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Bjørn Asle Valde (bavalde)
Techwriter @ Proud father. Still thinking digital watches is a pretty neat idea.
Techwriter @ Proud father. Still thinking digital watches is a pretty neat idea.

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Whow. These people are not kidding any more - or are they?

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Norway Now:

From blood to Roses - a nationwide rally against terror and for humanity. Very powerfull and moving. I'm proud to be a part of a nation that turns down violence with flowers. Bless you all.

Pics realtime now from Oslo (@GeorgeGooding) Bergen (@erlendlh)Ålesund(@maritga) Krisitiansand (@tarjeistrom) Drammen (@FrkHoyre). And everywhere else in Norway now.

{@ shown above are twitter handles, sorry about that Google :)}
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Just confirmed by the police: at least 80 kids shoot down in cold blood at Utøya. Death toll will grow as the hospital will have to give up. I cry. My heart is broken.

Anders Behring Breivik I HATE YOU. May you rot in hell forever.

La meg sitere meg selv: De som hetset muslimer før de visste fakta er like verdig min avsky som de som nå godter seg for at monsteret var en nordmann.

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A very strong picture that tells a story worth more than a thousand words. The helmet of (twitter)@dr_airdoc a helicopter medical pilot in Oslo. We salute your good work!

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Im so sad. I hoped I would never experience a day like this. Our thougths are first and foremost with the dead and their families and loved ones.

I Love Norway. And I mean that from my heart. Allways did, Allways will.

We will prevail and get through this. Stronger.
We need calm, action and warm hearts.

Evig tro til Dovre faller!

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I bow my head in deep and utter respect: A dream come true! Just look at it. wow wow wow. LOVE

"There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil. Some are greater than I am. Against some I have not yet been measured.” Gandalf

I give the new super-extended deluxe BR version of LOTR a roaring tumbs up. It was just so refreshing to enjoy a 18h film maraton again! LOVED IT <3

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ROAR! ARS Technica smeller til med et omfattende og dyptgående review av OS X Lion. Trenger du detaljer og har litt ledig lesetid er det nok denne testen du skal prioritere siden nettet nå flommer over av blogger som overflatesurfer på Lion.

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Important update for the G+ app on iPhone:
We discovered an issue with the version of the iPhone Google+ App that was on the App Store. When we launched, the App Store started serving a previous test version of the App which didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version had. It started serving the correct version a little later. If you downloaded within the first 1 hour 40 mins, you may have downloaded the older test version.

To check:
- Click on the gear icon on the top left of your App's homescreen and look right above the Help button, the version number of the App should be:

- If that is not the version number, then please uninstall and reinstall by clicking on the link below:
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