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Blink Reports
Blink Reports Add-on for Xero and Google Spreadsheets
Blink Reports Add-on for Xero and Google Spreadsheets

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Blink Reports for Xero Accounting now supports retrieving Bank Statements
We've made viewing your Xero Accounting bank statement details inside Google Spreadsheets simple to do: = XeroBankStatement(ReCalc,Company ID,Account Code,From Date,To Date) With access to your bank statements you can better forecast your cash flow. Test it...

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Blink Reports for Xero Accounting now supports listing the Chart of Accounts
We've made listing your Chart of Accounts inside Google Spreadsheets simple to do: = XeroAccounts(ReCalc,CompanyID) With the Chart of Accounts formula, you can use Index and Match formulas to add the account codes to any of your reports. For any report you ...

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Blink Reports for Xero Accounting highlighted in Ben Walker's podcast
Ben Walker has been using Blink Reports for building custom dashboards since 2016. He highlighted the solution on his podcast in October 2016 along with discussing how he's saved his clients over 1 million dollars in taxes. Check out the full podcast here: ...

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Blink Reports for Xero now supports Repeating Invoices
We've made cash flow forecasting easier with the addition of support for retrieving Repeating Invoices from Xero in Blink Reports: =XeroRepeatingInv(ReCalc,Company ID,Invoice Type,Invoice Status,From Date,To Date,Tracking Category 1,Tracking Option 1,Tracki...

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The Google Sheets' QUERY formula is a powerful way to analyze your Xero Accounting data with SQL like commands
Google Sheets has a fantastic built in SQL-like Query function that, when combined with Blink Reports, can instantly answer questions like; what are my total sales by Customer? The syntax is: QUERY(data, query, [headers]) The documentation is available at: ...

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Using advanced Google Sheets functionality: ArrayFormula
Since Blink Reports is built on top of Google App Engine, Google Apps Script, and Google Sheets, you can leverage the power and functionality of all three products to work with your financial data in ways you may not have thought was possible before. The  A...

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Blink Reports now supports Xero budgeting!
We've had many requests over the last few months to build in support for Xero's Budget Manager, and we're happy to announce that we've now completed development on this new feature and it's available for all Blink Reports users right now ! From here, you ca...

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New Google Sheets functionality upgrades Blink Reports automatically
One of the biggest benefits of taking advantage of Google's massive infrastructure and the resulting improvements in services, user interfaces, and more, is that we're able to bring those improvements directly to your reports without any work on your end. G...

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Happy New Year from Blink Reports!
Here are a few facts: Blink Reports continually gets better because we built it on the Google Sheets and Google App Engine platform. 100% of our Blink Reports code runs inside the Google Cloud Platform meaning it will automatically scale to match customer ...

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By popular request, we're rolling out yet another new function!
The feedback on our Xero reporting engine continues to be overwhelmingly positive and filled with enhancements and feature requests. One that we found to be particularly ingenious is the ability to pull sales and purchase invoice details directly out of Xer...
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