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Usain Bolt does it again, winning gold in the men’s 100m with a new Olympic record time of 9.63. He is the FASTEST man in the WORLD.
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The fastest creature in the world.
I dunno Amr - you should see how fast my dog runs when he hears the sound of dog biscuits hitting his bowl :-D
Flash the olympics
We are SOOOO proud of him and Yohan!! Pandemonium in Jamaica!!! Woohoo!!
Not blowing the field away but still winning by 2-3 strides. Impressive.
Wow! That is sooo Mind Blowing. ;))
I think we should allow Cheetahs in the Olympics. You know, just so he can have some damn competition. That boy is GOOD!!!! 
He may have purposely slowed down on this race, giving the competition false hope of winning. What a cruel world. Go Bolt!
Too fast too furious, the most interesting man couldnt even catch bolt 
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