Blake Harrold's Circle of Inspirational Photographers


This circle includes 200 amazing and inspirational photographers. These great photographers just need to get noticed, and here, they will.

If you think you deserve to be included in the next Circle, simply do the following:

1. Reshare the post publicly 

2. +1 and Comment on the Original Post

3. That's it! Just sit back and relax.

Why Should You Share This Post?

1. You are supporting all of the other photographers who were in the previous shared circle.

2. You are helping spread the word, so more photographers get their work noticed.

3. It gives you a better chance of getting added to the next photography circle.

4. It actually gives you a better chance of getting more followers and people noticing your work. So say if you reshared the post, then someone else will reshare it from your repost and therefore more and more people will know about it!

There are probably many other reasons but i just hope that those four will get you to reshare the post to your stream :)

If you are included in this current circle, It would be great if you could add the circle or share it to your stream.

The Next Circle will be shared on the 22nd, November 2012 and just to keep the circle fresh, everyone in this circle will be cleared. If you would like to re-apply please simply comment below, +1 and share this post!


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