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HDR Insider is growing rapidly and the HDR community is bar nun the best on the web! In today's tutorial I bring you an in depth look at the site and the content that is available. It has been up and running for 6 months now so there is quite a bit of content!
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Blake Rudis

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Topaz Labs interviewed me for my recent release of Black, White and Beyond: The Digital Zone System.  They asked a lot of very relevant questions that I get from many people about the topic.

It is well worth the read!
The Digital Zone System is a new concept based on the tried and true technique developed 75 years ago. With the Digital Zone System one can break down an image ...
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Blake Rudis

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Perfect Effects 8 is great! Here is another version of the barn from an earlier post this week. This time I used Perfect Effects 8 to give me an HDR look without using any tone mapping software!
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Very true Tal.  It does boast quite a bit of awesome features.
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Blake Rudis

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Today on EverydayHDR I discuss the importance of capturing the most vital photos in a child's life, the first 2 hours. 

It was fun going back and compiling photos of Michael and William for this one.

If you or someone you know is having a baby, you don't want to miss the list of shots to snag and the tips on how to get them!
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Blake Rudis

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In all my Years of Comic Book reading I never saw this!
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Blake Rudis

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Loving this barn!  Great for sunsets and so close to my house!
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We had great weather all week... going to be in the mid 30's tomorrow...  Thats okay though I have a lot of firewood to burn!
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Blake Rudis

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The Lee Big Stopper is awesome!  Check out the review I wrote on it.  I took a different approach with this review, it is more like a story review than a boring analysis!
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Blake Rudis

Anything HDR Goes!  - 
Camran (Canon 6D), our new friend Lee (10 Stop ND Filter), and I went out this evening and this is what we got.  

It was super cold out, my phone said it "feels like" 9 degrees F.  I tucked my head into my coat and breathed as hard as I could incessantly while the camera recorded 1 three minute exposure.  I did that several times until I got the composition just right.

Amazing how half an hour can pass in the glimpse of a couple shutter snaps.  Oh did I forget to mention my wife thought I was just going out to get Apples?  Never marry a Photographer with ADD!

In post processing I incorporated a 3 shot HDR image I took with the Big Stopper off.  Such an incredible piece of camera equipment.

Feel free to share if you are into that sort of thing.
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Super zdjęcie
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Blake Rudis

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What an awesome capture of the moon from +Pete Collins .  Look at his sick setup too!
Shooting the Moon!
So I noticed on Thursday that the moon was full... so Friday I raided the Lens cabinet at work and decided to put the 600mm F4 to the test. I added a 1.4x teleconverter and then put it on my Canon 7D which has a 1.6 crop factor. So let's do the math. 600 x 1.4 = 840 x 1.6 = 1344mm. So I took it out to a field to do some shooting, and after getting it set up on my tripod I noticed that I was getting what appeared to be tripod/ballhead creep. Go figure! Since I had a bazooka mounted to it. I tried all kinds of set ups and I just couldn't get the moon to sit still in the frame. Frustrated I then took it off and used the roof of my car instead. Only then did I realize that with that much magnification what i thought was tripod creep was the movement of the MOON! I called my kids and then my neighbor over to see the surface of the moon sliding by my viewfinder... we couldn't believe how fast it was moving. So I was able to take a decent shot, but the night was awesome just in the fact that we were blown away by the amazingness of nature. Pretty neat experience. 
PS. I asked my daughter if she wanted me to bring the "big lens" to her soccer game the next day, and she gave me the look that said she would need counseling in the future if I embarrassed her with that thing. (It was almost worth the doctors fees just to torment her, but I showed her mercy... this time. :D)

(For you tech folks... 1/125th of a second at F8 and manual focus)
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