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The Google+ app is now available in BlackBerry App World! Download this free BlackBerry application now and start building your circles right from your BlackBerry smartphone:
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I was waiting for this app for a while!! downloading right now to a BB 9780.
Finally - thanks for this !!
Not a bad effort, but I find it very sluggish and it is a memory drain on my Torch 9800 running OS6.
Not only the App drain a lot of memory, also drain a lot of mb, I try it for 2 days and the "fabulous" app consumed around 70 mb!!!! I dont like it!!!
Moh Sel
Great ! still waiting for the possibility to configure the proxy in the navigator !
im not crazy about this app either. hangouts is one of the best features and it cannot be used. this is a phone app and not a playbook app.
Very slow to load, check in feature doesn't work. Can't seem to change my profile settings on there either as I can't navigate to that part of the page. Doesn't work well with my BB Curve 3G. Needs major improvement.
Works great on my Bold 9900. not as fast as FB app does, but good. When are we getting OS 7.1 for T-Mobile is what I want to know.
They must have known I've just bought a Blackberry lol
Slugerish, terrible memory drainage, does´t work properly on a BB 9300.
It needs work! Looks nice, but its slow, memory drain and does not support special characters! Im from Brasil and my posts comes all wrong to Google+. Needs a led notification and integration with Social Feeds. Its not a native app powered by google, so congrats to Smarter Apps!
When will it be available for Playbook?
Is the program works well?
What do you think it?
Is there gonna be a free google + app for the playbook ever?
dear blackberry Network maintenance being done by the RIM? Because my device cannot connect .... :(
I´ve got it ! It´s like in the computer , great app !
Nice app but it's slow....but...I LOVE IT
Gettin it right away
it works pretty well. I hate apple and facebook, so this is great for me. Now RIM please make sure ur new phones have faster start ups and better web browsing focus on one phone too 
Glitch: Just to report a glitch. When I write a certain amount of characters in a post, the bottom of my screen gets all distorted.
la aplicacion funciono los primeros dias, ahora no funciona en lo absoluto, que esta pasando????
I love the multiplayer capability through BBM! Do Wheel of Fortune!
BB rocks! Just installed Google+ app on my Blackberry.
This app ruined my 9800. Even after deleting.

Now I'm gonna have to store my extra (non-SIM) contacts elsewhere so I can do a full reset & hope it fixes the problem...
My phone always freezes & lags and has to be recharged every few hours even with a full charge on idle.

Anyone else had this problem?
Anyone knows if the BB G+ app supports hangout?
Is there app for Playbook????
it is a bit slow but the best part it is that it doesn't need bb internet service to work, just wi-fi or a simple service plan from any provider :)
Any plan to reintroduce this at least for the 10 OS? 
Is gud I like becos we connect our self all over the world
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