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Anybody else got a problem with icons turning back to their original look on random even though an icon pack is applied and most of the icons still use the pack?

4.0.2 with Belle UI (donate) and icons keep randomly unapply the Belle UI "wraparound".

Gonna install this on my unit today and try it out. Looks promising! :D

So will we have some lollipop candy on our devices? :)

Got a few pointers to the hardware, but I'm not done completing all the cabling, so I will review it later this month.. :)

I got the crazy idea that enabling ART could help me with some apps from Play Store FC'ing..

That was not the case. Now I'm stuck in boot loop, and with no way of resetting..

How do I get into recovery and do a factory reset?

All help and tips are welcome.. :-)

Lesson learned, if it kinda works, don't kinda fix it..

Will the In-Dash get Android 4.4?

Hi there! Just started using your wonderful launcher last week on both my SGS3 and Nexus 4. On my N4 today I downloaded a theme for CM10.1 (Android 4.2.2) and that kinda broke the text on the quickdrawer. Now I know that this is the theme's fault applying some dark text where it shouldn't, but is there a way for you to force this text as white instead?

I just thought, since the background is either tinted, holo dark or black, white text is what you should've forced on there anyway.. :)
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