Day One - Prompt

Greetings everyone - it is October First, and therefore once again time to begin the annual Nightmare Fuel Project!

Some of you are old hat with this; it began the same year GooglePlus did, when I decided to combat an annual influx of insomnia-inducing nightmares by writing a piece of horror flash to get the creepycrawlies out of my head. Some folks dug the idea and asked to play along, and the project was born.

Anybody who wishes to participate may do so, and to any degree desired - by reading other people's work, or writing their own. Every day, I shall post an image to evoke and inspire. Everyone who writes something in response should post what they have written and drop a link to it in the comments. Participating every single day is not at all a requirement, but totally encouraged for anybody who wants to give it a go. You can write for 31 days, or 12, or 3, or 1, or not at all.

A lot of folks like using this as a warm up for the daily writing requirement of November's NaNoWriMo.

Some basic rules:

A) Be encouraging of the writers participating, please! Some folks have been writing for years. Other folks may be trying out the words-putting-into-sentences-doing for the first time with this project. ALL levels of skill are as welcome as all levels of participation frequency.

B) If you want constructive criticism, please request it!

C) If someone has not requested criticism, DON'T.

D) And for my sanity, please please PLEASE do not respond to the prompt images with attempts to be clever or funny. The point of the project is horror, and if you come to the project just trying to get a laugh out of folks by making jokes in the comments, you're ruining it. One year of NFP has already been ruined for me by this kind of thing. If you do it, you are a ruiner. Don't be a ruiner. (If you can't resist making a LOL, just do it by sharing it to your own stream thankyouplease.)

E) That said, if the prompt image inspires something totally funny for you, or romantic, or otherwise non-horror - run with it! Horror is the core of the project and remains my own focus, but one of the things I have found marvelous about NFP is how wildly different the results are in people's flash responses born from the same inspiration image.

F) As always, I try to always credit the source of an image and provide a linkback to its origin. Sometimes GIS and Tineye both fail me in that regard, but if I post something without sourcing/credit and you can figure out who made it and where I should link back to, totally let me know.

I think that covers everything! I'm dealing with the horror of an ear infection right now, so my brain is a bit wonky. Let's get into it!

Today's image is one of those unfortunates mentioned in item F. Totally love it, totally found it on Tumblr without attribution and have no idea where or with whom it originated.

Go write a flash of a thing, post it, and link to it in the comments!

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