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Blake Harrold's Circle of Inspirational Photographers


This circle includes 200 amazing and inspirational photographers. These great photographers just need to get noticed, and here, they will.

If you think you deserve to be included in the next Circle, simply do the following:

1. Reshare the post publicly 

2. +1 and Comment on the Original Post

3. That's it! Just sit back and relax.

Why Should You Share This Post?

1. You are supporting all of the other photographers who were in the previous shared circle.

2. You are helping spread the word, so more photographers get their work noticed.

3. It gives you a better chance of getting added to the next photography circle.

4. It actually gives you a better chance of getting more followers and people noticing your work. So say if you reshared the post, then someone else will reshare it from your repost and therefore more and more people will know about it!

There are probably many other reasons but i just hope that those four will get you to reshare the post to your stream :)

If you are included in this current circle, It would be great if you could add the circle or share it to your stream.

The Next Circle will be shared on the 22nd, November 2012 and just to keep the circle fresh, everyone in this circle will be cleared. If you would like to re-apply please simply comment below, +1 and share this post!


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Please add me to yr circle!! Loves Outdoors photos..Thxs
I am indeed very happy and honored to be included here, and through this circle find new inspiration :)
thank you for including me +Blake Harrold 
so honored to be among all of these great photographers!
would like to be in next circle too :-)
Thanks +Blake Harrold I feel honored for the inclusion in that circle of inspirational photographers and would apreciate to be in your next circle :-).
Thanks for sharing this. I'm still adjusting to Google+ and circles like this are a huge step in the right direction.
Too many thanks +Blake Harrold , for including me too ;-)
Unfortunately , I can't be online enough these days , but surly I'll be with you & other friends soon , again , with new works , & specially new idea of sharing nice stuffs on my stream to present my area ...

Wish the best chances with the camera for you mate .
Good luck then .

i enjoyed exploring the images of the circled photographers very much, you are true that those are inspirational.. i'd like to be included in the next circle...
Hey +Hakan Gül, please share more of your own photography. I have still added you but it would be great if you could do that. :)
Thank you for including me in your circle +Blake Harrold   . A beautiful honor.
(It should be added, all #. yours, is shared photo .)
+jany viala no worries, would you like to be added to the next circle? Please dont forget to +1 and reshare this post :)
Blake, thank for including me again in your circle. I appreciate your effort keeping your circles fresh, including the active photographers of G+ of this moment.
I'll share your circle on thursday, because you posted your circle simultanuously with Peter From's circle, and no one would add 2 circles at the same time when visiting my profile. By spreading them I hope you get more response. I hope you understand and agree. +Blake Harrold 
Blake, thanks for understanding.
btw, november 22nd, I hope you'll consider me again ;)
+Blake Harrold Awesome!! Thanks for including me in the circle! Plus one and reshare!
What a great circle. Find a lot photographers I already circeled and many new and interesting ones too. Please include me in the next circle.
This is a wonderful circle, and I would be honored to be a part of it!
Thank you very much +Blake Harrold!!!
I like the size of 200 too and am excited that I made the cut.
This will be shared in my stream Friday :)
I forgot +Blake Harrold - I would like to be reconsidered for the next issue of the circle, thanks :-)
No worries +Harald Fürthauer would you like to be included in the next one? also, please dont forget to reshare and +1 this post :)
No worries +Richard Pennells would you like to be included in the next circle? Also if you havent already, please +1 and reshare this post :)
+Blake Harrold Please could I be considered? Hopefully you will like what's in my feed.
I have shared and +1ed.
Hey +Phil Jackson i love your photography! Welcome to the circle :) Thanks a lot for the share and +1...
No worries +Mike Thompson , would you like to be in the next circle? Also please don't forget to reshare and +1 the post
Thanks, i just saw this.. i havent been here so much the last days.. just check in and then went out.. :)) thanks again! +Blake Harrold 
Hi Blake, shall I ask for inclusion too or "Just sit back and relax" :) ?
That would be awesome +Dirk Röber, i will add you now... if you havent already please reshare and +1 this post :))
Already done Blake - just was not sure if it's enough to relax ;)
Thanks a lot!
Hey +Jan Lukes, +Alexandre Fagundes de Fagundes, +dietmar rogacki, +Sheila Ryan, +Victor Westerhout , +José Juan Escudero, +Betty Manousos , +Magdalena Szczygieł , +Alun Allcock , +Dorian Stretton , +Stefan Brenner +Annie Weibull Erlandsson +Delcour Eric +Chatchai Rombix +Dalibor Pačić +Michelle Potter +Mathew Hanley +Michael Sonntag +Lee Irvine +Richard Kralicek +Tamam Newman +Trevor Farrell +Andrey Vlasoff +Giselle Savoie +Hakan Gül +luca lancieri +Donna Shreck +Margo Rita +Don Spenner +Margaret Tompkins +Stefan Neuweger +jany viala +Cesare Riccardo +Vince Ong +Robert Walter +Carola Habeck +Dominique Dubied and +Jim Warthman I want to thank you all for your support towards this circle. It would be great if you could simply suggest any photographers that you think deserves to be in this circle Please simply comment below and tag their names :)

