reason Plus links back to the original poster in a reshare but not to the original post.

Also, just checked my DA and have notes back from 6 more artists okaying the use of their work for this!

So excited!
Sorry I didn't add one on my re-share. I don't think I've realized until now that there wasn't an automatic link.
I only recently realized it, or I'd have had the linkback in it sooner.

Anybody who reshared whose reshare I could find, I went and put a linkback in a comment to it. I couldn't quite find everybody's.
dA? Cool. What's your devname? I wonder if we met in there already. :D I'm Helewidis.
BlissMorgan. :D

I'm so very tricky. >.>

I'm also BlissMorgan on Ravelry, I'm CallMeBliss on Twitter.
I'm game to give it a shot :)
Sounds cool. Can't promise to write everyday but I'll try as much as possible and try to post an image each day.
I'll try and get round to mutually circling everyone. Already added the first few so if I see people in common then at least I know what it's for.
+Christopher James Aikman you won't need to post images to it - just write in response to the images I post. If you have images you want to contribute, however, do feel free to share them to me so I can add them to my sourcepool. :)
+Bliss Morgan add me if the circle isn't full! Should I pass this along to my circles? I'm a writer, so I'd like to write. I can't promise that I'll be fast enough to put out something every day (past experience suggests not), but I'll give it my best shot.
I have a feeling this is going to give me nightmares, but I'd definitely like to participate as a preamble to NaNoWriMo for practice!
+Marc Rossmiller Thank you for the info and the permission! I'll take a look through it and see if there's stuff that'll suit the project.
Wait, are we to write on the picture that you post or come up with our own? Do we post our contributions via comment or post in our own NightMare Fuel circle?
You're already in... there's no getting away now.
+Leonard Suskin Definitely reshare to your circles! Writing to every daily image isn't a requirement for participation.
I will post an image to the Nightmare Fuel circle each morning. You will write on the picture you post. Where you put that writing is up to you - in the comments to it would be a great way to gather all the writing for each picture in a centralized place. I will also be resharing the image and my resulting fiction in a public post each evening.

ETA: strikeout, typo, nobody else has to post pictures. facepalm Damn fingers, just buttered 'em this morning and can't do a thing with 'em!
+Julie Bee I've added you to the circle - and don't worry, I'll be sharing the circle to itself on Friday, so that folks have time to achieve venn before the project kicks off Saturday morning!

Thank you for the images and permissions; I've added them to my sourcepool. :)
please add me. As I've already said, I may not participate every day but I would like to join in when I can.

Thank you for starting this, +Bliss Morgan. This looks really interesting.
This looks like fun. Can I please get in on this. Not sure I can write everyday, but I'd like to try :-) Thanks!
+Duncan Ellis I've aded you!
+Tomara Armstrong I've added you, and as I've said to others upthread (which I'm sure at this point has gotten entirely tl;dr for most folks), writing every day is a great goal, but not at all a requirement for participation. If you miss a day, just pick up again the next... or the next! :)
Oh. You mean I have to find my own picture? urrrrrmmm..... #skeered
No, not at all. I mean that I will be posting a prompt picture to the group each morning. You look at that picture and write from it. And that's that. You don't need to contribute a picture at all. :)

I see where the confusion happened. Fixed my comment upthread. Sorry about that, Farcy!
oh good! phew! Because actively searching for scary photos is an exercise in terror that I'd rather skip because I'm chicken. #bawkbawk.

I do force myself to watch scary movies from time to time because I feel like I should challenge my movie watching habits (so this exercise will be good for challenging my writing habits). I rather like the SAW franchise, even if I have to hold my hand up occasionally.
Ooooooooooooooooooooo. Please add me to the 'heavy voyeur' cheering section. I want to see if any of you can defeat 'Stephen King versus 10-year-old me' for the 'up all night' factor.
I haven't actually SEEN any of the SAW movies, but I read all the plotlines on Wikipedia. >.>
I would like to attempt to write in your circle. :) It's a cool idea.
You can blame +Peter Smalley for my interest as well 8) I'd like to join the writing, please.
I've added you also, +Matt Champine - and I'm sure that by "blame" you meant "send virtual bacon chocolate chip cookies to," am I right? :D
I'd like to be added, if you've mind to.
Thanks Kary - could you do me a favor and put the link in a post plussed just to me, so i can sort it into my source pool?
I think I did it right, still learning how to use the G+
Would love to participate. Writing terrible things is so much fun! :D I also have some photos. do you want the pics now?
Awesome will send them straight away :)
is poetry allowed? if so, i'm in.
I think I would like to be in on this writing thing!
I will add you to this writing thing!
+Bliss Morgan please add me too - it will be good incentive for me to kick my butt into daily writing. I've been a serious slacker the last couple months. Will you share the circle with those that are in it (now that we can)?
You know we share nightmare season! (hence why I'll be posting short Lovecraft inspired short stories once I get them typed)

