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WTF is this?

This in particularly is a shoddy MS Paint rendering I did of something that I saw twice today on bumper stickers, and I can't figure out what it's actually supposed to be.

For figuring-out purposes, please pretend that all the lines are of equal weight, and also not wibbly. I am not an MS Paint aficionado - I normally use it to draw squggles and then use paintfill to fill the spaces in different colors. >.>
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+Leonard Suskin​​ anything to indicate they were surfers? Or fishing people?
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Bliss Morgan

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Long before I wrote my first story, I was scribbling down poetry. It's still my preferred form of self-expression. (You can see a bunch of my work in my G+ Poetry collection) I wrote a guest blog post for my writing friend Julianne Douglas on how poetic tools enhance my fiction.

Leave a comment on the linked blogpost between now and July 11th for your chance to win either a signed paperback copy or an eBook version of ITHAKA RISING.
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Because Poe wrote on both. 
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Good mornthing!

Achievement unlocked: Bun in clip! I finally found in the grocery store yesterday a bun clip that is actually big enough to encompass my hair when it clips it. The thing is the size of my fist. It's still made of plastic, but I hope nonetheless that being larger it will be under less strain and therefore able to keep my hair contained without a constant fixy-need that inevitably leads to the little clippy teeth/leg/arm/things busting right off. #RIPoldhairclips  

I have class! No, not that kind, we all know better. I start my summer session 2 class today at the University; a month of 8-10:30am classes, three days a week, on Chaucer. I am so excite! Because Chaucer. #Nerd

I'm not so excited about the 6am wakeup. After I get a handle on my actual readiness time, drive time, parking time, and walking time today, I will hopefully be able to push that back. And I shouldn't complain, because I got to sleep in compared to when SALM has to get up to go to work.

Man. I REALLY like not having to leave his house just because Sunday came. I'm super into this whole togetherness thing.

So yeah, I've got class this morning, and then I'm going to head back to Cardinal Cove to break down the Spawn's beds and clear things away from the windows on the inside so that after dad builds a platform on the outside he will be able to work on the window removal/replacement without stuff in his way. And before I leave there I am going to rustle up my gorram laptop cable, because while it is cool that SALM had a machine I could borrow.... it's kinda weird and I want my own machine back.

How're y'all doing out there? Anybody stuck with a case of the Mondays?

Hi. <3
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The light in this room is weird.

also I have not yet figured out how to dim the eye-glow to human levels
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Bliss Morgan

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But it's organic!
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Aheheheheheh. :D
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I might be a little bit hyper right now, therefore. So SALM has taken DG out frog-hunting, and I have thesising to do. Hangout y/n? Ping me.

Fun fact: Current word count on the thesis is under 30K words. My thesis is shorter than a successful NaNoWriMo project. XD
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It sure is.
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Bliss Morgan

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Happy birthday +Sean Sorensen! And, I hear, +Halfdan Reschat as well? WE SHALL MAKE SKY-EXPLOSIONS IN YOUR HONOR!
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+Bliss Morgan, I'm glad you liked it, even though I'm on the "I would have prefered it to be a short film" team. I'm slightly hyped after an enjoyable day, a few energy drinks, a bunch of beers, and the D.E.B.S. movie. :-)
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Bliss Morgan

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I had never seen this bumper sticker before, but today I've seen it twice, on two different card. Can anybuggy identify it for me?
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I would like to know what it says also. 
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Bliss Morgan

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Meanwhile in Cardinal Cove...
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An allergically evil surprise. :(
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Bliss Morgan

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leave abruptly.
"some overthrown dictator who had absquatulated to the U.S.A."

#WordsWordsWords   #YouSirAreAFishmonger  
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Bliss Morgan

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Productivity Hangout

It's time to pwn the last section outstanding in my Thesis Introduction rewrite.

Wanna join me?
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Good mornthing!

Mismatching patterns are mismatched! My dress is super comfy, but sitting at this desk I am directly in the line of cold air output from the fan/A/C. I neglected to bring any wraps with me this weekend, anticipating warm weather, so I'm making do with one of SALM's throw blankets.

He's off taking DG to a playdate at her best friend's place, and it's likely he'll be there a while because the friend's mom is getting divorced and looking for a place to move along with her little girl, and because SALM went through the divorce-with-child thing already he's kind of a sounding board for her.

I am using this time to sip my homemade cold brew vietnamese-style coffee (which I think would not suffer from an addition of cinnamon and cardamom, tbh) and doing some small data entry tasks. penny by penny and dime by dime I am earning enough money to get Younger Spawn his very own screen. After all, I have my phone and computer, Elder has his 3DS, and DG has a computer, iPhone, Nook, and Nexus; it's no wonder Younger has felt a bit bereft.

Once I've gotten him a tablet, then Ill be continuing my fiddly little penny-ante tasks to save up for a Kindle. 

Most of the sand flea bites on my feet have gotten past the swollen-with-fluids stage and are now just sad little red bumps with tiny round scabs in the middle. I think soaking my feet last night helped a lot. I fired up the tub and drew a shallow hot bath for my feet; DG came and hung out with me, sitting on the edge of the tub with our dresses rucked up into bundles on our thighs to keep them dry, and we chit-chatted about shellfish, pearls, sharks, hippopotami, jumping off of boats, swimming lessons, lifeguarding, and treading water. Partway through, SALM appeared after a brief jaunt to the store with a canister of Morton's salt. Don't worry, +Amanda Rachelle Warren, we are save from ghost incursions once again!

This morning I got up and went into the living room where DG was nibbling her breakfast in front of the t.v. When she saw me she squealed and jumped up onto her knees to hug me. Oh my zod my heart! <3

I love that little girl so much.

Anyway, I'm now internet-researching walking trails in Foxboro and Walpole and whatnot, because SALM and I are definitely feeling the walk thing, but I'm not feeling the Arboretum so much. It's a little weird to drive a half hour to take a walk when there must be huge unexplored tracts of land nearby.

Later, I'm going to slam it home on the thesis. Just need to do the Chapter 1 rewrite and make the Introduction matchy to what is in the chapters. There will be a Productivity Hangout at that time.

Hello, lovely people. I hope you all made it through yesterday with body and sanity intact. I know it's a rough day for a lot of you. hug

Hi. <3
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+Lorne Lehrer Moose Hill is actually quite close to where we are! SALM lives in that very town. But Moose Hill is quite hilly, plus we have walked part of it before. We wanted to try someplace more level (comparatively - the state park in Foxborough definitely has some hills) and hopefully less mosquitoey.
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Bliss Morgan

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Oh no, Storm, please, by all means - help yourself. 
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Charlotte's rat, Artemis, does this.
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