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What Is It?!
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Per the Link provided by +Bliss Morgan, it appears to be a female dobson. About halfway down it shows females have smaller jaws.
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Hey - it seems somehow trivial to be promoting my writing, but given how full of hatefulness everything political has turned into, here's a chance to answer a little quiz and have a chance to win some lovely ceramic work.

Deadline is August 1. The questions are fun. Or at least not deadly serious. And that's something we need more of right now.
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I have an old-school Cohen coffee mug AND a Dragonbelly mug. They both rock. :D
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And if you thought San Francisco was weird, this story is from Seattle.
A Seattle man found himself living everyone's worst nightmare when he discovered that a stranger was living in his attic.
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Poor lady.
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<3 <3 <3 I love Chaucer's twitter.
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#FreeBook  from +Daniel Swensen to you on the occasion of his birthday! You should get it. And read it. And thank him by putting a review up in the internets where people will see it. :D
It's my birthday, so I'm giving away my book today. My fantasy novel, Orison, is free today only at the Nine Muse Press store! The file is a zip containing the book in .mobi, epub, and PDF formats. Here's what people have to say about the book:

"Orison is a wonderfully written fantasy novel that interweaves the perspective of three great characters: a thief named Story, a banished wizard named Wrynn, and a guard of the queen named Ashen. Each of these characters struggles to navigate the dangers of a city fraught with conspiracies of powerful people who have no qualms about using Story, Wrynn, and Ashen as disposable pawns. Orison is an engaging novel with complex characters that leave me hoping that Swensen will be writing more."

"I've been waiting for a fantasy book like this since I finished Jim Butcher's 'Codex Alera.'"

"Daniel Swensen creates a world and a city that is vivid and a cast of characters that are easy to like and understand. I stood with Story, the protagonist, on the roof tops of Calushain and we watched the mischief below as if it had been painted by Picasso."

"This book is exactly what I love about writing. I love how Swensen just gets into the world seamlessly, where I just felt it was normal. Story, the MC, is a girl that I can see pieces of myself in and is truly someone I want to root for. I loved the pace of the story and the overall development of the different story lines. Once I got past the first chapter, I was hooked and finished the book in a few days."

Please spread the word if you're so inclined! Thanks!
by: Daniel Swensen Calushain. A grim, dirty city, with no opportunities for a young female thief, so it’s no surprise Story wants to leave. Yet when she acquires the orison, an artifact with the po…
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Nice! Thank you :) 
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Take ten minutes. Look at the image. Let it become part of a story in your mind. Now write it down, post it, and tag me in!

If you reblog or share this image, please retain credit to the original creator. Today's image is Lady by Lady-I-Hellsing on DeviantArt.
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Good Mornthing!

It's Saturday, and it's hot! Luckily, today's errands include going to Cardinal Cove to get some stuff and give some stuff, and they have a pool I may very well dunk myself into. Then again, I may just come home and dunk in the lake, because apparently using the pool today comes with a Since-You're-Here-You-Can-Help-With-The-Construction rider. >.>

I just... I have this one full day all by myself, and while I adore EVERYONE that I have seen in the past week and a half... I am kinda peopled out. I need to recharge. I need to start organizing my Vacationland notes. I need to plan my voice recording work for the coming week. I need to do laundry.

I don't waaaaaanna be helpfullllllllll! #UngratefulChild  

When you go on a camping/cabin/lakeside type vacation, what sort of tchatchkes and/or memorabilia would you expect to bring home?

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I used Lysol all surface spray to clean it up. >.>

Jyll has the worst Potato Death Smell story of all. She had potatoes die on top of her fridge, and didn't realize until she reached up to pull the bag down and it spilled
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Bliss Morgan

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Good Mornthing!

It is my last day at Bag End, but last day is starting out excellently. There is coffee for the drinking, and James Bond for the watching. I haven't seen You Only Live Twice in a long time, but it's like stepping into an old friend. know what I mean.

Movie and coffee and pancakes, and then a sad parting of ways and a bit of a drive... and then I get to meet +Julia Thompson and +Penax Purfuver ! Shenanigas in the city! WOO!

Not looking forward to the driving bit, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you don't have a teleporter.

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Sad Lilli. I have no more Bliss. But Bliss gets to be with +Julia Thompson and +Penax Purfuver, and I will get to see der Bliss again!

Hullo Bliss. Thank you for a wonderful whirlwind visit! Hugs to you, SALM and the Spawn Collective!
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I want to print this story out to roll up and whack anyone who every calls my own writing unrealistic.
And if you thought San Francisco was weird, this story is from Seattle.
A Seattle man found himself living everyone's worst nightmare when he discovered that a stranger was living in his attic.
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Lil and I giggled aloud at that, Charles!
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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! If you want reactions and whatnots, comment to follow along and hook in to notifications! If you don't, then don't, and scroll on because.... #HereThereBeSpoilers  !
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+Craig Shaw Indeed, thumbs up.
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Prompts and Circumstance

I have totally been in Vacation Mode lately, which means that without the ability to queue up posts for this project in advance, they've been a bit haphazard for the past week. I throw myself down before your door and beg forgiveness.

This... this is your door, isn't it?


Today's image is called Twisted Logic and is by ratulupadhyay on DeviantArt. If you reshare/reblog this image, please retain the credit to the original creator.

#PromptsAndCircumstance   #MeaCulpa   #DeviantArt   #Writing   #Prompt   #WritingPrompt   #FlashFiction   #GoWriteWin  
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+Amanda Rachelle Warren I knew it.
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Dance Me: It's the kind of night that's a young woman's dream - pretty dresses, delicious food, amazing music, an unexpected gorgeous dance partner, and explosions. Okay, maybe her dream didn't include the explosions.

Spider GirlYet despite knowing there were zombies out there somewhere, from the news brought by the occasional traveller, survivalist Charlotte finds herself unprepared for the unannounced arrival of one undead creature at her cabin - and entirely unready for the truth it brings along with it.

Beneath the Jolly RogerEveryone knows the story. A lovely lady is kidnapped from a sinking ship; a dashing pirate captain saves her and, through a series of adventures, they become intertwined in a web of romance. This is not one of those stories.


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November note: This project was a great success! I'll probably do it again next year, if people are interested.


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