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LOL Brown fans at the draft?? Okay I wanna know how much these people were paid to wear Brown's gear 

Thumbs up if you like our new pick Derek Barnett! Comment if you dislike. I like him, he is not a popular pick but working with our already stout D-line. He can only get better 

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If Westbrook doesn't win MVP I'm done with NBA basketball. The vote should be unanimous 

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Cardinals did well in the series vs the brew crew. Taking of 3/4. Here's my takes from the series.

The good:

Starting pitchers were again excellent and helped themselves out at the plate (Leake and Waino).

Kolten Wong and Randy Grichuk had good and great games especially wongers hopefully it means better success down the road.

Bullpen was a lot better than before. Key outs in key moments and keeping Thames off the bases and from crushing the ball like Thursday.


The bad

Base running was near awful. Getting caught 4 times on stealing and Pickoffs??? Pickoffs shouldn't be!! Gotta be more focused.

Leaving men on base is another as +Charron Ford and +Michaelf 212 mentioned. This has been an annoying gray area for us thus far. The hits were there but so was the inconsistency in the lineup to bring runners home.

Defense at first wasn't that bad but not that good either. I'm not pushing the panic on Carp at 1B but he has to keep improving.

JONATHAN BROXTON! Just awful and I question all the time like why is he still here!?!

Overall the birds didn't good in the road and hopes this translates to a better winning attitude and point of attack as a squad. Please leave comments and thoughts below GO CARDS!

GREAT WIN THE BIRDS! Starting pitching is getting stronger and bullpen is coming around! Great win all around

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