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Happy birthday to +Peter Smalley's newest book, The Eagle and the Wolf! I loved his Emerald City Blues ( ), which combined magic-users with noir detectivery beautifully, so I cannot WAIT to see what he's done with (were)wolves and romance and Nazis! #GEDDIT 

THE EAGLE AND THE WOLF is now LIVE on Amazon! This is the perfect winter read you've been looking for. For the price of your morning latte you can now have a great reading companion for not just one but many cold winter mornings. Click on over and check it out at the special introductory price of just $4.99! You won't regret it - unless you miss out!

Direct link:

WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Co-author +Bonnie Mosley and I were interviewed about our new novel by noted Urban Fantasy book maven +Karmon Runquist - check out what she asked us at

And as always, please reshare: for indie authors, our readers are our marketing. Thanks, and happy reading!

It is May, 1940. France has fallen to Hitler. All of Europe holds its breath.

When the Germans occupied Paris, she never dreamed she might come to love one of them. But she never expected to survive a werewolf attack by one of them, either...

Klaus von Erstenheim is an aristocratic colonel in the Luftwaffe. Now war has brought him back to Paris, a city he visited - and loved - years before. Yet now everything is changed...including him. Can he survive his conflicted loyalties in a city where the Gestapo watches other Germans as closely as they do the French?

Cecile Geroux is a principal dancer in the Paris Opera. She loves Paris and would do anything to see the German occupiers gone - including the seduction of a German officer to gain intel for the Resistance. But can she spy on someone she grows to love, while still preserving her dark secret?

Brought together by war and art and destiny, Klaus and Cecile must find ways to accommodate one another in the midst of an occupied Paris - without allowing their respective secrets to destroy one another...

THE EAGLE AND THE WOLF is a Historical Fiction novel with Urban Fantasy elements perfect for introducing newcomers to this fascinating time and place in history, while still adding a zest of interest for those who already know and love Paris of the 1940s.

#werewolf   #historicalfiction   #urbanfantasy   #paris   #worldwarii  
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Bliss Morgan

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Good mornthing!

Oh man, the apocalypse dream I had... I was close enough to see it happen. I was at a convenience store near a Best Buy, standing in a parking lot beside a railroad track. Looking across the lot, I could see how the silvery-grey clouds piled upon each other, folding and darkening. Below them the lightning was a furious dance on a background of bruised, unholy purple-blue sky. Then in quick succession am eruption of dust from the ground, dispersed almost instantly by a flash that made the lightning but dull sparklers - an expanding dome of magnesium-bright white that I barely registered before it hit my eyes and for several seconds I was blinded.

When I could see again, the convenience store was changed. It had a garage-door front and a warehouse in the back. There were about two dozen of us there, frightened and running and distrustful and skittish as cats trapped on a tin roof turned only intermittently hot. Slowly we built trust, began to organize and take inventory, and set up a comfortable system. Some time silently passed as time tends to do. We were talking about whether we needed to ration our water when suddenly two men stumbled in the open front, guns in hand, and went to the water cooler. They came, we learned, from the Best Buy next door. While in the course of weeks since the flash, we had worked on fair survivalism, the people in the Best Buy had degenerated into squabbles, rearranging displays and fake plants and crowning themselves kings of tiny warring nation states that refused to leave the big store. We took away their guns and welcomed them to our place.

I went to the open garage front door and was looking across the desolate parking lot toward the Best Buy, hunting for signs of life and movement. There wasn't much else to look for - the disaster had settled into a constantly churning dirt-cloud, the edge of which rested at the far side of the parking lot. The last thing I expected was to see a raggedy, cheerful, wild-eyed man to emerge from it, driving a small engine along the train tracks that ran alongside the parking lot and convenience store. I ran out, calling and waving, astonished - how could anyone have survived closer to the disaster? - and he whooped, waving his top hat and yanking on something that swung the engine off the track, where it ground to a halt in soft sand. We were just beginning to talk when another man emerged from the dust cloud, tall and stick-thin, crying out for the engine-man to wait up. He was slowed by a chain on one ankle attached to a beach-ball sized ball that didn't appear heavy, as it kept flying up to whack him as he ran, but when he paused to whap it down he yelped, nursing singed fingers. Somehow, it was burning.

I turned toward the store with Engine Man, and saw that was not all that was burning. The woods behind the convenience store were a wall of roiling, unnatural fire, glimmery as a pile of hot coal and moving like glitter-laden oil.

And then my alarm woke me.

Anyway, I'm taking the car in to get checked today. Here's hoping it's the transmission.

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dreams metamorphose but apocalypse is a new renew era not dramatic..u did not yet answer my question!?
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Good mornthing!

It is so VERY much a Monday After A Holiday Vacation here. It was very difficult to rouse the Spawn Collective, even though the next door neighbor decided that half past seven was TOTALLY A GREAT TIME to be cutting down a tree. With a chainsaw. ...

Elder eventually got out of bed and was a whirlwind - fully dressed, fed, and out the door in the span of 15 minutes, happy to bike himself to school. He has been charged with the great responsibility of The Library Card, which is in his pocket so he can stop off at the library on his way home and renew a book.

Younger is dragging the most, but we're pretty much to the point where  he just needs to be shod and then we are out the door.

My day? It's going to involve some wonk. On the way home from game last night, I noticed my transmission was kind of slippy. As some of you may recall, Nissan Cubes are notorious for problems with the CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). Mine, in fact, has already been replaced - just this past March. It was in warranty at the time, and I need to see if the new one is... because I'll be damned if I have transmission fail on the highway for me again. Sure I have AAA, but that doesn't mean I want to USE it.

