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I want one!
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I don't know. I still think MetaWatch has better chances to succeed than any of the other "smart" watches. Especially those running full Android on them - the battery life will be terrible.
Not familiar with MetaWatch... will check it out. I'm battery challenged on all my devices these days - need more batteries always it seems or needing a re-charge.
You've got to be kidding me!!

It's all TI hardware (MSP430 MCU and CC2560 Bluetooth) -

Moreover, it's Embedded and Open Source developer's heaven - APIs and protocols are open, firmware upgradable and debuggable with JTAG, most of the source code is provided and hosted on github...

I'm very tempted, but trying to figure out which next toy I can skip buying to buy this for $200 instead... :)
I need a TI based watch that has NFC in it. The only Meta I'm familiar with is Meta World Peace. Thanks for the link, looks cool! Maybe +Darren Murray or +Ryan Keeler will be handing these out for free in next IM meeting (dig they have G +1 Button on eStore now!).
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