Overall rating
Shall I include you on the circle, then?
Thanks. Sounds like a fun way to move out of my comfort zone!
I'm really excited by how many people are interested in playing!
First one goes up Saturday, and I've got a lot of great ones!
You're in, +Scott Youmans! As a happy aside, you are also the 209th member if my Writers Circle. Huzzah!

flings confetti
I'd love to read. My writing chops are not up to snuff, I fear.
I'll put you in the circle, Tristan - and hell, you should give it a try. What better way to snuff up your chops?
I'll try my hand at writing for this. Please add me!
+Deborah Teramis Christian I've popped you into the circle! And if you do get the yen to respond to any of the prompts during the course of the month, feel free. No obligation, no hassle. :D
+Jennifer Wunderlich Oooh, haiku! That'll be very cool to see; there's at least one or two other participants doing poetry as well.
+Jason Vanhee Daily participation isn't at all a requirement, although I'm going to try to do so myself. You're added!
I am fully in favor of expanding and encouraging your creative process. :D
I've been trying to write a little bit of micro-fiction every week. This seems like a great muse for that.
Hi there. I saw your post through +Richard Crawford. I'd like to join the writing challenge, if I may. I am thinking I might write some poetry, something I haven't done for years.
+Bonnie Schutzman Sound like there's going to a be a nice little poetry segment in this project. Welcome to Nightmare Fuel!
I am here for the heavy-duty looking-on
+Bliss Morgan Please add me ... as a writer, I think, although I'm already participating in +Nina Pelletier's Prompt & Share, so I can't promise daily participation, but I'll do my best. Also ... I had intended to +1 your OP, but right now it's set on 13, and that seems perfect for the atmosphere! Muahahaha!
I'd love to watch from the sidelines. I might be able to work up the stones to write for a few of the pictures as well. This sounds like a really great idea.
I'd like to write for this. :)
Please add me, I'd like to participate! :)
This sounds really interesting, would really like to join in as much as I can.
I've added you to the circle, Sophie!
I'll throw my hat in the ring on this one. I need an excuse to be writing again.
i'd like to join. definitely for heavy-duty looking on, maybe for a bit of writing. i got here through +Becky Raymond who apparently found me through a KAL circle we're both in, organized by +Allyson Dykhuizen . how about that for a crazy random happenstance?
This is a great idea, Bliss! Good, creepy start-up fuel for NaNo.
I know I'm a little late to the party but I'd like to be involved as a spectator and possibly a contributor if I have the time. I really do want to get in the habit of scheduling a little time each day to write something. Scary stuff isn't really my forte, but maybe that'll make this exercise a little more creatively freeing for me.
Add me to the circle please? I haven't written anything in a while, I suppose this is a good time to get back on track!
I would like to read the scary stories please.
Hi Bliss, I'd like to be added to this circle. It sounds interesting and I think it will get my brain cranking on horror topics OTHER than the zombies that I've been wrestling with in my own novel. LOL

Please add me. I can't guarantee I'll be able to write anything but I'd welcome the inspiration and entertainment!
It is never too late to join the party! Everybody between my last comment and this one has been added to Nightmare Fuel, so if you go to my profile you should be able to see today's image - or if you like you can wait and start tomoorow. :)
I volunteer myself as a writer. If it's not too late, that is. (Just gone 3 October here, I can catch up if necessary)
Gale and Horst, you are both added!
I would love to be added to the circle, please and thank you!!
Add me please! For Option 1 or 2, haven't decided yet.
Added you, +LeAnn Hoover - you should now be able to click through the links to the prompts in the OP above. :)
+Bliss Morgan Please add me too!! :) This looks exciting!!!! :)
+Bliss Morgan I would love to be included (in the writing)! I'm always late to the party. :P
Please add me to the Nightmare Fuel Circle? I hope to participate in the writing bit. Yay fuel. Nasty, nasty fuel.

I would be interested in this as well. May not do it daily but will certainly try :)
Hello again Bliss, please can I be in the NF circle? Intriguing idea. :-)
I'd like to be in the nightmare fuel circle please.
Certainly! Welcome aboard, +Shannon Barber - you should now be able to see all the prompts in the original post above.
You're welcome. Thank you for coming to play! :D
ok, i'm a bit late in coming, and i might start at number 1 and work my way down. but i would love to join!

oh and um... the links at the top all gave me 404 errors...
+Rebecca Atman and +Paige Aran you are now in the Nightmare Fuel circle! Now those links at the top should take you to prompt posts rather than 404ing.
Jenn T
+Bliss Morgan I noticed you mentioned NaNoWriMo.. If you don't have +Cylithria Dubois in one of your circles, I recommend adding her. Fascinating person and very passionate about writing!!
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