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Cats would love to shred these. I go trough stuff like this like you wouldn't believe it... Haven't bought these though... yet. 
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I found Nemo. 
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Good mornthing!

I slept in, except for when I didn't and therefore was the Waffle Fairy for DaughterGirl. She had her first swimming lessons this morning and loved it, to the point where she's considering giving up weekly karate lessons in favor of swimming instead.

When I did get up SALM made me an awesome breakfast, and I in turn enriched first his life with a viewing of Psy's Hangover featuring Snoop Dog, and then we discovered this gem (Warning: Includes a zombie. Doesn't really include any gore as such, but there is humorous violence and guns):

Today's plans include a walk, a lake, crickets, and more quotation-pulls for my paper.

Aaaaand that's pretty much all I've got right now. I need to go make more cold-brew.

Hi. <3
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Hi +Thee Ox! Thanks. 
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+Julia Thompson asks, "Was I or was I not the designated driver this evening? "

I'm going with was, and I'm also wondering if you finished the thing with the vehicle door.
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I like kettle corn. So does the other adult. But the funnel cake resources went to getting the child buttered popcorn. (There's some around Section 115.) 
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+Quintin Scott asks, "What is the soundtrack to your life?"

Music and also ambient noise. Not necessarily in that order.
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The song of my life is called, "I Do" by Iliara Graziano from Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex 
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+Amanda Loucks asks, "Vodka or rum?"

What's with you people and the "or" conjunction?
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+Charles Moore I thought that was Long Island Ice Tea.
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+Galen Hussey asks, "Will you still love me when we are no longer young enough to see the wrinkles in each other's eyes?"

IDK maybe. Will you be an asshole then, or...?
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Gorgeous and affordable and intriguing and why can't I buy all the things?!?!?
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Today I bring you a very special edition of #SaturdayScenes . Some of you may have already become fans of the award-winning, critically acclaimed Outlaw King fantasy gunslinger series, inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower and G.R.R.Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

Those of you that haven't, this may be your last chance for a while to buy it and join the Outlaw Army.

You see, an agent has recently expressed interest in the series, and if Outlaw King makes its way to a traditional publisher, and by proxy bookstores, it's most likely going to be pulled down for a while until it gets re-published. And who knows when that will be? So if you're going to get in on this action, you'd better do it while you can (and before the price jacks up).

Books 1 + 2

Book 3

The picture I've included is of Chaser Spaeth, a fan of the series, whose awesome loyalty inspired the character Chaser in the following excerpt. She loved her character so much that she started cosplaying it at conventions!

Book-Chaser is a member of the Bemo-Epneme tribes, a line of people that scrounge a primitive life out of a land scarred by an ancient war and strewn with futuristic ruins and artifacts. One of those artifacts is a 200-year-old battlemech haunted by the biometric algorithm of a dead scientist named Carl, who agreed to help Sawyer find his friends in exchange for getting him out of a buried database.

The mask Chaser is wearing in the picture is another artifact: a "birthright mask". The Bemo-Epneme have a coming-of-age ritual where they have to make a pilgrimage to a blasted city called Otkele and find a mask to wear, and a sacred sample of the nuclear ashes that still litter the city's streets. The masks are abandoned gas masks from the battle that destroyed Otkele.

In the following scene from Book 3, Sawyer recovers from a gun-battle and tries to come to terms with a task the Bemo-Epneme has put on him: kill the Beneci, the foretold adventurer that defeated the tribes' undead guardians and put them all at risk. What they don't know is that Sawyer himself is the Beneci they've heard so much about.


Sawyer accompanied the two of them back to the fork in the path and was surprised to see Dohosan head back toward the village alone. The two Bemos had conversed with each other in low Epneme the whole way back from Carl’s semi-eternal resting place in the bog, and now Chaser remained at Sawyer’s side, watching the chieftain leave with a sort of wistful caution, as if torn.

“What are you doing?” Sawyer asked, his tone curt, as if he’d caught Chaser going through his garbage. The Bemo girl’s eyes glittered in the light of the pitch torch.

“Killing Beneci won’t be easy,” said Chaser. “I am going to stay and help.”

