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Good mornthing!

Wednesdaaaa- wait, is it Thursday? No, it is, it's Wednesday. These snow days are screwing with my braining.

The children are enschoolenated, with only a minor attitude-fling from each one; Middlest's was predicated on pissyness over Eldest, the last one to the breakfast table, being given some of my pop tarts. Even though they are mine. Even though she'd been saying she wasn't even hungry, and getting her to eat anything was almost tooth-pully. Even though, not two minutes before, she stopped eating what she'd served herself because she was full.

She literally growl-stomped off to the living room. I ended up having to point out to her, before we left for school that yes, he got something she didn't - and that their other brother also didn't. And sometimes that is going to happen, just like sometimes she is going to get things THEY aren't. I pulled out the timely example that her grandmother is giving her money for her best grades, something the boys aren't getting. Then I went on with the spiel on how, frankly the world is unfair. She will get things other people don't. Other people will get things she doesn't, and often not for any real reason. It isn't fair, but it is something that we all need to learn to cope with.

Weirdly, the bad mood cleared right up from that.

At some point, I will get all of them pop tarts.

Anyway, they're all doing the learning thing, and SALM is home on a sick day, resting up. I hit the grocery store to pick up sammich breads and milk, and things for crock pot beef stew (which I will be prepping as soon as I finish typing), and corned beef hash, because I had a hankering.

Today is editing day, because I need to give Mister Doctor Professor an update soon, and I am behind because of the friggin snow days.

Sam Neill is a solid B-student in terms of acting performance. Discuss.

Hi. <3
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Hunt for Red October was probably his best role.  
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

Face is what it is because the package of sugar snap peas I picked up this morning to have with my breakfast says "Microwave in this bag!" and the microwaving of sugar snap peas is so far outside my ken. Then are snap peas! They are meant to be snapped and nommed and crunched, not steamed up and made flobby!

The weather-driven long weekend is over! The Spawn are back in school! I get to do writing with +Murphy Jacobs and +Lindsey Clements today woohoo! Which means I should prolly finish up breakfast soon and get myself situated. Coffee or no coffee?

Silly question that. ::puts kettle on::

Thanks to the storms ,I am also behind in my editings. I will be prolly staying up past my bedtime tonight working on some of it.

MAIL CALL! I have a letter from +Shannon B. today, and it has awesome doodling in it, some of which I have shared with you. Therefore, writing back is also on the docket for today.

Do you want a letter? Send me a letter! The address is in the second picture. I also have some folks' addressen already, so you might get a surprise bit of snailmail from me as part of MoLeCha anyway.

Hi. <3
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Creative itch =/= procreative itch. XD

I've been doing the flashything lately and it feels really good. We should do the thing! I can get a replacement notebook on the cheap from Buns & Noodle's bargain section - they have ones that say WRITE on the front. XD
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Bliss Morgan

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Time for another LIVEBLOG READING of a book by a G+ author!

Today's treat is Fantasmagoria, by +Rick Wayne. I've had this book for quite a while (this seems to be an ongoing problem for me) and have heard a lot of good things from folks with similar literary tastes to my own. I'm looking forward to diving into this one.

If you want to join me, get it here:

As is usual for these, there will be reactions and squeeing and occasional quotations - and while I try to avoid them, be warned of the potential that #HereThereBeSpoilers  .
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+Karen Conlin They were a hoot. And I really have this big thing for folks who are sort of tangentially connected to The Big Happenings of a book but aren't REALLY part of the action. That whole How This Shit Affects The Everyman thing really does it for me.
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Bliss Morgan

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Good Mornthing!

It's a quiet Sunday in Blisstopia, or at least as quiet as I can manage to keep three children with a fun video game while their dad is trying to sleep.

Today's plan is very much an out-and-about one; SALM has a response paper due for school at 3pm, so I am going to take the Collective over to Cardinal Cove for sledding and snowman-makery and visiting with my parents. I will probably get to do some geek-work for my mom while we're there - there's always something for my Special Set Of Skills to take care of. We will have hot soup and maybe watch that live feed documentary of the Superb Owl I hear is happening this afternoon.

