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PeekView for 3D Touch Effect on Android

Today with my app, Talon for Twitter[1] I added some cool functionality for a 3D Touch[2] effect. Long press on some content and a contextually-aware PeekView window will pop up to display whatever you choose, then, simply release your finger and the PeekView will be dismissed. A super simple, quick, and neat way to allow your users to preview content within your app.

The library itself is very straight-forward, with plenty of examples on the GitHub page to get you up and running.

PeekView is:
- Completely customizable for whatever size, shape, and functionality you want
- Light-weight and only rendered when the user requests it
- Smart - it will do its best to avoid being trapped under the user's finger when it is displayed
- Quick - shows the user what they need to know, then back to their content
- Animated - Use the default fade animation, or implement your own animations
- Simple - An extremely easy to use API that you can get started with in just a minute or two

You really can peek into whatever type of content you want, whether it is videos, GIFs, images, emails, message threads, user profiles, WebViews, or anything else that can be defined in an XML layout, it can be done!

I love making cool stuff. Let me know what you guys think - I really like the way this one works and the functionality it can add to an app. I am happy to be releasing it for all to use with their own work! Enjoy and don't forget to star if you like this sort of thing!

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Time for the yearly account security checkup and earn 2 GB extra space on Google Drive. 

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Google Chrome DevTools Tips For Sublime Text Users

Grid finally support local co-op multiplayer! Playing Lego Harry Potter with my son now ☺
#nvidia #shield #grid 

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Shut up and take my money! :-) 

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This week at #GDC15 we announced a set of new features for Google Play Games and AdMob to power great gaming. Rolling out over the next few weeks, these launches can help you better measure and monetize your games ( Here’s a quick look at how the Nearby Connections API will help game developers seamlessly connect smartphones and tablets with Android TV. 

#GooglePlayGames   #AndroidDev   #AdMob   #AndroidTV  

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Improved exception messages: Goodbye "undefined is not a function". Hello "  is not a function" 

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