Blake :))
I would like to be in this circle.
You have a great circle here +Blake Harrold  with amazing people. Great work!! . Would be great if you like my work and add me to the next circle. :-)
Evening +Blake Harrold I just got the notification about this circle!! thanks very much for including me, I can't believe I'm Inspirational, but if you say so then it must be true. :)
No worries +Lord Parker, would you like to be included in the next circle... also please remember to reshare and +1 the post if you havent already :)
Yes please and of course it's been shared
Thank you.. +Lord Parker you have been added but please remember to share more of your own work :)
I think you'll find 99.5% is all my own work... I only rarely share work by others!! 
Welcome to the circle +Farah Deeba if you haven't already please +1 and reshare this post :)
thank you so much +Blake Harrold :)))))
i have done but i'm doing it again :)))))))))))))))))
Sorry +Haseeb Ahmed but your profile has nearly..  maybe even no photography.. I cannot add you.
Please add me :) Plussed and re-shared.
Thank you very much for the inclusion. :)
Shared it and gave it +1. I would be glad if you include me in your next circle.
I would like to be added.  Thank You!
No worries +Joe Urbz would you like to be in the next one? Also please remember to +1 and reshare the post!
Hi, it would be very nice if you would add me into your next cricle!
Thanks a lot. (shared and 1+)
Hey +Barbara Van Meter I'm sorry but I cannot add you to the circle as you mostly have reahared work and other non photography posts... Your photography is excellent but if only you could share more, would be great...
Thank you very much +Blake Harrold for the plusses, the compliment and for adding me into the circle.
Thanks for this list, I've spent 30 mins or so browsing through the photographers. I know a couple personally and a fair few through G+, there are some great images.
No worries +Hamish Niven! Would you like to be added to the circle? Also please remember to reshare and +1 this post :)
I'd love to be a part of the circle, I've just shared it on G+, thanks very much
A circle with great Photographers. I'd love to be part of the circle, it would be a honour
No worries +Thomas Thayer would you like to be in the next circle? Please also remember to +1 and reshare this post!
I would like to be included in this circle!
Great circle! I'd like to be included in the next circle. Thank you!
It`s a  great circle! I`d like to included in the next one. Thank you!
what a wonderful group of photographers. I would love to be included in the ranks of these greats 
No worries +Minna Serula :) Thank you for your support! And by the way... do you have any suggestions of photographers for the circle?
Yes, this is probably because there is an increase of people commenting, sharing and +1ing in the last hour... No worries! Would you like to be in the next one?
+Minna Serula i am very surprised and i thank you and +Blake Harrold for this initiative. i enjoy a lot photos taken by +Vinod Krishnamoorthy , +Vincent Dale , +Marie-Hélène Raletz , +Luminita Zbranca , +Delcour Eric , +Jörg Seeger , +Andreas Fiedler , +Chris Levers , +Linda Motoiu , +Roswitha Böhmer , +Angelika Ritter , +Giselle Savoie . +Brenda Jorgensen , , +Pedro Baptista , +john primatesta , +Remo Primatesta , +Reinhard König 
there are great photographers in my circles, not named now. but maybe i can complete later... thank  you, Blake, for your effort. i am looking forward for the circle you will create.
I'm very honored +Karin Schneider that you have mentioned me! It should've been me mentioning you. You have done some beautiful work! :-) Thanks.
I'd love to be included into this circle thanks.
I would like to be part of this circle. Plus and reshared.  Thanks a lot for your work  +Blake Harrold 
Oh, but i am no one dear +Wameq Raza and i think  i need a reccomendation too! Simply i really appreciate you work.
Shared. Please add me to the circle
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