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I am so close to make the full mirrorless jump I can feel it...  One slight push on my back and I am over the edge.  

Damn you +Sony !  Why do you have to make such amazing mirrorless cameras!

I say all of this because today on EverydayHDR I put the Sony a6000 up against my Canon 6D and that little guy nearly destroyed it in all categories except the sensor.  

I may be going a7 sooner than later...
One Epic Battle! I have owned the Canon 6D for quite sometime now and have loved it since day 1! We really are two peas in a pod at times. We share everything from our thoughts on priorities, like Aperture to Cropping in public. It really has been a match made in heaven.
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Do it you won't be sorry. I switched last year, it took me a year to fully commit to changing over to Sony. I have the A7 and A7r full frame. Amazing dynamic range in the RAW files. Much slower focus than the Canon pro gear you are used to, not a factor as long as you aren't a sports or wildlife photographer. 
Join us. But know that there's an a7rII or a9 coming... check out and

Also regarding your review, wanted to note that 7D to a6000 would have been a fairer comparison because different sensor sizes mean 6D and a6000 are using different parts of the lens so the images are not entirely apples to apples. I don't think that detracts from most of the comparison points though; it was an interesting post and I've been away from canon for so long that I was startled to realize how far behind the specs seem to have gotten.
You are correct, a crop sensor Canon would have been more of a "fair" fight I guess, however, I saw 2 videos on YouTube of people destroying the 5d mkiii and the 6D with this little camera.  I figured I would run my own tests as I own the 6D and really couldn't believe what people were saying on YouTube.  They seemed to be very partial to the Sony.

As far as making the jump... as soon as Sony is done having a pissing contest with themselves about what they can do with a camera body and start focusing on good quality glass, I will stay with Canon.  They just keep on producing so many cameras, I would prefer they slow it down, make one good one for a while and focus their fire on glass.
I'm on a break from photography right now, but looking to switch to mirrorless setup when I get back on to it.  I think the wait will pay off.
I agree Paul!  The Sony cameras are awesome, but they need to slow down!  They are moving too fast for their own britches.  I see them producing so many bodies within one year without letting them mature enough to put out another one.  It is silly!  I will wait it out.  Just when I start looking at the a7r really seriously, someone tells me about an a7x or a9 or a7r ii, too much for me to jump in right now.
+Blake Rudis It is a bit dizzying how fast Sony is revving their offerings but like with computers, you can't let that paralyze you. Personally I'm breathless for the rumored a7000 but I didn't let that stop me from getting a used a6000 in the meantime. You gotta shoot pictures while waiting for gear nirvana to happen.
True!  But, I also have diapers to buy :) ... Not for me... my son!
+Blake Rudis 

I recently just picked up (and I mean like 2 weeks ago) the A6000 with kit lens as my first try with mirrorless - there is a long back story that I am working on documenting as this was a need not a want - because frankly I really LOVE my Canon system. The 5D III and 6D are really comfortable in my hand and great tools. The glass I have is also very nice.

I have to say that I really love the a6000 where I did not think that I would. I wanted the A7r but just dont have the means to do that.

I cant wait to see the next gen of Sony mirrorless and what it brings us. One thing that I would like to see (and it is only firmware which makes it much more frustrating) is a timer that will kick off my 3-5 bracketed shots - I mean come on Sony!!! Please give that to us!
Nice!  It is a great camera.  I am really deciding on whether to switch to full mirrorless Sony or get the new Canon 5Ds.  It is troubling.  
+Blake Rudis Looks like we are traveling down the same path - I am not sure what I want to do!!! 
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