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I am trying to see things in perspective.
My dog wants a bite of my peanut butter
chocolate chip bagel. I know she cannot
have this, because chocolate makes dogs
very sick. My dog does not understand this.
She pouts and wraps herself around my leg
like a scarf and purrs and tries to convince me
to give her just a tiny bit. When I do not give in,
she eventually gives up and lays in the corner,
under the piano, drooping and sad. I hope the
universe has my best interest in mind like I have
my dogs. When I want something with my whole
being, and the universe withholds it from me,
I hope the universe thinks to herself: “Silly girl.
She thinks this is what she wants, but she
does not understand how it will hurt.”

— Theories About the Universe (Blythe Baird)
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

Younger Spawn is learning a valuable lesson today about not leaving his 4-page double-sided math homework until the day before it is due. He was up late working on it, and finishing it at breakfast this morning. Late for school is, at this point, inevitable.

Today is packed for me, yet I feel oddly calm. What a to-do, to do today:

get the lad to school- -start my laundry- -get dressed
go to the thrift shop for pants/shorts for Elder, who has abruptly grown out of everything that fit him three days ago
go to booze shop
- fill gas tank
- pack the boys' bags
pack my bag
text +Katey Springle Lempka to make sure accurate
- load the car
- drive the boys west
- drive to Balticon
- plus a big thesis push before departure

I am so tired of the thesis pressure. It is flattening everything, and not in an ontological way.

hi. <3
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Bliss Morgan

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“With regard to what kind of beings do we speak of something outstanding? The expression means indeed what “belongs” to a being, but is still lacking. Outstanding, as lacking, is based on a belongingness.”

- Heidegger, Being and Time (Stambaugh translation) p225

“The analysis of “one dies” reveals unambiguously the kind of being of everyday being and death. In such talk, death is understood as an indeterminate something which first has to show up from somewhere, but which right now is not yet objectively present for oneself, and thus no threat. “One dies” spreads the opinion that death, so to speak, strikes the they.” 

- Heidegger, Being and Time (Stambaugh translation) p234

I never expected to find his examination of death to be so weirdly comforting.
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Me too. :D

One dies! It's okay! 
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Bliss Morgan

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Interest-check: Productivity Hangout?
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That is super handy!
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Bliss Morgan

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Getting real tired of your shit, tire pressure sensor indicator light. 
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I think that I like the solution VW chose for my '14 jetta... "Well, the ABS sensors tell us how the wheels are rolling, so let's just use that instead of an actual pressure monitor. Much cheaper, and the doodad has been there for years" :) its a delightfully lazy/elegant solution, unless you want to know what actual tire has what actual pressure... :D
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Bliss Morgan

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FREE for three days May 21st - May 25th!!

A set of Flash Fiction and Song Lyrics stolen from an alternate reality will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Kindle!
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Bliss Morgan

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When your boobs are 2XL/3XL but your waist is L/XL

#justgirlythings #ladyproblems #mindthegap #thelawofaverageshasfailedme
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Perhaps something like this look by Tina Fey would solve your problem [NSFW]:
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Bliss Morgan

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foryourconsideration-thejericho: “literally the funniest thing on the internet ” I lost my shit at Silent Party Beefs
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I need moar plusses for Noah's comment, pls halp
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Bliss Morgan

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(A) Do you read book reviews?
(2) If so, what sort of info do you like a review to have?
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No. I find most reviewers opinions greatly differ from mine and I don't like spoilers.
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

Something crucial in my thesis chapter clicked as I lay in bed. It means throwing out most of what I already have and rebuilding the chapter from the ground up, but it's a much stronger concept/argument. Heidegger and Being-toward-death, woo!

I have to have the whole thing written by the beginning of next week, and this weekend is Balticon with 8 hours driving each way. I'm going to bust out as much of this as possible today. Expect progress updates.

Today is my last day working my Assistantship. ::sadcake::

OhmyZod Balticon. I get to see +Katey Springle Lempka! Shenanigans! Eeee!

Any of you folks coming?

Hi. <3

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Thank you, +Carolyn Priest-Dorman !  Enjoy!  
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Dance Me: It's the kind of night that's a young woman's dream - pretty dresses, delicious food, amazing music, an unexpected gorgeous dance partner, and explosions. Okay, maybe her dream didn't include the explosions.

Spider GirlYet despite knowing there were zombies out there somewhere, from the news brought by the occasional traveller, survivalist Charlotte finds herself unprepared for the unannounced arrival of one undead creature at her cabin - and entirely unready for the truth it brings along with it.

Beneath the Jolly RogerEveryone knows the story. A lovely lady is kidnapped from a sinking ship; a dashing pirate captain saves her and, through a series of adventures, they become intertwined in a web of romance. This is not one of those stories.


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