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Strung some prisms for SALM.... this is fun. I haven't played beads in too long.
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Bliss Morgan

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OH MY ZOD YOU GUYS, THIS BOOK! Get it. Get it for free! Then tell me you got it, and we'll do a group liveblog of it. It'll be a rereading of it, but it's been almost half a decade (LOLwut) since I first read it, so some of it will be like reading new again. #GEDDIT
You, with the eye balls...

Too many of you don't know me. Don't know enough about me. Don't seem to understand me... 

This won't change any of that.

But if you have a kindle or read books using the Kindle software you can download my book of Micro Fiction that pretty makes people's brains overload... for free. For a very limited time.

Starting April 30th and lasting until I get tired of giving it away for free, my book, Unselected, will be FREE. No strings attached. 

• Been lying to yourself that you'll read my work, f*ck you, go read it. 
• Need some inspiration, writers tell me that this book singlehandedly made them write trilogies. 
• Missing some part of your soul to a demon, too bad.... here's a free book.

You're welcome.
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I got it
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

I went deep into the sads yesterday/last night. I tried to self-medicate with orgasms, and with alcohol, but ultimate what helped me most was drawing on other people's happies. So my thanks, to all of you who shared a happy with me yesterday. I hadn't the energy to respond individually, but I read every comment.

Today I am on a fixit mission; the robe for commencement that I got from the campus bookstore is too tight. I need to go there and get the full figured robe instead.

After that, it will be an afternoon of editing and writing. I can make a Productivity Hangout, if anybuggy wants.

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Adventures in public transit. Made it home to Bag End. Go flumph naow.

Hullo Bliss. Orgasms are referred to around here as meltyisms. Just sayin'.
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

All I fucking wanted to do was smile and exchange pleasantries with someone in the coffeeshop while putting milk and sugar in my coffee. All I did was meet his eyes and say good morning, and I ended up conversationally cornered by a man who told me, among other things, that boys learn by doing, not talking, and that men are chromosomally wired to ignore the female voice.

It’s been a while since I got stuck having to listen to someone who clearly does not consider me a human being. My smile-and-nod powers are strong. Today it was mostly just smile, though; I couldn’t bear to nod to what he was saying.

Eventually, I Have A Nice Day'd him on his way, because I hit my bullshit limit, and even though I'd gotten my coffee to go I sat down to wait for him to be well and truly gone. And to wait for my hands to stop shaking. I passed the time thinking up all sorts of nasty things I could have said that he never would have known, were he truly hardwired to naturally ignore the female voice.

If surrounding myself with people who consider me human and worth listening to means I have built an echo chamber, so be it. I don't have to agree with people ll the time. Hell, I don't WANT to. But I also have no truck with making people feel Less Than or somehow Unworthy.

You have worth, dammit, and so do I.


Productivity Hangout going for anybody who wants, from now till 11am EST, at which point I m writing with Murphy and Linachu.

I think I might write murdery things. I'm in a mood, now, y'see.

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Should have told him you're chromosomally  wired to ignore the voice of an asshole.
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Bliss Morgan

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Hey, have you been itching for something new to read from me? Well here you go! A free microfiction, published by +Circlet Press, Inc. on their website.

If you like it, and want to see more such things, I recommend checking out Bits of Bliss, my little collection of erotic SF/F microfictions and short stories:
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Not at all bad. smiles 
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

Lookit, lookit, you can see my white hair in this picture! It NEVER seems to show up in photographs, which makes me nuts, but you can see it here, yaaaaay!

Around quarter of midnight last night, SALM was Minecrafting and I was watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and we were like,
"You wanna watch some Leverage? Or maybe Blacklist?"
"Ooh, I could go for some Leverage!"
"Although.... we could also... go to bed?"
"Oh, yeah!"

And we did, and we slept, and my dreams were SO BUSY, but it was good, mostly. Except for the awkward social situation. WTF dreams.

Anyway, I'm off to buy a severed head with the girlchild, and then I am going to spend a nice chunk of time in the basement, weaving and catching up on correspondence (and hopefully I haven't misplaced any of the letters that are waiting for my response).

If you want to correspond with me by snailmail, yay! Send something to PO Box 473, Sharon, MA 02067. Make sure it's got your mailing address in it somewhere, so I know where to write back!

Hi. Hi.

Oooh this coffee is good. Hi.

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So far, all of my white hairs have showed up in my beard. Well, except that one that decided to grow out of my forehead between my eyebrow and my hairline that was thick like an eyebrow hair but long like a head hair. But a girl stole it from me years ago.
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Bliss Morgan

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Oh, just a freshly hung +Tomas Nilsson photograph, because there is beauty in this old world yet.