I am actively fighting the related panic I get over car troubles because they are never not expensive. ::flail::

Aside from that? Editing. Edit ALL THE THINGS!

Hi. <3
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Wow, that's a good deal. Where's it at?
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Bliss Morgan

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A bag of 500 LEGO-compatible brick-building pieces is currently in the Cyber Monday deals section - list price $35, but the deal price is $18. Looks like it's going fast tho!
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:rolls her eyes and walks away:
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Partly as a consequence of being based in Italy, one of the biggest furniture-making centers in the world, Ferruccio Laviani does a lot of different work for a lot of different manufacturers, from sleek plastic lamps to futuristic lounge chairs. So when he was invited to collaborate with a manufacturer of baroque furniture founded in 1928 by a craftsman making Louis XV replicas — he accepted the challenge, creating a provocative series called “F*...
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This is straight up design porn.
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Good *mornthing!

I dreamed that I was playing with a dark grey kitten with sort of maroonish-purplish pattern in the shape of fishscales on its back. It was one of a litter of kittens, as well as a litter of puppies and a chinchilla, being kept by the local library. SALM was playing with them too, and the kids were playing with the chinchilla. And Spider-man was one of the librarians, which is a really brilliant non-superhero use of is powers tbh.

I think everyone should write fanfiction in a library AU. Any characters you want, as long as Spider-man is a librarian there. Do the thing!

Today is a nice quiet Sunday. The world is safe and we slept in, and the children are scattered to various screens for various entertainments. I am sitting on my bed watching as Younger works on building his first Sims house. I did the money cheat for him to the tune of half a million simoleons, so he can really go to town building whatever he wants for his sim-family.

His sim-family is made of him, his brother, his sister, me, SALM, and the Spawnfather. He's clearly working through some stuff. :-/

Later today i will be heading up to +Anthony Deaver's game, which is going to be interesting because suddenly my character is agreeing to something that totally makes sense for her but is definitely at odds with the goals of the group. ROLEPLAYING, BOOYEAH! ::cackle::

Right now, though, I need to pull together a grocery shopping list for SALM and then wrangle myself a shower. I am a stinky Bliss.

Hi. <3
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+Tejas Richard - cool!
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Oh. My zod. Do want.
Scrivener Eggnog

4 cups Whiskey (preferably Canadian)
2 cups Brandy
1 cup dark Jamaican Rum (try Smith & Cross)
1 cup light Puerto Rican Rum
1 quart whole milk, 1 quart heavy cream.
1 dozen eggs
1 pound sugar

Separate eggs. Whisk sugar and egg yolks together until smooth.
Pour liquor into yolks and sugar slowly, whisking constantly. (This will cook the yolks, so if they aren't whisked smooth with the sugar you will have bits of solid yolk floating in the nog)
Add milk and cream, still whisking.
Beat egg whites to soft peaks, then fold in

Let sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Serve with fresh-ground nutmeg on top in very small glasses.
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Though there are some natural varieties that don't have thickeners. It's just not that hard to make. I like Alton Brown's recipe, with a bit less egg white than he uses.
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I can't even tell if this is awesome or exorbitance, but wristband USB things are neat.
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That's a pretty cool idea.  Just watched the video and I'm impressed.  Of course, I may be a bit of a sucker for MinecraftChick.  <3
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+Lindsey Clements I summon thee for Leverage/Harry Potter crossover
Can you just #PictureIt ?

- Nate, all “let’s go steal a Quidditch, whatever that is”
- Sophie discovering Polyjuice Potion and being SO INTENSELY OFFENDED honestly who would ever that’s cheating
- but learning how to make it on the sly
- Parker leaping from moving staircase to moving staircase
- Parker finding secret rooms even the Trio didn’t
- Eliot taking on the DAtDA position
- 75% of his students develop crushes and work so hard to impress him that they become self-defense powerhouses
- Eliot meeting the Wandless Magic magician in Rosemerta’s and becoming friends as they discuss their distaste for guns/wands
- Hardison’s joy at everything because MAGIC IS REAL
- Hardison loses way too many nights trying to patch tech into Gringott’s security not because he want the money but just because it’s a REAL challenge like he hasn’t had in ages
- Ditto Parker trying to get physical access
- She has varying degrees of success
- The Gringott’s goblins are so fascinated by her muggle efforts that they study her to improve the system
- Hardison in Diagon Alley getting fully outfitted
- “Age of the wizard, baby!”
- Sophie and McGonagall: BFFs to the confusion of everyone who knows them
- Nate and Eliot talking quietly about the Thestrals
- Parker and Hardison couldn’t see them
- Sophie could, but never lets on
- Nate starts looking more and more haggard, weaving, slurring. The team thinks he’s been drinking. He’s not. He found the Mirror of Erised.
- Parker learning to fly a broom!
- Sterling standing on Platform 9 ¾ staring at a brick wall for days
- Parker’s joy over the Great Hall at Christmas
- Peeves’ joy at messing with Eliot
- Sophie sending Nathan a Howler until she realizes he hasn’t been drinking
- “It’s a very distinctive spell!”

#Leverage   #HarryPotter   #Crossover   #Fanfic   #BlissMakesAList  
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I'm at work and I want to squee but I can't because work and open office spaces so I'm internally flailing. 

Legit, I cannot +2 this enough.
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Darth Vader Oven Gloves. These are a thing that exist. Aheheheheheheheh!

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Wouldn't Darth Vader only need one?
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Still a day or so left in the sale. +Curiosity Quills Press is offering free or 99 cents on tons of great books (and mine, too). 
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+Amanda Rachelle Warren I summon thee!
sandandglass: “ Benedict Cumberbatch attacks a giant teddy bear ” I need to show this to Mandacakes.
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So funny

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