Here is gClassFolders which I wrote for my teachers. 
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+Bjorn Behrendt Tinkering with your code (very easy to read..thx) and experimenting with +Romain Vialard 's new DriveApp library to see about ownership transfer when setting up folders for all teachers.   His library permits Scripts to execute ownership transfer on a domain.

Would you want the teacher to be the owner of all their course folders?
+Bjorn Behrendt I just riffed a gClassFolders fork that uses +Romain Vialard 's completely amazing DriveApp library to transfer ownership of all class folders and student dropboxes to the teacher you are setting up the folders for (provided you are on a GAFE domain).   Not sure if this is the desired effect in your school setting, or if you WANT ownership to live in a role account. 

Advantages of teacher ownership of folders?  More control over deletion of old folders.  Doesn't clutter up account of user doing the provisioning. 

Disadvantages?  Not being able to archive and look at folders of student work across classes, over time, etc....

This might be a feature that gets turned on by the user....thoughts?

Here's a link to copy this version if you want to play with it:
Changing ownership would be great as it would eliminate the manual step of moving the folders from shared with me to my drive.

I would however only use it for when the folders get created for the teacher.  I would change the ownership from the tech to the teacher
Actually where I am really stuck is trying to use the script to add/delete/modify students in a class.  Since I use FolderID's it will create a new folder every time.

I know it can be done but I am even stuck at the workflow of how it would work from the user end.
Off the top of my head, have you thought about storing the Folder ID(s) in the spreadsheet so taht they are associated with a user?
I'm imagining a self-serve web-app running in the same script that teachers / tech admins can use to make a single folder transfer at a time.   It would read all the folder dropdown options from the folder Ids stored in the spreadsheet.
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