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The refs last night thought this wasn't a foul. What do you think?

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It should have been called.
Foul? where? i dont see anything xD
refs miss calls all the time. cant use superstar rule here either because both teams have them.
Yeah, it's a foul. It's too bad too because the Celtics in their glorious history have never been the beneficiary of a bad call. All they've ever achieved came from hard work and dedication. I think this requires some kind of congressional investigation.
Heat, for the last two years have several missed calls. No one complains then. I just don't get it
And... Isn't the ball out of his hand even on your own photo??? LOL
+Alvin Parker Yes, it was. My initial thought was that why is it a foul when the ball clearly left his hand. However, everyone on ESPN and radio (i.e. experts) seem to say it was a definite foul.
This is Wut happen wen ur the team the NBA wants to see move on to the next round, like those silly techs on game 1 smh. Shame shame
That's not called help +Andres Rodriguez, it's called talent. The Heat attach and The Celtics foul because they're dirty, what's so hard to understand !!
that moment when LeBron scores in the final at the buzzer, and the refs finally call him traveling I'm looking forward to it!
+Oscar Solis is right. I do think that the NBA wants the +Miami HEAT in the finals, but the Heat are clearly a much better team than any other in the Eastern Conference. It's not even a question.
Refs cant see everything but im jus glad they won
Anybody who thinks the league is helping the Heat haven't been watching them for the past two years... More often than not, they don't get the benefit of the doubt with the refs in my opinion because they are Lebron, Wade and Bosh. I have league pass and I've watched just about every game for the past two years and it gets frustrating as a fan of theirs to see some of the no calls and missed calls.
+Oscar Solis I can see that you are not a long time fan if you think that a slap across the face is talent. +Alvin Parker LMAO the heat have led the league for 2 years in free throws?!?
+Andres Rodriguez The Heat would be out of the playoffs already? Really? Let's see who they played:

1) Knicks: Don't play as a team. They have two studs that play the same exact position (Melo/Amare). Their whole team philosophy changed during this season (i.e. offensive to defensive), and anyone of our bench players could start on one of three remaining starting spots.

2) Pacers: An extremely young team with an inexperienced coach who did not know how to uses their team strength to have an advantage over what the heat clearly do not have (i.e. size). They bark louder than they bite.

3) Celtics: We destroyed them last year in the playoffs, with LeBron clearly single-handedly beating them. This year, they are old, very old. My grandfather can move faster than they do in the court. Stats show Rondo isn't the player you saw last night, not by a long shot.

If you making a comment like that YOU clearly don't know what NBA basketball is about.
Ok +Andres Rodriguez since you are ignorant as hell, let explain it to you in simpler terms. Lbj & Dwade unstoppable - other average-ass nba players must foul them !! Understand it now? I can't get more elementary than that....smh
+Rey Villa Once again, please remember THEY LEAD THE LEAGUE IN FOULS SHOTS!!!! good luck on the ranch pal
+Andres Rodriguez And you know why that is? If you watch +Miami HEAT games, you would realize that this year, LeBron and Wade haven't been settling for jump shots as much as they have in previous years. Hence, LeBron's has his highest shooting percentage of his career. These two players have been constantly driving to the basket, which results in more foul calls/fall shots. The Celtics are more jump shooters, and are near the bottom of the league in foul shots. That's not more of "Referee assistance". Foul shots are simply a result of how aggressive they attack the rim. #smh
+Andres Rodriguez does stats tell you the flow of the game???? Does it tell you momentum??? Calls or lack thereof can dictate parts of the game at certain times. You're not telling me anything with that foul count stat.
ir they cant see that that is a foul, then they meed to get their eyes checked
BOSTON CELTICS Should win this game! To many no call foul.
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