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Caption this photo: Not everyone loves Tim Tebow. 

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Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, in your golden, fleece diapers, with your curled-up, fat, balled-up little fists pawin' at the air.
"I think he plans on trying to throw me. I'll be hitting the turf for sure!"
"The toddler is ruined for life, now goes the lifelong therapy."
"But I wanted a picture with MARKKKK!!!!!!!!"
jot jog
* get away from me i wan tom brady*
He’s not the chosen one!  He’s not the chose one!
Obviously the kid is a Mark Sanchez fan.
Tim Tebow holding the Antichrist. 
Tim Tebow: Making babys cry since 8-14-1987!
as a Jet fan, hope I won't be doing the same by October
"Hey Tim, let me show you my Santonio Holmes impression"
im a broncos fan too tebow still sucks go peyton manning
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