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Deron Williams announced on twitter that he will re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. The deal is reportedly 5 years, $100 million.
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is he that good or the nets just have moolah flowing? 90 mil for JJohnson then 100 mil for DWill?
The Nets have a ton of money to spend. That's why this (recently) terrible franchise is able to attract all of these big names. Combine that with the New York market and it's no surprise that Dwight Howard will end up here also.
Top 20 Player, Not Top 10 IMO.
He Would've Gone To Dallas For A Ring.
but instead gone to the bank..... myself will too
NOOOOOOOO (<- a now hopeless mavs fan)

No Jason Terry and no Deron Williams
+Jeremy Phares - Sadly in my depressed state I will take a Steve Nash

Although I don't see Deron Williams and Joe Johnson as a playoff team.  Did I miss something?
Pathetic.... Just Pathetic... I guess he wants to make sure he's on billboards in Time Square. Say Goodbye to any chance of a Championship.. not gonna happen in BK
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