Sawyer shook his head, annoyed. “You couldn’t even fight off those Kensinger guys. What makes you think you’re going to be able to kill the guy that helped bring down the Glass God Obelus?”

Chaser winced, but didn’t leave.

“You guys are going to have to learn to do for yourselves now,” said Sawyer, and he took off toward the river and his campsite, the torch guttering past his right ear. The Bemo followed him, so he kept talking over his shoulder. “You’ve got to get your hands on weapons and fight like your ancestors did. The guardians were tough, but they weren’t unstoppable.” Now that he had access to Carl’s power-loader, there was no real reason to be afraid of the Bemo-Epneme anymore—especially if they couldn’t be bothered to defend themselves from the cast of Deliverance. At least, there wouldn’t be once Carl woke up and came down to the sandbar.

When they got back to the campsite, he couldn’t help but regard the canoe with nostalgia. He hated the thought of abandoning it—he had come so far with it and the tree-trunk craft had become his anchor, his base-of-operations. A weird part of him almost wished he hadn’t found Carl.

Sitting back down by the embers of his dying fire, he tossed some more wood and reeds on, stoking the coals. A helix of red sparks breezed up into the night sky and faded away. Chaser sat down across from him and Sawyer busied himself filling the empty loops in his gunbelt with the looted ammo. What if I just left the headset here? What if I walked off and left Carl alone in the bog? He screwed up his mouth and contemplated the gleam of firelight on casing copper. No, I’m going to need him at some point. He’s just too useful. He’s my ace in the hole.

Sawyer stared meaningfully until the Bemo bit her lips and looked to the side.

“Why are you really here?” he asked.

“My father says Chaser needs to get out of Martand village,” she said. “Chaser never made pilgrimage to Otkele for ashes. So this is best for me. Dohosan says so.”

“Why haven’t you gone to Otkele?”

“Chaser never believed in Glass God. Not really.” The fire glittered in her eyes. “Chaser saw a guardian die once. Southmen from Brandel found it caught in a game trap and shot it. They all shot it, shot their guns until they clicked. Guardian died clawing its own guts out trying to get at bullet.”

The Bemo drove a stick into the fire with a languid hand and sat there plowing up embers, kicking up sparks. “After Southmen left, Chaser went to look at guardian. Chaser never saw one up close. Guardian horrible monster…metal inside, machine pieces, thick black blood. All dead on outside, stink and rot-wax. No more man, just machine dressed in man-skin. After that, Chaser think Obelus horrible god. Maybe not god at all.”

Sawyer considered this, staring at the flames.

“Chaser wondered, what kind of god does this to your ancestors? What kind of god pull out insides and put in machines, make monster out of people we love? That’s no guardian. That is a nightmare. No wonder Southmen are afraid of Sovereign Family. Chaser rather die in slavery than live seeing mother made into machine-monster.”

“I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” said Sawyer. He sat up straight, resting the heel of his hand on the butt of his pistol. “The Beneci isn’t inside the No-Man out there in the swamp. Because he’s sitting right here in front of you.”

There was a beat of stunned silence as Chaser stiffened and her eyes darted around the campfire, her mind struggling to absorb this revelation, and then they flicked upward and locked on Sawyer’s face. As if out of instinct, one hand slid up to the handle of her looted pistol.

“I hope you’re good with that,” said Sawyer. His vest scraped against his armored thighs, the Neoprene mail creaking. “If you shoot me, you better hit me in the head.”

The Bemo seemed carved from stone. “Chaser best shot in Martand village. Nobody know because nobody believe. Nobody come see Chaser shoot.”


#HappySaturday   #FriendshipDay   #photos  
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+Lauchlin MacGregor  asks, "do Walruses have a need for emotion?"

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+Anthony Sanchez  asks, "Have you ever done any collaborative projects, like having your writings set to music?"

I have not had any of my writings set to music. I am hoping in the near future to record my own audiobooks, though. 
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+Dale Joyal asks, "chocolate or peanut butter?"

Chocolate AND peanut butter.

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No brainer, Nutella plus chunky peanut butter on white bread =

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