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There are people who don’t. And people who do. Do you? BlackBerry - TV advert (60')
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I really do agree that blackberrys are more productive and that successful people probably still use them. BUT when I had one, I was longing for apps and games, especially at those times when I was stuck in an airport, waiting for laundry, at the doctors office, etc. Not to mention that all my friends and family have transitioned to the apple ecosystem. If #blackberry10 can close the app gap, I may come back to it cause I love the keyboard and amazingly fast email. That is a big IF and only time will tell. Most likely, I will be upgrading to the iPhone 5 in October. 
Love it!!! Reminds me of my brother and I.
And you don't give working Gmail, and you don't give any webcamming communication or chat software, no Skype, no Yahoo messenger, No MSN, no kakaotalk, and you don't give simple PPTP, and you don't give Google drive...want me to go on? So which type is RIM now, the doers or the don'ters? You do give a great multitasking, stable operating system, but you don't develop apps or know how to entice people to do it for you.
Blackberry is doing the big DON'T at the moment,  It's stock is dipping down the drain and it's dying a quick death.  The next few months are DO or DIE.  The company is slashing staff all over the world.
I sold my BlackBerry for a Nexus 7. Never been happier.
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