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These difficult times require difficult measures
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Blake Flannery

Disney DC/DMR/DMA/XML's Selling & Discussions Only  - 
DMR Points: "Genie" "Broccoli" "Disneyland" "Tonystark"
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J shue
thank you very much !
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Use these St. Patrick's day messages to wish someone a fun holiday. These include funny and flirty messages.
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Blake Flannery

Concession Cash, Movie Credits (ISO or Discuss)  - 
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2D/3D combo deal is only 22.99 right now on VUDU. Makes for a nice eGift. Check out
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Blake Flannery

Showcase Your Hub  - 
Since it's just a couple days away, you might find this helpful when you sit down to write in your sweetheart's Valentine's Day card. You'll find plenty of wishes and quotes to get the juices flowing.
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Blake Flannery

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Blake Flannery

Disney DC/DMR/DMA/XML's Selling & Discussions Only  - 
Has anyone gotten an email that says I have to reauthorize my link between DMA and other accounts every two years. There are links within the email that aren't simple links, and the sender is Seems like it could be a phishing scam to me. Why would I have to reauthorize something like that every two years? I haven't gotten anything for Ultraviolet that's similar.
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they are legit. 5 minutes fore i got the email i signed into dma to see how many movies i had and a white screen comes up say you need to relink to update the terms of service
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Blake Flannery

***!!!SCAMMER & DANGER ALERTS!!!!!***  - 
This store has been terrible to work with. Horribly difficult buying process that even included phone verification. Totally missing one code in my order, another one for the wrong movie, and one worked fine. It's been two weeks now, and several attempts to let them fulfill the order and they haven't my order. I opened a PayPal claim, and then they tried giving me store credit for just one of the movies. This may take a long time to get resolved. They are definitely not listening to me when I correspond.
http://www.cjs-cdkeys. com
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Just filling you guys in that the Paypal claim that I opened was never responded to by the store and I have been refunded. I had never done a PayPal claim before, but now I'm glad to have the option. It gives the store 10 days to respond, and if they don't respond the money goes back to the buyer. This, of course, is after several of my attempts to get a real response from the seller.
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Blake Flannery

Questions/ Help & Discussions  - 
Is anyone tracking the rate of new membership here? It would be interesting to know if the rate of new members is picking up speed to predict how fast we might have 100,000 members. I've been around since there were only a few thousand, and that number had about quadrupled!
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Blake Flannery

Questions/ Help & Discussions  - 
Should we have a limit on how many lines a post can be long? Or is there a way to collapse a post back without scrolling for miles through a list of movies that someone should just have in a store?
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That's definitely a cool trick, and even though it doesn't solve the issue, I'll use it.
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I enjoy writing online content, and I enjoy making a little money from my writing.  I also enjoy writing songs either for fun or for profit.  You can find me the most active at and  I also run a website that can help you know what to write in your greeting card message as well as one with many wishes messages and sayings.

I work in the field of mental health and love the work.  I enjoy being creative at work and in my time off.  This way, it seems like I am always at work, but the work doesn't feel like work.
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