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Google Drive Internationally?

Not beeing a US resident myself, how likely do you think it will be that Google Drive will be available internationally from start?

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Rumors about Google Drive have been circulating for a long, long time. But now Reuters is reporting that Drive will launch today, and also offer users up to 100 GB of online storage—for a fee. Their r...
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Since users all around are getting 5Gb upgrade to their docs account today I hope it means everyone will get it...
What I'm having trouble to see is this 100Gb limit I'm reading about... you can buy up to 16Tb of storage for docs and picasa... but for some reason drive would be limited to 100?
There's no licensing involved, like with music and movies. I think it's unlikely to be restricted.
100GB for a fee. Plenty of people would use that much anyway. Print quality PSDs and AI files get pretty big and people can handle 10's or hundreds a month.
I have the 80 Gb plan for Gmail, Picasa and Docs but I'm not even using half of that. And that might be the reason Google might impose a 100 Gb limit to Drive; it would be so much easier to just "drop" anything you have locally in it and quickly fill upp those 100 Gb. But filling up 100 Gb of photos or documents is somewhat harder (technically as well).

Even if the storage will come at a price - for anything more than 5 gb - I would assume Google will try to align the prices to those we see for Gmail/Picasa/Docs, and those prices aren't that high.

Most likely we will see plans for Tbs of data for Drive as well. But my guess is that they will try to scale it over time.
Oh.... +Björn Lindahl , I think the Drive will be internationally ready from day one. Would love to try it out this weekend.
I'd love to see it international right from the start but I'm skeptical.
On the other hand, there are no currency or law related issued to not do it.
"Just" the translation work.
If local law mandates access interfaces for the police or secret services then they interfaces would already be in place anyway for Google Docs.
+Marcus Wolschon what kind of police/government interfaces would that be? I'm having a hard time believing there are backdoors of any kind.
I guess it will be available world-wide at launch as you say since the reason Google Music etc aren't is because of license issues rather than anything else. I really look forward to using Google Drive. I'll sign up more space as well for offsite backup of many files.
I'm hoping for a good desktop Linux client! They have a good track record on that - for example Music had a Linux client that worked great from day one :) It's actually the multi-platorm desktop clients that has kept me on Dropbox despite other options providing more storage.
+Rasmus Backman I don't know that we Linux users will be in luck :( while there are some things Google has been good about including us in, remember these:

Picasa for Linux - not native Linux, just a Wine wrapper, and now dead
Gtalk IM client - windows only
Music Manager - originally for Windows, but Linux client launched not too long after
Google Earth - like Picasa, used a Wine wrapper. May not be the case anymore

There's another example that I had going into this that I can't think of, but Google has not always been a Linux user's best friend....
I can't really see that it was a smart move of Google to increase the pricing of GDrive compared to storage prices for Google Docs prior to release of GDrive. I can't see why the vast majority would switch from other services due to this.
+Mikael Magnusson The prices to the left were the old ones, and those were per year, the new ones to the right are per month
Don't miss the price comparison in the spreadsheet linked to at the end in the other post I mentioned in reply to +Mikael Magnusson above.
I just got the mail that says my Drive is ready to use! Now the waiting for a Linux client begins...
+Rasmus Backman the call to action has started. Either make #driveforlinux trending or...
I don't understand how hard it is to just say the service is being rolled out (or restricted)? Just tell us in the announcement. It's called managing your customer's expectation.
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