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Sam Bradford is not impressed with your contract Andrew Luck:
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Got damn 4 year deal worth bad Payton is going to kick that ass!
Bradford's contract is double what Luck is going to be. That's nuts.
Fisher will regret not trading Bradford to the Browns for their #4 pick. They could have picked RG3 at 2 and Blackmon at 4. Much more exciting football team with that combo. Bradford cannot run like RG3 and with STL porous OL you need to be mobile at QB.
The Rams have gone through 2 different HC's and 3 different OC's and a total of 0 star WR's(with the exception of 2011-2012 mid-season pickup of Brandon Llyod).Its a team sport and the QB is ALWAYS given too much credit and or blame for successes and failures in the NFL. Much more exciting football team with RG3 and Blackmon? The Rams did exactly what they needed to do, build for the future with a elite NFL talent QB that has shown flashes of greatness at the NFL level already.
I hope so too man. I hope the kid is just a victim of circumstance and just hasn't had the proper environment to showcase his abilities rather than he just isn't the quality QB we need in STL.
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