Sometimes supportive co-parenting means taking the kids and going away. nodnod

For now, I am working on baking up a Glazed Donut Muffin mix as a bread, and debating just how much am I really interested in showering to be clean when it means going out into the winter with wet hair.

First things first: BuJo! I know a few of you have started ones of your own. How's it going for you so far? What interesting collection spreads have you started?

Hi. <3
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Oh, thanks +Casey Lyons​. I think I have some googeling to do now. 
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Bliss Morgan

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Just started reading +Rick Wayne​'s Fantasmagoria.
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Just got it, now I can't wait to read it. But Nya Rawlyns' "the Strigoi Chronicles" first. 
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

I have coffee with  mocha cappuchino Bathhouse Farms stuff in it, and fres croissants, and double-cream brie.

I have my BuJo by my elbow to set up while SALM brings Middlest to her dentist appointment.

I have the lads playing Minecraft quietly together.

I have two errands to do today (Home Despot and the Post Orifice), and a bunch of editing.

I have this weird feeling of being all stuffed with cottonwool. Not sick, just... cuddle-squishy all through my insides. But not squishy like the human body is squishy. A dry squish, not a meatsquish.

Hi. <3
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Bliss Morgan

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Safer Internet Day 2016 - get 2GB of Google Drive storage for free for doing Security Checkup
Yet another annual promotion from Google, marking Safer Internet Day 2016.
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Works as well, did mine today
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Bliss Morgan

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Some FANTASMAGORIA-esque art to mark +Bliss Morgan's live blogging of her read today.

Here is art by Kirill Leonov not unlike the fall of the biodroid in the ruins of Freecity.
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

Poor SALM. He was up till midnight getting his homework done, then wide awake before 5am. He got almost all the way to work before he got the notice that they are closed due too snow.

Then, saint in human clothing that he is, he swung by the grocery store, came home, and cooked breakfast for everyone.

I am now on parenting-duty while he catches up on his sleep. I'm opting to do my duty in the living room with the Collective, 2/3s of whom are playing Minecraft and 1/3 of whom is playing on Roblox. It continues to amuse me that Middlest has decided that since my chair and ottoman occupy the patch of floor where she used to stretch out with her computer, she has free reign to claim the ottoman as her space.

This means that I am tucked sideways into my chair, and she is leaning back against my knee. I like dis.

II am really not sure what the shape of most of my day is, but I'm not going to attempt to edit when I need to be the Noise Police. Instead, I think I will jump into my liveblogging of Fantasmagoria that I couldn't quite get to the other day; let me know if you want to be tagged into it.

Later I may hit the Dungeon for a writing Hangout - let me know if you're interested in that.

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Bliss Morgan

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Ninety-nine cents would be a steal for Lisa's story alone - ten more, into the bargain? Awyiss, #GEDDIT !

#TreasonsCourse   #LJCohenFiction   #BlissIsAFangirl  
It's live! STARBOUND: eleven tales of interstellar adventure is now available on Amazon and contains my Halcyone Space short story, TREASON'S COURSE.

The whole collection will set you back 0.99. :) It's only going to be available for a limited run, so go forth and get your copy now!

And here's a bonus photo of #Iceland because it looks like an alien planet!
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Yup I got it!
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Bliss Morgan

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Mail Call!

+Arlene Medder's letter was waiting in my box when I checked today! I couldn't quite capture the total awesome sparkliness of the little heart on the envelope seal, I'm afraid. Arlene, I am in love with your street address. It's a little bit fairy tale. :D

::sets about writing back::
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One of my aunts used to work for a company that made hologram foil things like that. I always feel a little extra squee when I see them.
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Bliss Morgan

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My inner man wants basically all of these, thank you please.
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I want to smash apart concrete for a special prize, dammit!
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