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Bjorn Kuhlmann
Video Gamer, Car nut, Science & Technology nerd.
Video Gamer, Car nut, Science & Technology nerd.

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Anyone else having issues signing in your profile to xbox live?

Does anyone on Xbox one have all 5 particle buffs? If so I would like to get them if you don't mind. Owl sector. Send me a message on Xbox. Badbrains B78

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Is this something new now?

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#DestinyCompanion My Titan with the new Nepal shader.

Asking the community for help. After installing Windows 10 on my HP Pavilion g7, I have an odd issue. It works good for the most part, but none of my screen timeout settings work. Not even my screen saver.
I use a Logitech HID compliant mouse instead of the touch pad, and I thought this might have been the issue, making the computer somehow think that something is still happening on the screen. I un-installed the drivers for it, but that didn't help. I also tried changing what my power button does when I press it. I set it to shut down my screen, but a second after I press it, the screen comes back on. All I can do at the moment is put the computer to sleep, or close the lid to hibernate it. All these settings worked while I was still on Windows 7.
Any idea's?

Asking the Destiny community for help.
I need 1 "Pinball wizard", so to speak, to help me and my GF to go flawless on Xbox one.
We can hold our own with the team we have, but when we get to around 7 and 0, and the "lagggers" starts to show up, we fall short and get frustrated.
We want that one player who will steamroll the competition. This will be for next weeks Trials on saturday night around 1am eastern time. Thank you.

Thinking about getting some retro video game consoles, like Sega Genesis, Coleco vision and Atari. The ones I'm looking at are the consoles that come pre loaded with games. Anyone have any of these? If so, are they any good? Reliability is what I'm looking for I guess. Also, how compatible are they with new TV's? (HDMI, Component, what type of cables will I need)
Thank you. 

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#DestinyCompanion Anyone remember this gem?
To me this was my go to weapon before the dark bellow dlc. I gave it the Etheric Light treatment.
Guess what it is. 

Why can't there be a way to set your fireteam to private? Maybe in a future update +Bungie?

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Sad day today as Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. It's logical to say that he did indeed, live long and prosper. RIP Mr Nimoy.
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