His photograph is far better than my photograph of his photograph, I assure you. But yeah, that's a <3
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+Bliss Morgan , fill the hole with Expanding foam. Trust me on this.
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Bliss Morgan

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We lost a very dear family friend today. I do not have words for these sads.

Please tell me something good, big or small, that is happening with you.
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I signed the contract to buy my new house today! It's all on one floor, so my disabled husband can get around more easily and be more independent. This fixes all my sads. Plus it's cutting my trip to work from 25 miles to 8 aaaannnndd $100 off of my monthly housing cost.
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Bliss Morgan

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Apparently, I'm "hot like a flame"....
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Bliss Morgan

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Productivity Hangout

....are YOU in?
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damnit, i gotta work....
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Bliss Morgan

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Hey. Hey. Hey +Lisa Cohen. Hey. Are there maples on that place? I am asking for several reasons.
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I  think it calls for hugs and whiskey either way.
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Bliss Morgan

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Last day to pick up TIME AND TITHE for free on Kindle.

Only months after her victory over Oberon and Titania, everything Lydia thought she'd accomplished is unraveling: Faerie is falling into decay, the Fae are restless, and Taylor—the baby sister she sacrificed everything for—has grown up without her.

When Taylor tumbles out of the ordinary world and into Faerie, she discovers that Aeon, her imaginary childhood friend, is all too real. He is a powerful Fae, trapped in a maze of vengeance, memory, and madness. His unleashed power threatens to free Oberon and Titania and reignite the war Lydia had ended.

The sisters, now nearly strangers to one another, must figure out how to keep Aeon from destroying Faerie and safeguard the mortal world, all without sacrificing the Fae who was once friend to them both.

The long-awaited sequel to THE BETWEEN, TIME AND TITHE also can be read as a stand-alone story of the world of the Fae.

Even if fantasy isn't your thing, would you help a writer out and download it anyway? The more downloads a free book gets, the better visibility it has for new readers to discover it. And, hey, you might even like it! ;)
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This is my Amazon wishlist. Because people keep asking.

My books:

Nightmare Fuel: A collection of creepypasta flash fiction plucked from the mind in a wild attempt to stave off an annual influx of sleepdep-inducing nightmares. From werewolves to walking statues to the question of humanity in tiny alien cephalopods, there's fuel aplenty for your own nightmares from under the bed.

Bits of Bliss: "Bits of Bliss is a delicious dish. It is smart, evocative and sensual. It flirts and teases, turns you around and on - and it does it in all the best ways. It's also incredibly addictive. ...there's nothing quite so sexy as erotica like this: one that thinks of itself as literature first and sexually explicit as an added spice." Erotic Flashfiction collection.

Dance Me: It's the kind of night that's a young woman's dream - pretty dresses, delicious food, amazing music, an unexpected gorgeous dance partner, and explosions. Okay, maybe her dream didn't include the explosions.

Spider GirlYet despite knowing there were zombies out there somewhere, from the news brought by the occasional traveller, survivalist Charlotte finds herself unprepared for the unannounced arrival of one undead creature at her cabin - and entirely unready for the truth it brings along with it.

Beneath the Jolly RogerEveryone knows the story. A lovely lady is kidnapped from a sinking ship; a dashing pirate captain saves her and, through a series of adventures, they become intertwined in a web of romance. This is not one of those stories.


Send snailmail!


(and while that Bliss doesn't REQUIRE anything because hi, this is the internet, you can do what you want... watching this 10-second video is highly recommended: )


FEED THE BLISS - Here are some links, because happiness is free but as much as I try my stomach refuses to live on it and the student loan company won't take emoticons and erotica as payment.

If you are anybody at all or have just circled me I suggest you see my circle maintenance posts. I have a lot of varied interests, and not all of them are universally appealing, so I use y circles to filter my output. I like to organize and compartmentalize. Tell me what you want to see beyond the public posts!


If you are a writer I suggest you see this post to see and participate in some or all of the daily writing projects that I run on a month-by-month basis:

Those of you who participated in Nightmare Fuel... yeah, it's pretty much like that, except not only horror. :D


For folks who want a taste of my writing, I suggest you start with my erotic microfiction _Spaced_ which you can read for free here:


If you are a writer I suggest you see this post and check out the Nightmare Fuel project:

If you just want to follow my results (or read other things I don't post here) see my Wordpress:

November note: This project was a great success! I'll probably do it again next year, if people are interested.


And for the sake of findability in the search (humans feel free to skip past this): 
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